How To Start A Conversation With A Girl Understand In 9 Easy Steps

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl

Are you one of them who doesn’t know how to start a conversation with a girl? If you really want to impress a girl with your conversation, so stop being shy or feeling nervous because you are not doing anything wrong?

Most of the men just freaked out, when they think about how to start a conversation with a girl. Before start, any conversation with a girl, find out the reason why you losing confidence and feel uncomfortable talking with a girl.

Nothing is working unless you can’t change your mind of state from negative to positive. How much you impress a girl by conservation is dependent on how much you are looking confident and feeling comfortable while starting a conversation with a girl.

There is no perfect way or formula for how to start a conversation with a girl, there are some basic tips which really helps you how to start a conversation with a girl and impress her. But before knowing the tips remember one thing your mindset plays a big role.

How to start a conversation with a girl

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl

1. Always be ready approach:

You have to train your mind with always be ready approach because you don’t know when and where you get a chance to start a conversation with a girl. While following this approach how your face and confident looks play a very important role, so push up yourself to achieve that level you look confident and a smile on your face.

2. Never use common pick up lines:

Avoid use pick-up lines, girls never like this, remember this is not a movie or a drama, this is a real-life, so you need to look also real.

Instead of using and pick up or tag lines focus on your way of talking, improve your tone, and a conservation starter.

If you really want to impress a girl so be real and create your own style of talking, don’t be loose hope, later or sooner you surely get success.

Simply follow one thing pick your confidence instead of using pick up lines or tag lines.

3.Be observant:

Be observant simply means that be alert and look at the sounding of her. You just need to figure out the surrounding of the place which gives you an idea is it right time to talk with her or how to approach her in a particular environment.

Place and situation play a very important role in your be observant and then react according to the situation.

4. Don’t be afraid:

Remember you can’t achieve positive results with a negative mindset, you don’t need to be afraid while starting a conversation with a girl. Most of the guys fear reaction, that’s why they lose the courage to talk with a girl and they not feeling comfortable around girls.

Overthinking is one of the bigger reasons for your fear, so you need to change your mindset and stop overthinking just simply start talking with girls without any fear, remember one thing they also a human like you, so there is no need to fear about anything. As long as you improve yourself the better conversation you will find with any girl.

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5. Keep your face friendly:

Your face expression tells about you, not everything but something that what’s running in your mind, and when you are first time start talking with a girl as a stranger, the role of your face is increasing, so remember one thing when you are talking a girl first time put a smile on your face and your face looks attractive and confidence Then any girl easily interested to talk with you.

6. Don’t ask her yes or no:

You have also learned the way of interacting conversation with a girl. Keep in mind never start or ask a question that has a simple answer is yes or no.

So before asking any question to a girl, ask some interesting question which helps you to know more about a girl and make your conversation long. Avoid yes or no type of question.

For e.g Do you like sports instead you have to ask a question like why you like sports and what things make you crazy about sports? Remember ask an open-ended question.

Try to keep your conversation more interesting and natural, you don’t need to be blank while conversation, it makes a bad impression of you so you also focus on conversation breaker which helps you to keep your conversation long and healthy.

7. Always be honest:

Honesty is the best policy, it is applicable in every aspect of life. So when yous start conservation with any girl try to be honest and truthful. Never show your different or fake personality, later or sooner girl knows about your reality.

While talking with a girl, try to talk on a common interest topic which helps you more time in a conversation and knows more about each other.

8. Learn a way to introduce yourself:

This is one of the main reasons why you do not impress a girl while talking because you never introduce yourself in a smart way when a girl hardly knows you. When you first time talks a girl, say about your name and what you are doing in a confident way, she really reply to your introduction.

You have to just focus on your conversation and don’t get distracted, while conversation tries to listen first then you get some more idea about a girl’s personality.

9. Never afraid to give a compliment to the girl:

Be honest and respectful while giving compliments to a girl. Never afraid to give a compliment to a girl because everyone’s like compliments. You can simply tell her that you like her smile or personality and also ask her that you feeling very good while talking to you.

And never hesitate to offer her, that you are ready to help her at any time if required. Ask for help is showing that you are a gentleman and maybe she interested to talk with you in the future.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl


Whenever you are looking at how to start a conversation with a girl, remember that your confidence and positive thinking are more important than any other thing.

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