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Privacy Policy Notice:


This page informs you how liesumg collected and recorded your data while you operating Liesumg as a visitor and how we respect your privacy policy.

Similarly most of the other websites, Liesumg identifying your personal and nonpersonal data while you interact with or using our services.

Liesmug motivates you to review our privacy policy whenever you visit or interact with services.

We never share your personal information with anyone. Liesmug collects your information to better understand how visitors interact with the website and how we make a better user experience.

We would love to hear from you, If you need more information or any other question related to the privacy policy, do not hesitate to connect with us:

How We Collect Information

When a visitor came the first time on our website or interact with us, we may ask for your information such as name, address, email, company, and contact number.

We collect your information by automatic data collection technology such as google analytics by which we easily collected information about your browsing history, place, age, gender, demographics, etc.

if you want to more about how Google collects your data, Please visit policies/ privacy/ partners/ and also know how to google analytics obtain your information, you can check this link: dlpage/ gaoptout

Cookies: We collect information by using cookies, the information we obtain is used only for statistical analysis only which help us to improve our services and website.(If you don’t what is cookies, Please read “What Are Cookies”

We also collect direct information to you, when you subscribe to our contact us, mail services, and newsletter.

How we use your information:

We use this information for many purposes but not limited to it:

1. Better operate and maintain our website.

2. Improve, personalize better user experience.

3. Advertise our product and services in a better way.

4. Understand your needs which really helps us to improve products and services.

5.Understand and analyze your data trends, how you use our website

6. Send you email and prevent you from any fraud.

Sharing Of Information:

Liesmug assures you. We never rent or sell your personal information with Third parties or nor store your information on this website for any bad purpose except we only fair use of your information for analyze trends by obtain your information by google analytics or other obtaining method mentioned above.


Display ads Disclaimer:

Liesmug may use third-party advertising companies to serve advertisements and content when you interact with our website, which may use cookies, as mentioned above.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

Liesmug is a partner with different companies affiliate programs like Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and also many other affiliate programs.

If you make some purchases or buy something from my affiliate link, I will get a  small commission or referral fee without any extra cost to you.

Your small support is very meant to me and it helps to grow my blog.

Liesumg obtains your information in the form of cookies, for we use it in a fair purpose only, if you don’t want to share your information, you can also disable cookies from your browser but for doing this you can’t enjoy our full services.

Changes: we will change the privacy policy from time to time, it motivates the reader to check frequently our privacy policy page.

General information and Queries:

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