How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage With 11 Best Tips

How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage

If you are unhappy in marriage and don’t understand how to survives in an unhappy marriage.

Unhappy marriage doesn’t mean that road of your relationship is ending.

Are you find yourself in a position where you find how to survive in an unhappy marriage.

To find the answer to this problem you have to ask a question first that why you are feeling unhappy in marriage.

What are the reasons and issues you are facing in your marriage life which feel your unhappy marriage?

Now here need to understand one thing every marriage has some problem but the major point is how you save your relationship and learn how to survive in an unhappy marriage.

Always remember don’t treat yourself as a victim of unhappy marriage because marriage conflicts are not always one-sided.

There are so many reasons for an unhappy marriage, but criticize each other is not a solution to this problem, instead of this you have to find the solution and way of regaining happiness in your marriage.

So if you face difficulty in how to survives in an unhappy marriage, here I am providing the best possible solution which really helps you o deals with how to survives in an unhappy marriage.

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How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage
Understand first there is a natural difference between you:

This is one of the major reasons why there is a difference in thinking of both of you while people living in marriage because you have to understand first there is a natural difference between you.

So it is obvious there is some clashes or misunderstanding happens between you.

There are so many differences like your thought process, mindset, and capability to adapt things.

So you have to focus on avoid the differences and work on together to solve the issue which really makes a reason to feels unhappy in your marriage life.


Try to Develop a Friendly Approach:

When you share something with your friends, they suggest the best solution to the problem.

But In case of marriage life, you are not so friendly with spouse and unable to share your feeling or problems you facing in a relationship.

If you really want to regain happiness in your marriage life, you start adopting a friendly behavior to your spouse, so that you can easily share things and issues.

As a friend together try something different which really helps you to lower the tension between you.

Never take a harsh decision during this time:

When you feeling unhappy in marriage, don not take a harsh decision during this time, otherwise your face big trouble in your marriage life.

You have to give some time to understand the reason behind your unhappy marriage, then wait for the right time to discuss with your spouse.

Don,t make any rash decision before analyzing all the facts, otherwise, your relationship going in a toxic direction because rash decisions are totally opposite to balanced decisions.

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How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage
Practice Self Compassion:

Marriage life is one of the most joy-full and fulfilling aspects of your life but it’s also full of some challenges.

In simple words, compassion is a feeling of deep sympathy with others suffering and feel motivated to resolve the suffering.

Compassion is all about empathy, emotions, and love. In the case practice of self-compassion, you have to increase the number of positive interactions no matter you are feeling unhappy in marriage life.

Without compassion, you never make a good bond with your spouse. If you practice self-compassion in relationships, you will regain happiness in your life.


Avoid criticizing each other:

Avoid negative thoughts while you are not feeling happy from marriage life and because of this it doesn’t mean that you criticizing each other.

Avoid yourself to get trapped in a negative cycle of thought because if negative thoughts come in your mind, you start blaming your partner.

If you blaming your partner for unhappy marriage life, it really hurts them, and its not a good sign of a healthy relationship.

Although criticism is very common in marriage but you have to avoid criticizing your partner.


Be honest and truthful:

As you know honesty is the best policy, no matter you are feeling unhappy in your life or not.

But one thing is very clear that if you are honest and trustful with your partner, later and sooner they realize that you are a right and true person, so there is a better chance that you regain your happiness in marriage life.

Without honest and truthful you never achieve the sage of happy marriage life.

One thing you have to keep in mind that you are always being true too with your word and communicate effectively without any fear.

If you follow all with confidence then you never looking for an answer to that question that how to survives in an unhappy marriage.

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How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage
Be supportive and always encourage your spouse:

Here is a big question of why you feel unhappy in your marriage life because you may not supportive and do not encourage your spouse, whether you understand their dreams and goals or not to achieve their goals.

If you encourage your partner, then your partner also shows interest in you and starts supporting you but first, you prove yourself that you are supportive and always encourage your spouse.

If you both support each other unconditionally, then you easily regain happiness and romance in your life.


Never forget to give compliment your partner:

Always appreciate your partner in your daily life, if you do on a regular basis then your partner starts trusting on you and you never feel unhappy again in your marriage life.

Your small efforts really work great for making your relationship stronger. let them know how you feel proud of them if they achieve any success.

So never forget to appreciate your partner, if you thankful for your partner then your partner is also feeling the same for you.

Try more romantic with your partner:

Unhappy in marriage is not a big issue if you deal it properly, during unhappy marriage time try to make a daily conversation pleasantry and talk on neutral, safe, and common topics, sop that you still talk effectively to each other.

Always put effort to be romantic with your partner, realize you, partner, that you never forget to love them, whatever the condition in their life.

If your romantic life is good then automatically your marriage is full of happiness. Show your partner no one in this world is love them as you do.

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How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage
Still follow your hobbies:

Never stop follow your hobbies which gives happiness no matter you are happy or unhappy in your marriage life.

If you still don’t have any hobby while you are unhappy in your marriage try to develop a new hobby like reading, writing, cooking or any other which really helps you to feel good.

You simply keep yourself busy on those things in which you easily spend your time happily and wait for the right time. So stay committed to your hobbies.

Detach from your partner:

While in unhappy marriage life, detach from your partner for sometimes to realize them your importance in their life.

Detach from your partner does not means you can’t talk to your partner and ignore them.

Here detach from your partner means that you still caring and ready to live with them but also show them you do not agree with them with some points and important decisions.

A good detachment really helps you to improve your marriage life, if you take it positively and there are better chances you rebuild trust and happiness in your marriage.

How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage
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