Time To Move On Quotes Top 40 Quotes (2023)

Time To Move On Quotes

Are you looking for time to move on quotes?  There is no harm to move on in life if you want to change yourself completely. Everything happens for a reason, so never feel guilty about your decision. Time to move on quotes gives you opportunities to explore your life and helping you to the right decision in your life.

If you are one who always afraid of making a decision in life and unable to move on, then you are coming to the right place, here you find the time to move on quotes, that really helps you make the right decision in your life.

Time to move on quotes:

Time to move on quotes

1.Changing is the law of nature if you not change yourself according to the time & need of the relationship you never get success in your life.

2.When you feel there is no love & respect left in a relationship, it simply means that it’s the right time to move on.

3.Never cry for someone who doesn’t care about you, just smile and move on for the bright future.

4.Life is not about waiting for someone, it’s about moving at the right time, to get things right otherwise you never found happiness in your life.

5.Its never possible to go back in their life and restart their life, but always possible that you change your life by moving on toady from your past.

6.If you want to live a happy lie, then remember one thing that everything happens for the reasons & your decision is never going wrong, simply move on and give a chance to make you happy.

7.Its a rule of life, fall down 7 times and stand up 8 times.

8.The winner always takes the right decision and wins the life, the loose never take the right decision and unable to move on from their past.

9.I you want to succeed in life, don’t leave your work for yesterday, use your today too much.

10.Unless you do not forgive yourself, you never move on from your present situation and not gain positive results.

11.The secret of life is you just simply moving from the past and focus on your bright future. No cant achieve anything to live in your past.

12.Accept yourself, love yourself & moving on, and do your karma without any worry. Your life is going awesome.

13.If you begging for someone to change your past, you never feel happiness until you move on.

14.Everything happens for a reason sometimes God removes a person from your life to protect yourself, so don don’t run behind the person.

15.If you love yourself then you easily forgive others & it’s always a better decision you forgive someone and move on.

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16.Don’t live in your past, it’s just like the catching darkness, you achieve nothing from it, just live in today, your life going in a smooth direction.

17.If you have the ability to move on it simply means you have an ability to make yourself happy.

18.Life is like a roller coaster, it has so many up & down if you want to complete your journey successfully just keep moving on without any worry.

19.Never try to bound yourself for someone who never likes to live with you, just move on and make your life better.

20.Keep in mind you never blame other fr your life, your life is in your hand, just take the right decision, s you never feel guilty.

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21.You never cross the river or sea unless you have to courage to lose sight of the shore.

22.Thing never changes unless you not change & make the right decision.

23.If you want to change your life, just change your mind and give yourself a chance to restart your life.

24.Everyday comes with new hope, new change & a new chance to restart your life.

25.The simple fund of a happy life, accept your mistakes & move on for a better future.

26.Life is like a running bicycle, so if you want to balance them, just keep moving on.

27.Every entry has some exit point, so it simply means every problem has some solution.

28.Every ending of your relationship, always gives you hope for a new relationship.

29.If you hold your relationship that has no future, the better thing is you just move on & restart your life.

30.I never prefer to project my past on my future.

31.Never feel guilty about your decision it’s your life and your decision, so why you worry about something.

32.Never stop moving on, no matter how it’s a hard time, simply focus on your work, one day you will win definitely.

33.The life gives you only two options, either you make the things otherwise things make your life.

34.Try hard, your life becomes easy, try to keep moving your life becomes happy.

35.Always think positive & moving on no matter what are you suffering with, one day all bad things end.

36.Count your age by your friends and count your achievement by helping others and count your happiness by making the right decision at right time.

37.Every Change comes into your life with a lot of opportunities for making your life awesome.

38.If you want to make your life better then you have to courage to trust your decision.

39.Life gives you only one decision either you live in your past or focus on your future.

40.If your want to make your life better, just trust yourself and move on.


Time To Move On Quotes (2021)

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