Love And Attraction 12 Interesting Things You Must Know

Love And Attraction

In this life, every person is going with love and attraction stage. Most people confused about love and attraction matter, they never understand whether they get attracted by their lover or they truly love each other. There is a lot of misconception about love and relationship.

If you are really serious to identify a true relationship and want your relationship healthy, then it’s important for you to have a clear understanding of love and attraction. In the end, you are able to differentiate between love and attraction easily and it really helps you to identify that you are truly in love or get attracted.

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Love And Attraction

What causes love and attraction?

According to the relationship, experts love and attraction depends on main three things like the sex drive, the attraction system & the attachment system.

There is no doubt every love starts with attraction and there are three stages of love lust, attraction, and attachment.

The person looks at their body mass index, behavior, physical appearance, the way of communication also play a major role in attraction.

In simple words for attraction, you require a lot of things but true love doesn’t need any requirement.

Does attraction lead to love?

No, it’s not true because attraction is an outer thing and love is purely an internal thing. You easily get attracted towards someone after impressing their looks, behavior, and way of communication but it doesn’t mean you love that person.

Always keep in mind attraction mostly physical or for a reason but true love is internal and it doesn’t require any reason.

Is love all about physical attraction?

There is no doubt every love starts with attraction but it doesn’t mean that love is all about physical attraction. To love someone completely require a lot of things like passion, courage, trust, honesty, dignity, respect, good communication, etc. It is totally wrong that love is all about physical attraction.

Does love need attraction?

Yes, it is true that love starts with some attraction at the initial level but it doesn’t mean attraction gives you the final output and makes you successful in love. True love requires a lot of things to reach its final destination.

How do you know if someone is thinking about you sexually?

Yes is it true you can identify anyone what the other person is thinking about you any bad or good? By analyzing some person’s energy vibration you can easily get an idea about what things running in a person’s mind.

If a person is thinking about you sexually when they feel attracted towards you, and doing something unique things to impress you and so they get a chance to come closer to you and build a physical relationship with you.


What attracts a man to a woman at first sight?

In every woman man especially find out how she looks, what is their( body mass index) BMI, he also more focus on her face, waist, hands, hairs, boobs and also her back.


What Every Man Wants in a Woman?

Every man wants the following things in his love partner or a woman:
1. love & respect
2. Care & attention.
3. Trust & loyalty.
5.Support and motivate them in every part of life.


Can a man fall in love with a woman at first sight?

It’s 100% true, a man can easily be attracted by a woman, at first sight, to be physical with her but it’s 100% wrong that a man falls in love with a woman at first sight. True love requires a lot of things, seeing first sight is not enough to find true love.


Which part of the female body attracts the most?

Boobs, back, waist, hips, face, hairs, smile are the part of female body attracts the most.

Do guys like crazy girls?

Yes, guys like crazy girls but if you think making a relationship with any crazy girls for a long run is not a perfect choice because a crazy girl is able to do anything for you no matter its good or bad with using her brain and this may get you in trouble.

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