Why Does My Boyfriend Hates Me 10 Important Reasons

Why Does My Boyfriend Hates Me

Are you one of them who also thinking why does my boyfriend hates me?

There is no doubt having a boyfriend is a very inspiring and cool thing but what you do if you are facing problems in your relationship.

You have fights and arguments with your boyfriend and you feel why does my boyfriend hates me.

Making relationships is very easy but maintaining it lifelong is so hard. A healthy relationship depends on how strongly dedicated to your partner, how you keep your promises and there are so many other factors that play an important role in a healthy long life relationship.

As a girl or women, you don’t understand why does my boyfriend hate me and how you fix this issue and get back your relationship on the right track

If you find all the answers to your question then you are coming to the right place.so let’s start now.

Why does my boyfriend hates me ( Reason & solution):

Why Does My Boyfriend Hates Me

1. You don’t keep your promises:

This is one of the major reasons why your boyfriend hates you because you are not able to keep your promises, you not deliver on time, or making excuses.

Always remember one thing, if you not keep your promises, so how would you expect that your relationship is going in the right direction.

2.Poor communication:

How do you feel if someone is not listening to you and can’t value your thought and opinion? Your poor communication is the key that you fail in your relationship and your boyfriend hates you.

You never try to understand what your boyfriend expects from this relationship and you never share anything your true feelings to him.

If you really want to improve your relationship with your boyfriend, start to listen to him, and value his thought and opinion.

3.You never give him priority:

Whenever your boyfriends need you or want any help, you always make excuses and never want to know what is think, you disregard him. You are just busy with your personal works or busy with your friends.

How do you feel, if the same things happen to you? So it’s advisable don’t ignore your boyfriend and give him priority, if you not available when he needs you, there is no means of this relationship.

If you really want to make your relationship happy and normal, start giving priority to your boyfriend.

4. Your bad habits:

Habits play a very important role in your daily life and it tells others how your behavior is, if you have good habits, everyone appreciates you. But what you do if you hurt others because of your bad habits.

This is one of the most important reasons you can’t change your habits after your boyfriend’s suggestion, you ignore his suggestion. If you ignore your boyfriend so, you give him a valid reason to hate you.

5. You trying to control him:

A relationship is all about trust and freedom, but what you do if there is no personal space for you, and if your partner is always trying to control you.

If you trying to control your boyfriend every time like you always ask him like a detective so many times, where you go and why. All this thing is frustrated him and he makes a reason to hate you.

If you still over judging your boyfriend, you need to change your habit, otherwise, your relationship is badly impacted.

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Why Does My Boyfriend Hates Me (1)

6. You not giving him personal space:

No matter its a new relationship or an old relationship, offer personal space to your partner is a must, its a good symbol of a healthy relationship.

If you not give personal space to your boyfriend, later or sooner he may feel frustrated because he not spend his personal time, so he unable to refresh their mind and feel good.

If you do not give personal space to your partner, change your habit and offer him, personal space so he makes up his mind with new thoughts and feels good in relationship with you.

7. You never compliment him:

It is always important that you give compliment your partner, no matter you are new or old. Do you compliment your boyfriend in your current relationship, if not then you are doing a big mistake?

Every person needs motivation in a relationship, if you motivate your boyfriend and gives compliment to them, then he really feels good with you because he realizes that you understand his efforts and think about him.

8. You flirt with anyone:

It’s always painful if you see that your partner is flirting with so many people at the same time, while they are in a relationship with and this really makes a big reason to end your relationship.

If you are also one of them who is still flirting with others in front of your boyfriend and trying to make feel jealous of your boyfriend. These things really make your boyfriend, frustrating and he starts to hate you.

If you really want a smooth relationship, with your boyfriend avoid flirting with others and never try to make feel him jealous.

9.No respect:

It doesn’t mean if your boyfriend is doing everything for you because makes you happy, you take him for granted and forget to respect him. This is not a good sign of a long-lasting relationship.

If you suppose to gain respect from your boyfriend, firstly you also need to give respect to them. If you don’t respect your boyfriend, so why is he not hating you.

A good relationship is full of respect and trust, if you have a lack of respect in your relationship, there is no guarantee of how long your relationship will go.

10. Your Selfish and greedy nature:

A true relationship full of sacrifice for your partner and give priority to their dreams and happiness. But what you do, if you found that your partner is just only thinking about their selfish goals.

As a girl, if you just give priority to your self personal interest, there is no doubt your later or sooner your boyfriend realizes that you use them. You really don’t know what is the real meaning of a relationship.

If there is selfishness, in any relationship, no relationship will survive. There is no place for personal greed, in a healthy relationship.

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