Why Is Life So Hard Top 40 Reality Shaping Question

Why is life so hard Top 40 Reality shaping question

Are you want to know that why is life so hard & why you feel life is uncertain? Are you one who feels that why is life so hard and you are unable to manage it? You don’t know what to do & most probably you missing something that makes your life unhappy and hard.

Asking questions to yourself is a good way to find out the solution of your problem, while you asking a question to yourself your mindset is change and your mind are more focus about how you overcome the challenges of life and makes your life easy

If you are the one who is feeling that why is life so hard but not find out the reason behind it, then you are coming to the right place, here you find some reality shaping questions that really help you to figure out what things you missing in your life and because of that thing you face that your life is so hard.

Why is life so hard questions you must ask yourself:

Why is life so hard Questions you must ask to yourself

1. what is the ultimate purpose of your life and what things you want to achieve in your life?

2.How you are looking at yourself after 1 year of time after setting your goals?

3.What things I do right now, so I change something in my life?

4.What is the success for me & how I will achieve it?

5.What is the price for your success and are you able to do anything to achieve it?

6.Are you ready to pay the price or doing sacrifices for achieving success in your life?

7.Where you found happiness in your life and what things make you happy in your life?

8.Are you a self-sabotage person & why it is important for you?

9.What things I need to perform so I never face any failure in my life?

10.What would I have to do, so I never been rejected from anywhere?

11.How I react to that situation & what are the best possible steps that I need to follow?

12.What is the best exercise program for me, so I can physically fit my body & mind?

13.What is the best diet for me, so my body gets the right amount of nutrition?

14.What food I don’t eat that harm my body?

15.What is my body telling me is it positive or negative & what steps I should follow to change it?

16.Why do I telling lies to certain people sometimes?

17.Why I am not able to finish the things?

18.Why do I am not feeling good while I am alone & what is my biggest fear?

19.Is I am satisfied with my life?

20.How can I perform differently today?

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Why Is Life So Hard Top 40 Reality Shaping Question

21.Does my life manage me or I manage my life, how do I figure out this thing?

22.Are you really serious to change your life or just want to show off others?

23.What are the core values in your life & how seriously you follow them?

24.How traditional you are & what life values you follow in your life?

25.How I face the challenge of feeling uncomfortable in front of others?

26.Are yo able to forget your all past life bad memories or you still stuck in them?

27.What things you do to makes others happy or you never try these things?

28.How kind & good heart person you are, do you perform any good work in your life?

29.What are the biggest things you always waiting for in your life?

30.How I react to the situation which suddenly happens to me?

31.Is I am good or bad in dealing with problems, if not then what are things I need to change?

32.Is I am optimistic in my life are not?

33.Are you trust in God or not? Why it is important to have faith in God?

34.How do you grab the opportunity in any given situation of life?

35.Are you able to accepts your mistakes and work on them?

36.What is the ultimate things that always motivates you to achieve your life goals?

37.What is the biggest fear in your life & how you overcome it?

38.What is that thing, you always fight for?

39.Do you believe in yourself or do you feel a lack of confidence in yourself?

40.What things make me feel during a hard time & how I overcome that problem?

Why Is Life So Hard Top 40 Reality Shaping Question

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