Why Does My Mom Hate Me 9 Reasons You Must Know

Why Does My Mom Hate Me

Mom supposed to a teacher, love, and protect their children but I never understand why does my mom hate me. A child never understands why does their mom hate them.

The feeling of why does my mom hate me is really bad, it really impacts you mentally and emotionally.

So here I am going to share with you some important which really helps you to understand why your mom hates you.

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You never interested to spend some quality time with mom:

As you know time is the most priceless thing you can gift to your mom, but you never try to spend some quality time with your mom.

You never understand her and never tried to know what she expects from you and how you fulfill them.

If you ignore her, this is really hurting them and this leads to anger and she starts hating you because you never spend quality time with her, so she feels connected to you.

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Why Does My Mom Hate Me

Not follow her suggestions:

Mother is the first teacher of their child and its a duty of every child that they follow her mother’s suggestions and teachings.

but what can she do if you do not follow her suggestions and teaching and this is a very painful moment for every mother that her children can’t listen to her.

If you really want your mother is not hating you, so you need to focus on how you fix your relationship with her.

You can’t discuss her clearly about future plans and dreams:

Every mother is very careful about the future of her children and she really wants to secure your future, but the problem is when you never share with your mom what you really want to achieve from life and what is your dreams?

So this is one of the main reasons why your mother hates you because every mother wants to secure her child’s future and wants a successful life of yours.

If you can’t know about your future dreams and goals it shows that you are not serious about your future and not ready to take any responsibility and every mother wants that to make her child responsible.

Your Bad habits:

This is one of the most important reasons why your mother hates you because you do not change your bad habits like smoking, drinking, and bad manners.

You never try to understand why she asks to change your bad habits, always you ignore her.

Your bad habits show that you are not serious about your life, you just wasting time with your friends.

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Why Does My Mom Hate Me

You never respect her:

Every mother wants her children to respect her and proud her name in society, but what to do when you always disrespect her in society because of your bad nature.

You always take her advice in the wrong way and never try to understand her emotions and always argue her.

You never focus on why your mother asking you like this, you just busy with your friends and other useless activities.


Self-esteem issues:

Because of your self-esteem behavior, you feel that everyone is judging you, so because of this you also feel that your mother is also judging you and not loves you.

Under self-esteem, you never trust everyone and doubt others that everyone hates you but the reality is different.

You have to change your thinking that everyone is against you and not loving you. This is just a small problem, so think positively about others and change your thinking.


Her actions feels unloving:

sometimes you feel that she hates you because of her actions. But you have to find the reason behind this why your mother is behaving like this.

Maybe she is suffering from mental illness or some type of stress, which really harms.So they not behave normally like other mothers.

Or maybe she has not enough time because of her busy work schedule and meetings and they have time management issues.

May she is not able to express your emotions with you and because of all these reasons you feel that why does my mom hates me but this is not the reality.

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Why Does My Mom Hate Me
Never help her and support her:

Your mom performs a lot of things in daily activities without your knowledge during managing a house but you never show interest to help and support in her work.

Everyone likes appreciation and do you remember when was the last time you help your mother and appreciate her.

You are very careless in maintaining your relationship with your mother and when she reacts to something you feel bad and thinking she is not loving me anymore.

She doesn’t know how you feel:

Have to share with your mom how you feel sometimes, you need to understand here that you have emotions and respect her.

Maybe she has busy in other works or giving time to your sibling but it doesn’t mean she ignores you.

You just wait for the right time and share your emotions with your mother that why I feel like this you not love me.


Why Does My Mom Hate Me

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