How to Ask A Girl To be Your Girlfriend In 9 Easy Steps

How to Ask A Girl To be Your Girlfriend

Are you feeling nervous about how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend? What is a great way to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

Are you also one of them who is feeling shy about how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend because most men have fear of rejection of her.

There is no doubt asking a girl to be your girlfriend is a big step for many guys, it shows that they are ready for the next relationship stage with that girl and there are lots of question in your mind like how she reacts, what happens if she rejects and many more.

Don’t be panic you are the right place, here you easily get some idea how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend

1. Take some time:

Don’t ask her too soon, this thing really scare her off, so you have to take some more time to know each other in a better way. Keep in mind that timing is very crucial for both of you.

A positive approach makes her feel comfortable around you and this thing needs to take some time.

You are not getting a positive result if you react quickly, so wait for the right time, then there is a higher chance of success, let get some time to girl trust on you.

2. Spend some extra time with her:

If you really want to sure from her end that does she like you, so you need to spend some extra time with her and try to figure out what she really thinks about you and what things will help you to start a closer relationship with her.

If you spend some time with her, you are not giving 100% idea about her but no doubt you get a fair idea about her, what she thinks about you and how you need to approach her to be her girlfriend.

3. Give her a compliment:

Make sure before complimenting a girl don’t compliment which is not looking real like you are the most beautiful person oi the world, it does get really impress her because this is not a genuine compliment.

So your compliment looks genuine and must feel her special and impress her.

4.Use a planned strategy:

Be mentally strong and be ready to respond to her answer whatever it may be. If in case her answer is she is not ready now but it doesn’t mean she say no and doesn’t like you, she needs some more time to know more about you.

So think positive and say to her that’s ok, I will see you sometime later and if her reply is yes then go and hug or kiss her.

5. Looks her body language:

If a girl really likes you, her body language is changed when she is around you. You just try to find out that signals to confirm that she is interested in you.

If she likes you she looks at you in a different way and smiling without any reason. If you find this type of signal then there is a higher success chance for you that she makes your girlfriend.

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How to Ask A Girl To be Your Girlfriend


6. Don’t push:

Don’t feel bad if she rejects you. Remember one thing asking a girl to be your girlfriend is one brave thing to do and by doing this you give her a chance to break your heart. Don’t feel desperate, think there are other girls out there.

In case if she says yes to you that she is ready to be your girlfriend, so give her more time to know about each other, so your relationship going stronger and life long.

7. Cooke food for her:

If you really feel her to more familiar with you than invite her for a dinner and make her favorite food. While preparing food for her try to know about her thinking about life and her dreams or goals.

Girls really like those boys who are interested to know about her goals and dreams. After finishing dinner, offer her some chocolate or her favorite sweets.

8. Use your talent:

If you have some unique talent, use it to impress her as if you are a writer, write a good poem for her, sing a song for her, etc.

Use some creative ideas to feel her special like wish her birthday by making a unique QR code for her.


9. Offer her flowers:

It’s a secret wish of every girl that someone offers them flowers because girls like flowers very much. Surprise her by offering flowers and cookies, she really feeling amazing and realize that you give her so much importance.

Give her something that she does not forget about you, give something which is very close to her heart.

10. Never hesitant to flirt with her:

Try to make her smile by your flirting. No one likes a boring person, if you try to share your feelings and let her know what you think about her, she really feels amazed.

Even she not disclose you but if you continue to flirt with her and if she smiles while you flirt with her, then it simply means that she likes you. You need to just wait for the right time to know her that you want her to be your girlfriend.

11. Be frank:

Never fear about how she reacts, you just tell her that you like her and want you to be his girlfriend. If you directly told her that you like her, maybe she impress because of your courage and confidence.

Confidence really matters to impress any girl, don’t lose hope and be positive and away from negative thoughts because a negative mind never achieves a positive result.

How to Ask A Girl To be Your Girlfriend In 9 Easy Steps

Every man in his life facing this question on how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend and they have no idea how to deal with this question. Remember one thing no matter what the reply of the girl after your proposal, be confident, and never give up, your confidence really matter to approach a girl to be your girlfriend.

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