How To Tell If A Married Woman Is Flirting With You Best 9+ Tips

How To Tell If A Married Woman Is Flirting With (4)


If you have no clue how to tell if a married woman is flirting with you and you not able to find the answer to why married women are flirting with you.

In today’s time, no one is like to reveal their feeling to someone is easy and it is a little bit hard in case of women to say how to tell if a married woman is flirting with you or not.

As a man you need to be more careful to find the clue that she is flirting with you, you have to identify some signs that really helps you make a better decision regarding married women.

Here you will find some tips which really help to understand how married women reveal her feelings and then you make a better decision on how to tell if a married woman is flirting with you, so can also make a relationship with her.

Signs how to tell if a married woman is flirting with you 

How To Tell If A Married Woman Is Flirting With

1. Eye Contact:

how to tell if a married woman is flirting with you? A woman’s love does not look away to man, when she is trying to flirt with you she will try to look at you and when you try to look at her, she keep her eyes away from you.

The reason behind why she looking at you it simply means she is interested in you to be flirt but not want that you know this.

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2. Attention:

If a woman gives you more attention from the first meeting, then its a very clear sign she is interested in you and also trying to flirt with you.

She gives you more attention than any other person and her body language and behavior are very different when she is talking with you.

3.Desire to touch you:

If a woman really is flirting then she has a desire to touch you. So for her physical contact is very essential for you, so you can also feel something for her.

No doubt a married woman is trying to touch you physically but behave like that all this happens accidentally and touching you is not her mistake because never want that you know that she is flirting with you.

4. Like you subconsciously:

When a married woman is interested in you then she subconsciously tries some acts which may seduce you or attract you towards her.

She tries to touch you, try to play with your hairs and sometimes comes very close to you and suddenly go away from you for a moment.

5. Smiling every time:

For grabbing your attention she is always smiling every time when you look at her and she tries to look more cheerful in your presence.

She always laughs at you most of the time without any reason because she directly or indirectly trying to show her sexuality and the reason behind this laughter is an orgasmic manifestation.

Somehow she only impress and attract you by your smiling, but she can’t say directly to you that she trying to impress you.

6. She dresses up for you:

If a married woman is really interested in you and in the first few meetings she starts dressing up differently, so you grab her attention.

She spends more time dressing and tries a different dress to impress you.

7. Ask you personal questions:

When someone asks you personal question then it simply means that the person is seriously interested in you and wants to more about you.

If a married women ask you a personal question, which you may be not able to answer in public and she also tries to ask you some emotional and know you phase your question.

And if you give an answer to all these questions, so later or sooner you also feel get attracted to woman.

8. Gives you a seductive look:

Women feel seductive when she attracted to a handsome person. She is more curious to grab your attention so she trying to give you seductive looks and smile whenever you see and talk to her.

When you are close to her she trying to show her sexuality by saying you something in a seductive voice when she talks to you she feels very relax and looks like you very badly.

9. Trying to spend more time with you:
It’s a natural fact that if you like someone you want to spend more time with that person.

If a married woman trying to spend more time with and not living you alone and whenever you trying to away from her, she gives you so many unwanted reasons so she is not able to go away from you.

She likes to spend more time with you, where ever you go, she is ready to interested to go with you.

10.Biting and licking her lips:

When women really feel for something very special for man and she dreaming about a man in her life and you know all this by looking at her face.

The reason behind why women behave like this because they image they bite or lick your lips and want to kiss you.

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Reasons Why Married Women Flirt:

Why Married Women Flirt

Now you get some idea how to tell if a married woman is flirting with you but do you ever think why married women flirt with you. What is the reason behind this, why a married woman is flirting with you?

Here you will find some main reason why married women flirt:

1. Dissatisfaction:
One of the biggest reasons why married women started flirting with a man is they can happy or satisfied with her husband or partner. They are feeling unhappy about her marriage life.

2.Want some fun:
Married women also flirt a man because she wants some fun in their life and feeling good when they talk about a different person.

The main motive behind this is flirting because they feel really boring in her present relationship and they want to make her life entertaining by flirting with another person.

3.Just for Experience:
There is always a desire of women, how they look like or feel after marriage and flirting with other men.

Their main motive is to just experience this new thing only and they never want a serious relationship with another man.

Conclusion :

Women are very complicated creatures made by God and they never like to reveal her emotions easily.

As a man, you need more attention to understand a married woman by her attention, body language, and behavior.

After reading this now you get a good idea of how to tell if a married woman is flirting with you or not.

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