Why Is Marriage So Hard Understand in 9 Easy Steps

Why Is Marriage So Hard

Are you want to know why is marriage so hard? Is it true or not, why most people say this marriage is so hard to maintain?

Marriage is not so hard for that person who is ready to do sacrifice and agree for a lifetime commitment to their partner.

Marriage is so hard for people who are not able to live life on other conditions and who are not able to show dedication and hard work in the relationship.

Are you still confuse to find the answer to this question why is marriage so hard, is it true or not? Don’t worry you are coming to the right place where you get some important insights which really help you decide why is marriage so hard or it’s just a myth.


Why is marriage so hard ( reason):

Why Is Marriage So Hard

1. Wishes:

After having a marriage, you have to care about the wishes of your partner. For maintaining a good marriage life, you need to fulfill all the wishes of your partner first.

In most of the cases, people realize what they expect from marriage is totally different in reality. This is not a good feeling what you wish from others but you get different things.

The truth is maintaining a good marriage life, you have to sacrifice your wishes and give priority to your partner wishes to make them happy, no matter how you feel good & happy.

2. Illusion:

It is true marriage is just like an illusion because, in the beginning, it looks attractive and interested but sooner or later, people feel a lack of interest in marriage life.

Marriage is all about accepting responsibilities and living for others, its not about you. Marriage is a social system, so you need to look according to tradition and rituals.

You must have to follow marriage life rules, no don’t take your own decision. In marriage it’s your responsibility, you have to manage not your personal life but also two families.


One of the biggest risks of being married is you put your expectations and dreams in danger. What you do if you do not find all the things according to your expectations.

After marriage it’s never easy to only think about yourself, there is always a gap between expectations and reality because it is a real-life, its not a movie. It’s always challenging to fulfill your dreams and goals after marriage. You may sacrifice your expectations.

4. Deficiency:

After marriage, there is always a possibility of deficiency in every case in your marriage life. What you do if your partner not understands your feelings, emotions, and showing deficiency in love and romance.

How you manage the things if you found that lack of trust, love, and honesty in your relationship. Your life is going stressful and depressed.

What you do if your spouse taking thinks for granted because there are always dissimilarities between two people.

5. Taking things for granted:

It is a reality in most of the cases that people will change after marriage. Before marriage, their relationship is going very smoothly, but after marriage, they face difficulty because their partner is taking things for granted.

What you do, if your spouse is starting ignoring you and taking things for granted. Sooner or later your partner showing a lack of interest in you and not taking you seriously. They never try to understand what do you really want and how do you feel after marriage.

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Why Is Marriage So Hard Understand


Marriage is all about commitment, the longer you fulfill your promises and commitment, you will find that no problem in your marriage life, but being committed and keep your promises is not always easy.

You are committed to your spouse or not you need to prove yourself first by showing dedication, sacrifice, and a lot of handwork with continuous effort. You have to kill your expectations and try to make your spouse happy at any cost.

If in case you do not prove yourself that you are committed than you may face a lot of problems.


If you are ready to take a lot of responsibilities related to marriage life, children, family, and office, then marriage is easy for you. If you are confident and make up your mind that you manage all the challenges, then there is no problem of being married.

But if you not feeling comfortable and not sure about taking responsibilities than marriage is so hard for you. After marriage, you face a lot of stress and depression. Responsibilities may create a fear in your mind about marriage.

8. Limitation:

Are you ready to live in limitation, then there is no problem in getting married. Marriage limit your expectations and dreams. You have to learn the art of compromise to be successful in your marriage life. If you are able to all this then marriage is not a hard task for you.

If you are not limit your expectation, dreams, and goals and want to live life according to your own conditions than marriage is hard for you. After marriage, you face a lot of problems and feeling so much pain if you found that you are not fulfilling your goals.

9. Acceptance:

In this world no one is perfect, everyone doing some mistakes in their life. If you have no problem is ready to accept your spouse completely than marriage is for you. You have to accept your partner’s goods but also their bad.

And if you are not able to accept other mistakes and feel jealous and angry, then there is no doubt marriage life is going hard for you. You never feel happy from your marriage life, if you not learn the art of acceptance.

Why Is Marriage So Hard


After reading this now you have a good idea why is marriage so hard and if you want to make your marriage life successful, then you need to do work hard and ready to live for others with compromise your dreams.

You need to learn the art of giving and taking, the more hard work you do in your marriage life, the better result you expect. You have also learned a lot about how to love, respect, and accept each other completely.

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