What Is Love- The Ultimate Guide Of Love (2021)

what is love
what is love

What is love, is everyone knows it? This is a big question. In this guide, you will understand the psychology of love and how love works.

The feeling of love is totally different. In this life, everyone dream of being in love, and they really want to feel it. How a person looks like while in love and how they treat others.

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What is love

Love is the most exciting words for us. Love is yet simple but very complex because its mean can be something different to anyone. Love is a very complex set of emotions, feeling of care, and a kind of possessiveness for someone.

Love is a very beautiful aspect of everyone’s life; it is the most intense feeling of attraction and desire to live with someone we care with adoration and passion.

There is no perfect definition of love, The meaning of love is a change from person to person and country to country. There might be a difference in the definition of love but the feeling of love is the same everywhere.

No Matter how love is painful but still it is a most beautiful emotion and part of everyone’s life.

Types Of Love:

Love is a very simple word but very complicated things. It has a different meaning and divergent types.

Love is a very beautiful emotion of human life; it can be changed over a period of time from person to person and place to place.

There are many types of love are found, people can feel mainly 8 types of love in a relationship:


types of love


1. Phillia Love: Phillia is a Greek Word which means Friendship. In simple words, it is a type of love that exists in between deep friendship.

It is also known as Affectionate Love or brotherly love. In this type of love, there is no romance, but both are attracted by the same thinking and values.

This type of love found between close friends.

2. Pragmatic love: It is also known as enduring love. This type of love develops during a period between couples by building trust and commitment.

Both required equal effort to survive this type of love. It helps to make a strong bond relationship with your partner.

3. Storge love: It is also known as familiar love. This type of found between children and parents or sometimes childhood friends.

This occurs naturally with your parents and those friends who are familiarly connected with you. This love makes a deeply emotional and long term connection with members. A person shows their gratitude to the people close to you.

4. Eros Love: It is also known as Romantic Love. This type of love is deeply Passionate about physical pleasure. Most couples are related to this category.

in this type of love physical touch, hugging, kissing are very common and a person is deeply playing with the body of a partner.

Your Body hormones play a very important role during performing this love.

5. Ludus Love: It is also known as Playful love.it is found in the starting period of marriage while intimate with a partner.

It is most common in young couples, this love is deeply connected with emotions.

6.Mania Love: It is also known as obsessive love. In this type of person, they are suffering from self-esteem, they have fear in them to lose their partner and this thing makes crazy.

This self-esteem and loss of fear lead them to imbalance their Eros and Ludus.

7. Philautia Love: It is also known as self-love. It is a self-compassion love towards oneself. The simple philosophy behind this you cannot understand the truth until you love yourself.

In Phiautia a person loves and cares for themselves the same as parents care for their children.

8. Agape Love: It is also known as self-less love. An empathetic attitude of love for everyone and anyone is developed.

Agape shows without any condition in any situation.its not about any physical interaction it’s all about feeling. In this, your spirit is dedicated to serving others’ live.

Why Love Matters

Love is not a single moment of someone’s life but it is a very constant process during the whole life of a person. It starts with attraction, Passion, Commitment, Marriage, Responsibilities, Devotion, and duties.

Love is a very essential part of everyone’s life, it not only controls our life relationship but also play a very important role in our body and mind development.

Love is indirectly proportional to happiness in our life, without an emotion of love we never feel or understanding the meaning of happiness.


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How would you define love?

Define your love

Love is easy to understand but a little hard to define. There is a very fine line of difference between Love and lust.

If anyone wants to show their true love to someone, they need main three things dedication, passion, and consistent performance.

There are 5 main areas which help us to define and show our love to someone.

These areas as follow:

a. Word of affirmation

b. Physical touch

c. Acts Of Service

d. Gifts

e. Quality Time

Defining your love is not an easy task but with the help of these 5 ingredients, anyone can show their love. e.g It can be any type by showing their commitment to someone or with word of affirmation, physical touch to your partner, Gifts to friends or relatives, Quality time with your family, Honestly Act your services for your country.these are an example of showing or defining love.

How love begins and how love works

There is much debate that happens on this topic on how love begins and how love works. Love may differ from human to human and tradition to tradition.

All you read the third law of Energy in physics during your school time. Energy is neither created or nor destroyed but it can be transferred from one place to another.
The same rule of energy applies to Love. Love is never created or nor destroyed.

Love always starts as a dream, like everything is fine, perfect, and full of happiness. You find Your soulmate and nothing bad will happen.

Love always begins with attraction.simply love is a state of the human mind at different stages of life.

Our expectations play a very important role in the love mechanism. It’s a human psychology everyone wants instant gratification, most people didn’t care about other expectations they only care about their expectations only. When their expectations are not fulfilled their love will fade away and this is today reality.

Now you understand why I compare to love as the third law of energy, because in this present time our expectations are very important than love, no matter what will happen.


What are some amazing facts about love?

facts about love

1. It hardly takes up to 4 minutes to decide whether you like someone or not.

2. Hugging your soul mate instantly removes all your stress.

3. Your nerve cell performing better during the first year of your love and your brain works amazingly.

4. Love literally makes you crazy and passionate about your partner.

5. Men fall in love faster in comparison to women.

6. Love helps you tune up with emotions and make you more empathetic.

7. Lust and Love both present in your brain at the same time.

8. Nowadays Online Dating actually works.

9. Testosterone is responsible for desire and aggressive behavior in both male and female,

10. Origin of love word comes from the Sanskrit language which simply means is “desire”.

What is a girl’s psychology behind love?

girl's psychology behind love

1. Women need more time to make decisions in comparison to men in case of love and once they satisfied they are more likely to stick to it.

2. Around 70% of women use silence to express their pain.

3. Before marriage every girl thinks about their partner will he make a good husband or not.

4. Most women test guys constantly with different points of view and then move on the further relationship.

5. Women prefer bad guys and away from good guys.

6. Women are so sensitive they prefer respect than love.

7. For women, Sex is only a small part of love, Because they enjoy more sex emotionally in comparison to males.

8. Women prefer as a partner to mature men in comparison with immature men.

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What is men’s psychology behind love?

men's psychology behind love

1. Most men fall in love faster than women. They think with the heart not use their mind.

2. Men who fall in love prefer to speak I Love You First in most of the cases.

3. Every man wants to reduce complexity in their lives so that they will keep the focus on their partner.

4. Men give more importance to the looks of women before starting any relationship with women. Men focus on women’s appearances especially their voice, face, waist, and hip ratio.

5. The men who truly love their partner only keep eyes on them, not facing other women.

6. Men feel less physical pain in comparison to women.

7. For men, Sex is most important for proving love, because they enjoy love as physically in comparison to emotionally.

8. Men always prefer immature women as a love partner.


What is perfect love?

What is perfect love

There is no perfect definition of perfect love but simply love has the power to inspire and lighting your heart full of happiness.

Perfect love is cast out of fear. when a person having true love they try to make it perfect with their trust, commitment, passion, dedication, and power of respect for their partner.

Perfect love is away from any expectations with your partner and while in true love only care and commitment is the only priority.No other things matter between them. It’s just like a love of parents for their children.

How do you know when someone really loves you?

There is no hard and fast rule to identify that someone loves you. Sometimes it’s hard to understand a person around you love you or not. But there is few sign or things which helps you to identify if someone really loves you.

1. Listen to your opinion: If someones love you they want to hear your opinion most of the time.

2. Respect your privacy: They respect your privacy and allow personal space whenever you want.

3. Spend more time with you: If someone loves you they will try to spend more time with you.

4. Make eye content with you: If someone always tries to look at you and try to connect eye contact with you.

5. Make you feel comfortable: Even in a hard time if someone tries to make you comfortable and try to fix your problem anyhow.

6. Gives you priority then any other thing: If someone gives you the most priority, and always ready to join you anytime, surely they love you.

7. Know Your Future Planning: You have to notice carefully if someone talks about your future goals and convince you to do it together.

8. Introduce with their family: if someone tries to introduce you with their family, its high chance that they want to start a serious relationship with you.

9. Always Try Care you: What a moment it will be, they always try to care for you and try to make you happy.

10. Always try to best thing for you: Notice You carefully with passion and always try to provide the best things for you.


Why is love so complex?

Love Is so Complex

At the beginning of love, every lover thinks that their love is different from all others which have odd experiences in the past but later they realize, their love is also going complex and they can’t have a true feeling of love.

The biggest reason why love looks so complicated, after some time because, in the beginning, people do not differentiate between love and attraction. They can’t understand it is love or lust.

There are following reasons which may be a clear idea to you why love is so complex:

1. Relationship anxiety: People feel very insecure about their love and relationship. They have fear in mind how they manage their relationship and sooner or later they hope courage and give up their love can’t survive.

2. Lose feeling of love: In the beginning, loves looks very attractive but later couples do not really feel the love. They feel bored and can’t understand what they do.

3. Lack of Patience and Commitment: This is one of the main reason behind why loves feel so complex because in the beginning we make promises with our partner but later we are going to fulfill. You are failing from your commitment.

4. Lose your trust: When you lose your trust from your partner, then nothing is left there. If you do not trust your partner, your partner also doing the same behavior.

5. Use of Technology: In today’s time misuse of technology also leads towards making your love complicated. If you’re over judge your partner by using technology, this is not a good thing.

These are all might be some good reasons why love is so complicated, if you really want your love successful, you will overcome all these things.


a. Love Vs In Love

1. When You say I love it simply means you talk about someone or something you love it may be any place, person, or thing. E.g House, your job, your dog, Place, etc.

2. It is a situation you will replace your choice to choose a thing.

In Love:
1. When you say I am in love it simply means that you give your heart to someone and always passionate about it.

2. It is a situation in which you think you will incomplete without your life partner. The feeling and passion of In Love are connected with Romance.

Love comaprison

b. Love Vs Infatuation:
Many people can’t make a difference between Love and Infatuation.

Love is all about pure feeling without any physical attraction. You care about other feelings and respect them. Love makes you feel complete and you feel happy.

Love makes you patient, while in love you not care about your expectations. Love connects you with emotions and commitment.

Infatuation is all about physical attraction. When you look someone the first time and you want to meet them anyhow even the person is interested to talk with you or not. They believe that they are in love with that person but the reality is totally different.

In Infatuation you not committed to anything, you are very excited but not really happy and you become impatient with things. You don’t care about others feeling.


All humans are products of love, love does not exist outside of you. Love is neither created or nor destroyed it is a gift of God. Love is a constant process of life.

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13. Love FAQs

A. How do you know if you’re in love?

1. When you are in love you always thinking about your partner.

2. You are always high and passionate with a positive attitude.

3. You always in a happy mood and also try to make them happy.

4. The most important symbol of love that you are always feeling new and exciting.

5. When you are in love with someone you always thinking about your future with your partner.

6. Your mind and bodywork in a very amazing way while in love.

7. You are seriously thinking about your life with your partner and try to be a responsible person.

8. Feeling always good while a person with you most of the time.

B. How to love yourself

If you never know how to love yourself, it becomes difficult to love others and you always facing problems to make a good relationship with others. To fix this problem you need to love yourself first.

Self-acceptance is very important to everyone’s life because if you love yourself it simply means you accept yourself in your life and what behavior you want from others, you need to perform the same behavior and good things with others.

And if you self respects yourself first, then you easily get respect and love from others. Self-acceptance makes your life easier, we all are humans if you accept yourself with so many defect in you. You also have to accept other humans with their defects.

If you really want to love yourself you need to away from negative thoughts, always think positively in any situation, and always reward yourself after a short success. These all things clear your path towards achieving your goal of self-acceptance and love.


C. Does true love exist?

Does true love exist

Most people doubt this question does true love really exist because of their past some bad experiences from which they have gone through.

Many people do not agree on this point that true love exists, I don’t know whatever your answer is but the reality is true love really exists in our life but the sad part of this it’s hardly found.

If someone cares about you not only in good times but never left you during your hard time and try to make you happy at any cost, this shows true love. But very few persons kept this promise to someone otherwise most people will fail, they left you during your hard time.

There is only one thing by which we increase our chance to found true love easily that we can’t expect anything from others because our expectations make our relationship toxic and after some time the love is fade away. There is no value of true love if our expectations are high and you only think about yourself.

Our parents never expect from their child, they believe in giving not taking things. If you really want to convert your love into true love, you have to respect your partner’s expectations first.


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D. What is the most disturbing truth about love?

1. In today’s period people searching for true love but very few find their true love.

2. Nowadays people don’t understand the meaning of love, mostly understand if their expectations will fulfill they found their love.

3. During love, you make someone your top priority and waste your valuable time and respect.

4. Most of the time you do not focus on your goals because you always think about your love.

5. 10 out of 8 persons are not getting success in their love.

6. Nowadays people want instant gratification, they lose patience and take wrong steps while achieving their love without knowing the output of their action.

7. Break Up is very common nowadays. People are now very selfish.

8. People have a lack of emotions because of their practical approach, they forget that love is not a part of any practical instead of love is another name of feeling, emotions, and care.

9. People get bored after some time with their partner because they have a lack of trust in their relationship.

10. Your life is not really yours while you are in love. You will lose an important time in your life if your love is not successful.

E. What does a love knot mean?

What is love knot

A knot is a symbol of binding. It is just like a bond between two things. It represents your commitment to your love with your life partner.

The love knot is also known as many names like lover knot, true love’s knot, or marriage knot.

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