How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend In 10 Easy Steps

How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

Are you confuse or afraid of how to break up with your girlfriend?

Breakup with someone whom you love or having a relationship with is not easy and no one wants to break up in their life but what you do, if your girlfriend only makes a relationship with you to fulfill her personal selfish goals and there is no love remaining in the relationship.

What you do if there is no happiness in your relationship, you try all the best possible things to get back your relationship on the right track but nothing is working, and you feel there is a lack of trust, respect, and love in the relationship, so it is better you move on from this type of toxic relationship.

Are you one of them who do not have any idea how to break up with your girlfriend in a good manner? Don’t worry here you will find some awesome tips or idea which really helps you with how to break up with your girlfriend.

How to break up with your girlfriend ( tips):

How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

1. Do it in person:

Make sure never try to break up with your girlfriend with text or through phone, email, and other social media sites. Being chicken is not optional and you have to show some courage.

Go and meet her face to face, and tell her that you don’t want any type of relationship with her. All this shows that no matter you are ending your relationship but you still respect your girlfriend.

2. Don’t lie:

Always be honest and don’t be afraid while you break up with your girlfriend. Tell her the truth that why you want to break up with her, so it’s easy for both of you and later you don’t face any problem.

Avoid telling her lie or making false reasons that why do you want to break up with her, this is totally unfair, and sooner or later you also feel guilty that you do not tell her the real reason behind the breakup.


3.One and final:

Always remember while doing the breakup make sure, it will be clear, one and final because if you dragging this situation, again and again, you really get hurts by remembering your past relationship moments, so it is better you will break up in a one go.

And it may be so hard for you, refresh your old memories while breaking up. So break in one and final go and never try to meet again with that girl after the breakup.

4.Select the right place:

Make sure avoid public places while selecting the right place to break up. If you choose a public place maybe you face some drama in front of others and you are unable to talk effectively.

So it is always recommended to choose the right place where you effectively present your opinion and thoughts about the breakup and understand her that you don’t want a relationship with her anymore.


Timing is very important while you break up with your girlfriend. Make sure she has is not busy somewhere in her exam or any other work, invite her when she has completely a free time, so she can listen to you carefully and understand things easily and didn’t play any emotional drama with you.

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How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

6.Listen her first:

One of the most important things is while meeting at a breakup, first, listen to her opinion on what she talks about your relationship, then you react.

Be confident while you talk about that you ending a relationship with her because the girl maybe play emotional drama and try to change your decision and later you may face bigger problems from her side.


7.Stay claim :

While telling your girlfriend about the breakup, stay claim, and cool headed person. Don’t get feel angry or upset yourself, try to simply focus on your words in a good manner. Staying calm is not so easy because in the past you are in a relationship with that person but you need to stay with your decision and stick with your decision.

8.Make your conversation sweet & Short:

Make sure your conversation is sweet & short, don’t use any wrong word which gets hurt to ex-girlfriend. Finish your talk in sweet and simple. Never speak too much about why you break up with her.

Just simply tell her that you are not looking for a good future with her and your relationship is not work out anymore. Be polite while speaking these words to your girlfriend.

9.There is no turning back:

Be practical, make sure there is no turning back. Never give her a second chance to justify herself after the breakup. It is recommended that never look back after break up, there is nothing remaining in your past relationship which really makes you unhappy and sad in the past.

Keep in mind before going to breaking you make your mind that its a final and you never look back into the relationship. You have to be strong while making this decision, otherwise, your emotions and feelings will make you look back into the past and you face any situation.

10.Just disappear without any trace:

There is no doubt after knowing that you are break up with your girlfriend, maybe your girlfriend tries to change your mind by making you fool emotionally. So it is advisable after listen to her, sharing your thoughts with her, just disappear without any trace.

After coming from that place, make sure you stop all the way of communication with her like call, text, social media & email, otherwise, she may try to contact you and affect your life and also stop you to move on from the bad past memories.



Now you are pretty sure about how to break up with your girlfriend in a good manner without hurting her.

Whenever you feel that there is nothing left in your relationship, then it always better to move on, without hurting your girlfriend. But it’s not that much easy, you need a lot of confidence, bold and a strong will to start your new life.

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