Why Does My Girlfriend Hate Me Understand In 10 Easy Way

Why Does My Girlfriend Hate Me

Are you worried about why does my girlfriend hate me? Do you serious to find out the reason behind it.

Every relationship has problems but you need to focus on how you solve this problem. If you doing any mistake then accept it rather than justify yourself, this is not the right way of maintaining a good relationship.

If you hurt your girlfriend no doubt there is some strong reason, you doing a lot of mistakes. It is normal if you doing any mistake because humans make mistakes, but the important thing is done you accept it and work on it to improve.

If you are unable to figure out the reason behind this question why does my girlfriend hate me, don’t worry I will help you to find out. So you can understand the problem and fix it. So you make your girlfriend happy again.

Why does my girlfriend hate me ( Reasons):

Why Does My Girlfriend Hate Me

1.Not spend time with her:

If you spend too much time with your friend and forget to spend time with your girlfriend, then you give her reason to upset on you or maybe she starts to hate you.

There is no problem in spending time with your friends but make sure you no avoid your girlfriend and she asks about spending time with her, avoid any argument, otherwise, this may be the reason for the fight between you.

2.You still think about your ex:

No girl likes that her boyfriend is still thinking about his ex again and again maybe she feels jealous. You need to focus on your current relationship and avoid thinking about your ex-girlfriend.

If you don’t want to upset your girlfriend, so never try to discuss about past relationships from your end.

3.You don’t keep your promises:

A relationship is all about keeping your promises on time. If you fulfill all your promises on time, your girlfriend really appreciates it.

If you really looking for a long-term healthy relationship, never make any false promise to your girlfriend, which you unable to perform, and later or sooner this is really impacting your relationship and gives a valid reason for your girlfriend is upset with you.

4. When you’re always late:

Timing plays a very important role in build your relationship strong. If you perform all your responsibilities on time, it shows that you are serious about relationships.

But on the other hand how you feel if your partner is not performing your responsibilities on time. Maybe you feel bad and argue with your partner to change your habit.

The same thing is to apply to you if you not perform all your responsibilities on time, your girlfriend is really upset with you.

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5. Never Give her priority:

Are you one of the boyfriends who always make excuses whenever your girlfriend needs you or wants any help?

You always disrespect her and unable to understand what she wants from you and what she expects from the relationship. You never try to put your efforts into how she feels when you reject her to help.

All your these habits really spoil your relationship in a long run. So always keep in mind, never try to ignore your girlfriend, and always gives her priority, no matter what’s the time and situation.

6. Are you speak negative and behave badly:

Do you speak negatively about her and behave very badly, so why she like you anymore. Your this kind of attitude really pays you a big price in your relationship.

Never try to speak negatively about a girlfriend, if you have any argument or misunderstanding, simply solve in a good manner.No one likes if their partner is speaking negatively about her in a front of others.

7. You never appreciate her:

Are you one of them who never appreciates his girlfriend and just thinks about his personal goals? Remember one thing everyone likes appreciation, if you appreciate your girlfriend, she really feels good about you and also feels motivated because she realizes that you are serious about her and want her to achieve her life dreams.

So never make this type of mistake, always appreciate your girlfriend as much as you can. A healthy relationship is all about loving each other and motivate them to achieve their goals.

8. Are you a boring person:

No one wants to make a relationship with a boring person. Are you one of the guys who is always boring another person, this thing really disappoints your girlfriend, and maybe she upset with you.

If you avoid this kind of problem in your relationship, you have to change your habits and start thinking about something new and fresh, so you both enjoy and spend a good time together.

Let some fun with your girlfriend and taking her out. So she feels good and passionate about you and never hates you again.


9. You are too shy:

Every girlfriend expects from her boyfriend that he loves her so much, express his feelings without any hesitation. They never prefer to live with that boy who is very shy, who is unable to express their feelings with her girlfriend.

Every girlfriend dreaming that their boyfriend is one step ahead from them in matter love and feel her good by expressing his feeling about her.

If you are too shy, you need to change your habits or work on your personality, so you feel confident.

10. Are you trying to control your girlfriend:

A healthy relationship is all about respect and trust. How you feel if your partner is not trusting you and try to control you and put a detective eye on you., it simply means there is no means of having a relationship.

If you are one who always trying to control his girlfriend, you doing a big mistake, give some personal space to your partner, so she can refresh her mind and think about you.

If you not offer her a personal space, she really feels frustrated and maybe upset with you. So it is the best advice for you, change your habit and spend a good time with her, so you rebuild the trust again.


After going through the insights now you have a good idea about the question of why does my girlfriend hate me. Remember one thing relationship depends on trust and love, so don’t spoil your relationship by doing argument and fight.

A relationship is all about respect and sacrifice for your partner. The more you give love and respect to your partner, the better you get in your life.

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