Top 30 Depression Quotes Helps You Transform Your Life (2023)

Depression Quotes

Are you looking for depression quotes? There is no doubt most people are suffering from depression nowadays and they don’t have any ideas how to deal with it. So depression quotes really help them to deal with the situation.


Top 30 Depression Quotes Helps You Transform Your Life

Depression Quotes

1. When you start believing in yourself, no one depresses you, simply listen to your heart.

2.Depression gives you the inability to construct the future but hope gives you the reason to survive.

3.Its always hard to understand others what running in your mind, when you feeling depressed.

4.Depression gives you a reason to find out yourself in the dark but also gives a chance to bounce back.

5.The depression is just like darkness and it will fade away one day, so never lose hope.

6.The period of depression either makes you or break you.

7.Its doesn’t matter how are you depressed, always start your new day that you are a hero of your life and you never give up.

8.The light of hope really finds the way of your success, no matter how much you are depressed.

9.You never achieve positive things in your life until you do not win your depression.

10.If you want to know me really, just simply watch me closely and see how much I depressed.

11.Everyone look at me how much I smiling but no one knows how much I depressed from inside.

12.Never be judgemental if you don’t have any idea about how you are struggling with what you called depression.

13.It is always to live alone and feel depression in compassion to live with negative people around you.

14.Life gives you two options light & dark and it depends upon you what you choose and the same things apply when you are feeling depressed sometimes.

15.Most people think that they are very clever they hide things from others but their eyes tell the reality.

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Depression Quotes Helps You Transform Your Life

16.Depression makes you hide from others but this is not the solution if you really want to change your life.

17.Mental pain is looking dramatic than physical pain but the reality is totally different.

18. I bend but not broken, I am sad but never give up and never lose hope.

19.Depression is just like whether it comes and goes away so never think negatively in your life because you can not achieve great things with a negative mindset.

20. Your mindset tells you to win your depression or your depression wins you.

21.Sometimes you look happy but in reality you not feeling happy anymore.

22.The long you hold the depression, the worst life you found. So try to win your depression as soon as possible with positive thoughts.

23.The sad or depression phase of your life, helps you find out who is your real friend or who is not.

24.Today I am sad but it doesn’t mean this is my long life story, my story will change one day.

25. People never understand the impact of depression from inside, how depression change their life.

26.Most people never understand the act that when they are depressed their thoughts can control them because they are unable to control them.

27.When you are depressed your sleep is just like a joke.

28.I never using my depression as a burden, I take it as a challenge because I love challenges and know how to win the challenge.

29.If you are not focusing on your work effectively it’s because of depression.

30.Depression sometimes changes my behavior but it never changes my mindset towards life.

31.You look happy but you never feel it, that is called depression, no matter whats the reason behind this.

Depression Quotes Helps You Transform Your Life

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