Why Are Breakups So Hard Understand In 15 Points (2021)

Why Are Breakups So Hard Understand In 15 Points (2021)

Are you want to know why are breakups so hard? In this world, every person has a relationship with someone, they suffer from this form. In this article, you will find some awesome insights related to relationships and breakup. This gives you more clarity about why are breakups so hard.

Reasons why are breakups so hard:
Reasons why are breakups so hard

1. Good times:

After break up, you never enjoy or feel the good memories you live with the person whom you enjoy. While your partner is going away from you, you just feel if there is one chance I will stop them to go away from me and this thing really feels.

2.You are living alone:

After break up, you are not living with your partner. You feeling alone while you living in the room you shared with your partner. All the happy moments you living with your partner in the house and outside you miss them badly and make you very sad.

3.No more gifts or care:

The gifts you receive from your partner are really making you emotional and all your mind is laid down. You feel their shadow everywhere and making the situation very critical for you.

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4.Emotional attachment:

No matter how close or far, emotions really play a major role to make your relationship strong. After your break up it’s very hard to forget your partner because you are emotionally connected to that person for a very long time and now it is very hard to suddenly overcome this situation.

5.Heart break and feeling so much pain:

After break up If you did not found the person closely whom you love, really breaks your heart. And this breakup not really affect you mentally & physically.

6.Health issues:

A person who is suffering from break up really have a health issue. They feeling so much stressed & unable to concentrate on their work.

7.Old memories:

After break up, if you meeting form a new person, if you found the same qualities and like or dislikes for the same person really reminds you about your ex and this really affect your current relationship.

Why are breakups so hard ( Random reasons):

Why Are Breakups So Hard Understand In 15 Points (2021)

1.Most of the time, when you hear a song, that makes you cry or sad, so you just turn it off.

2.You feeling low & you don’t want to eat anything.

3.Your mind is trying to insist you make a call to your ex but you unable to do it.

4.Randomly check the email or message in hope that your ex is sending you a text.

5.Most of the time you feel terribly depressed & feeling low and not concentrate on your work.

6.Can’t going outside because of depression and have a fear in mind to afraid of a new person.

7.Constantly feeling guilty & criticize yourself for the breakup.

8.Always looking for a chance to meet your partner at once.

Why Are Breakups So Hard (3)

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