Best Emotional Intimacy Questions for Couples (2021)

Are you searching for emotional intimacy questions for couples? Do you think about why it is important?

Couples have no idea about what emotional intimacy questions for couples ask their partner because they don’t know what principles they apply in their relationship for getting desirable results.

Intimate conservation starters for couples not only helps you to enhance capacity in your relationship but also give a chance to come closer to your partner.

So in this article, I am going to share with you the best relationship building questions for you, which really helps you increase your emotional intimacy.

Emotional Intimacy Questions for Couples

1. What is that thing do you think about most and why?

2. How could you design a perfect day for us, if you give a chance?

3. What is your opinion about how we make our relationship strong and strong love bonding between us?

4. What’s the first thing do you expect from me to make you happy while you are feeling sad and unhappy?

5. What is that thing that really feels you make proud?

6. What is the best quality, you always like in you from childhood?

7. Who is your idol in this life, do you ever met them?

8. What experience do you have about humanity, do you have trust in humanity?

9. What is the current scenario of the world that really upset you and makes you angry?

10. As a couple, what songs you choose to describe ourselves?

11.As a couple how we contribute to our society?

12. What is your best work you always like to do and what is your least favorite word?

13. What are the most common similarity and dissimilarities between us?

14. What is your first and last thought during the whole day?

15. What do you learn from your parents about relationships and love?

16. What is the best thing about our relationship as a couple?

17. What is your thinking about romance from childhood to now?

18. Do you believe in soul mates, how many times you feel that I am your soul mate?

19. What is the meaning of an ideal relationship according to you?

20. How many times do you feel that you really deep connecting with me?

21. What is the best moment you always want to spend with me?

22. What is the best compliment do you ever received and why?

23. Name the movie which really represents our life as a couple?

24. Suppose if you give a chance to go back to your childhood what is the first thing you want to do as a child?

25. What qualities do you like in your best friend?


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26. What is the name of the place, where you find yourself full of comfort and peace?

27. Describe our relationship as a couple in three words?

28. If you give a chance to become a superhero, what type of superhero do you look at yourself?

29. What is the perfect day, according to you, and how it looks like?

30.In this world whom do you really want to enjoy a dinner party with and why?

31. What family tradition and rituals do you like to perform as a couple in our relationship?

32. According to you what are some best hobbies every couple should follow to make their relationship better?

33. In your spare time, what work do you like most which make you happy?

34. What is that thing you really want to achieve as a couple in your life?

35. What are the real challenges you face as a couple and how can I help you to make you happy?

36. What is the best thing you ever learn from your life?

37. What is your greatest fear in life and how can I help you to overcome this?

38. What is that thing you always like to do for the rest of your life and why?

39. As a human being, what behavior do you want from other human beings?

40.Whom you like most in your family and why?

41. What is your best experience with your family and how do you miss them?

42. What thing most afraid to you in this world and why?

43. How to face challenges in your life and how you feel while facing challenges?

44. What is that thing you always want to share with me but never share till now?

45. What is the best thing about our relationship and what you expect me?

46. According to you what is the ideal way of promising our responsibilities in a healthy relationship?

47. What is that thing you never like in our relationship?

48.If sometimes I make any mistake or hurts you, so how I say you sorry and make you happy?

49. What is the best way you remove your stress?

50. What is your biggest failure of life and what lesson you learn from this?


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Emotional Intimacy Questions for Couples

51. What things I do, make you happy?

52. What is your biggest achievement in your life and how did you achieve it?

53. What is your wish, you really want to achieve in your life?

54. What is your greatest source of motivation?

55. What qualities do you really look at in your life partner?

56. What qualities of me, admire you most?

57. What are your top 3 wishes, you want to achieve in your life?

58. If you have million-dollar in your account, what is the first wish you want to do?
59. What things make you feel special in our relationship?

60. What is the best movie which really influences your life?

61. What is your favorite all-time song and why?

62. What is the name of your best friend?

63. What is your favorite nonsexual way of touching while making love with me?

64. What is the best thing you always dreaming about in our relationship?

65. What is that thing you most proud of yourself?

66. What is the best life lesson, you learn from your family?

67. What is the greatest advice ever you give to someone?

68. How you react, when I do not agree with you on some important topic in our life?

69. How do you react, when sometimes I hurt you directly or indirectly?

70. What is the bad thing you never like about me and why?

71. What is the best thing you always like about me and why?

72. How much you are responsible for making your relationship strong?

73. How much you passionate about our relationship?

74. What things make our love and relationship better according to you?

75. What are the new things we learn from each other?


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76. How we deal with a hard time together according to you?

77. How you deal with the financial issues together?

78. What type of holiday do you want to enjoy with me?

79. How many kids do you want in our life?

80. Do you believe in God and how much you optimistic?

81. What can I do to avoid fighting with you?

82. What is that thing you never compromise in our relationship?

83. What is the definition of intimacy according to you?

84. What is your biggest regret of life and how much it impacts your life?

85.When you lose your confidence and how you regain it?

86. What is the biggest adventure of your life, you never share with me?

87. What is the best gift you ever received?

88. Do you miss me or not?

89. What thing will ruin our relationship according to you?

90. What thing according to you, most challenging in our relationship and how we deal with it?

91. How can we help each other and build trust in our relationship?

92. What things make you feel jealous and what how you control it?

93. What things make you happy most while living with me?

94. How is a perfect date night according to you?

95. How can I best support you in any situation?

96. What is that thing most passionate about love life?

97. How can we make our love life better?

98. What can I do you, makes you happy?

99. What is the best thing you feel about love?

100. How can I make your better partner?


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Emotional Intimacy Questions for Couples

101. Where you want to look at our self in the next 5 years?

102. Describe both of us in one word?

103. When do you feel closer to me?

104. According to you what is the positive thing about the relationship?

105. According to you what is the negative thing about relationships?

106. What type of values do you want in our relationship?

107. How can we add more value to our relationship according to you?

108. When was the last time you cry most and why?

109. What ideal qualities you really looking at in your life partner?

110. What is that thing you always ready to do but not done yet?

111. What is that thing you miss most during your childhood?

112. What is the most critical issue in a relationship according to you and how can we fix this?

113.If you given the power of time travel, where you want to go first?

114. What is the best possible way to connect with others according to you?

115. What thing is matter most to you about our relationship?

116. Whom do you trust more in your life and why?

117. What is that thing you are most thankful about in life?

118. What values you really want to saw in our kids?

119. Describe your life story in one sentence?

120. What is your favorite book and magazine?

121. What is that thing you really curious about in our relationship?

122. What things really passionate you about supporting our love life?

123. What is your dream job and how can I help you to achieve it?

124. What is that thing you always dreaming about and want to achieve?

125. What is the importance of trust in a relationship according to you and how much you trust me?

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126.Where you want to travel all time as a couple and why?

127. How optimistic you are in your life or not?

128. What things really make you alive and happy?

129.What is the name of food, you always want to eat with me?

130.What is the best way to celebrate your birthday which makes you happy?

131. What is that thing you always want with me on the bed?

132. What is that thing you want from me I never tried while lovemaking with you?

133. What is a nonsexual thing which tunes you on about me?

134.According to you which is the most sensitive part of your body?

135. How do you feel, when I kiss and hug you?

136. At what time of day, do you really miss me most?

137. What is happiness really mean to you?

138.After having kids, how you deal with our relationship?

139. How much do you love me, can you prove it?

140. What dish do you want to cook first as a chef for me?

141. What is the best loving making experience with me and why?

142. Do you believe in cheating or not?

143. According to you what is the difference between having sex and making love?

144. What is that thing which really attracts you about our relationship?

145. Do you think you have fallen with me in love or not?

146. Why are you dating me and what you really want from me?

147.If suppose there are 26 hours a day, then what would you do?

148. What is the best gift you ever want to give me?

149. What is your dream destination and where you want to go with me?

150. What are the 3 things you always notice first when you someone meet at first?

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Emotional Intimacy Questions for Couples

151. If suppose your sex is a change for some time, what will you do at first?

152. Do you like to talk with strange people or not?

153. What is the most embarrassing moment in your life and how it happens?

154.What thing makes you feel insecure and how I will help you to Handel this?

155. What do you find first about your opposite sex whom you meet?

156. What is the funniest thing in your life?

157. What are your short term and long term relationship goals and how will you achieve it?

158. What is the one thing you really want to change in me?

159.According to you what things make us unique from other couples?

160. Do you feel jealous if I am earning more than you?

161. What is the biggest lie you ever told top me and why?

162. What is that moment which really changes your entire life?

163. What is the name you describe to our love story?

164. When you saw me, what thought come first in your mind?

165. What is one question you always want to ask your partner?

166. What new activity you really want to try with me as a couple?

167. What is the change you always want to look into our relationship?

168. What is the most romantic thing you want from me?

169. What is your dream holiday?

170. What is the thing that attracts you most about me?

171. What is your favorite sports game?

172. What is the most amazing fact about you?

173. How do you imagine your life with me?

174. How much you upgrade yourself?

175. What is the best romantic thing, you experience with me?


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Emotional Intimacy Questions for Couples