Questions To Ask A Guy Before Arranged Marriage (Best 75 questions)

Questions To Ask A Guy Before Arranged Marriage

Are you worried about your arrange marriage and thinking what questions to ask a guy before arranged marriage, so you have some idea to decide that he is the right guy for you or not and how you overcome the fear of arrange marriage?

Questions to ask a guy before arranged marriage do not only help you to identify how the person is compatible with you or how long your relationship and marriage life will go on.

Thinking about arranged marriage makes you crazy but at the same time needs to conscious about your marriage partner because getting married is so easy but maintaining your marriage life is so difficult.

Also, you don’t know about him and what kind of person he is. So you need to clarity about your marriage partner because marriage is one of the most important parts of your life.

Here you find what questions to ask a guy before arranged marriage which helps you to make your decision easy about arranged marriage.

Questions to ask a guy before arranged marriage (Best question):
Questions To Ask A Guy Before Arranged Marriage

1. What is your opinion about arrange marriage?

2.What do you know about a healthy relationship?

3.Do really interested in getting an arranged marriage or forced by someone?

4. Why do want to get married to me and do you think that you are ready for marriage?

5.What is the one quality you looking for in your life partner?

6.How would you like to your partner be like?

7.What is one of the greatest fear of marriage?

8.What kind of education you are looking for our children?

9.How much you close to your family?

10.How do you trust on family tradition and values?

11.What are your future goals and how you achieve it?

12.What are your hobbies?

13.How you are looking for yourself for the next 5 years?

14.How you found close yourself to your siblings?

15.Are you an extrovert and introvert?

16.What is that thing you always want in your partner?

17.What is the most important thing you expect from your marriage?

18.What is your greatest fear in your life?

19.What do you think about the toxic relationships and how you avoid this?

20.What is one of the greatest achievement in your life?

21.What is the one painful moment you never share with anyone?

22.What is one thing that inspires you the most in your life?

23.What are your favorite food, do you prefer veg or nonveg?

24.How do you manage your financial needs and how will you plan your financial freedom?

25.What type of do you prefer in your spare time?

26.What do you think about your first travel trip with me?

27.What are your short term and long term plans and how will I help you to make it true?

28.What type of books you are reading mostly?

29.Are you a pet lover or not and what pet you like most?

30.How do you manage household responsibilities after marriage?

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31.What is your dream destination place you want to visit with me after marriage?

32.What your opinion about separation and divorce?

33.What is the one thing you never expect from your life partner?

34.What is the one thing you never tolerate in your marriage life?

35.What is the perfect marriage that looks like in your opinion?

Questions To Ask A Guy Before Arranged Marriage

36.What are the factor which play important role in making your marriage life successful?

37.How do you beat your stress and anger and how do you manage your time?

38.What is your favorite song and what do you consider a good date night?

39.What is your mantra of living your life?

40.Are you comfortable in switching your location while job if needed?

41.Are you feeling comfortable to discuss sexual needs and

42.How much you conscious about health and fitness?

43.What are your expectations on managing a household?

44.How do you manage your professional and family goals?

45.Do you think about family planning and do you like kids or not?

46.How do start your day and how your day looks like?

47.Is there anything you never compromise with?

48.Is there anything you just want to discuss with me?

49.Who is your closest and best friend, tell something about them?

50.What type of lifestyle you are dreaming to your kids?

51.What is your life’s greatest dream and how you will achieve this?

52.When was the last time you crying and why?

53.Whom do you like most in your family and why?

54.Do you compliments to others or not?

55.If you give the opportunity to find the truth about me then what is that thing you always want to know about me?

56.What is the happiest moment in your life till now?

57.What is the most terrible moment in your life but you never share with anyone?

58.What do you understand about friendship?

59.How important love and affection in your life?

60.Where do you work and what is your profession?

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61.What is the best dish you will make for me as a cook?

62.What are you looking for an ideal match and how long you start looking for your marriage?

63.What would you and your family expect from me as your life partner?

64.If there is any requirement to support my family after marriage, do you ready to support them?

65.Describe your self in one word and what is that word?

66.Do you have any past relationship or not?

67.What do you think that is the best method of raise children after marriage?

68.What do you think about abortion, it is good or bad?

69.What do you think that is the biggest challenge you are facing after marriage?

70.How you plan and take important decisions in your life?

71.If you do any mistake, do you accept it or not?

72.Are you feeling comfortable while talking with the opposite sex?

73. What do you think about an ideal marriage life looks like?

74.Do you trust in God and how much you are a religious person?

75.What is the concept of marriage and why it is important for you?


Questions To Ask A Guy Before Arranged Marriage



After analyzing all the above questions, now you have a clear about what questions to ask a guy before arranged marriage, so you easily know what type of person he is and what they expect from this marriage.

And another great benefit of what questions to ask a guy before arranged marriage is you easily decide whether he is the right person for you or not.

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