Love Bite ( Hickey): Know All About Love Bite

Love bite (hickey) is a bruise also known as black or blue mark mainly found in the area of neck or arm while kissing and sucking.

During love bite the skin tissue damage and blood pools in that area so it causes a black and blue mark around the skin or looks like blood clout. This is temporary discoloration simply known as hyperpigmentation.

love bites are good to give and receive while lovemaking. Most couples take love bite as fun and they take love bite during love when they are very passionate and can’t control their love emotions.

1. What are the types of love bite (hickey)?

Types of love bite

When couples making love they performing several activities and love bite is also one of them. According to Kamasutra, there are main 8 types of love bites.

It is the simplest form of bite also known as a hidden bite.

A bite is taken in the lower lip of a person.

It is a very discreet bite so It can’t leave any mark.

2. Uchhunaka: It is also known as a swollen bite.

The bite has taken around the erogenous part of the ear. Sometimes its also made on left cheeks.

It leaves a faint mark on the body part.

3. Bindu: it is also known as point bite or ornamental bite.

Besides ear and cheeks, it also performs on the forehead.

It leaves a very tiny mark over the skin.

4. Bindu mala: it is also known as the line of points.

kissing and sucking all over the body mainly in a loop that makes a line of points.

It also leaves a very tiny mark in a series.

5.Pravalmani: It is also known as a coral bite.

in this type of bite, we use upper leaves a mark as a coral or ornamental shape.

6. Mani mala: it is also known as the line of jewels.

it is the same as Bindu mala but we bite twice in the same place.

This mainly performing around the back neck to the hip part.

it also leaves a mark in a series or form of neckless.

7. Khandabhrakas: it is also known as a broken cloud bite.

It is majorly performed around the breast area, the bite is lightly and widely placed.

It leaves marks that look like a cloud.

8. Varaha charvita: It is also known as the biting of the boar.

You bite by using your upper teeth to make an ornamental shape.

These bites are much similar to cloud bite but they are redder in the center.

This bite performing in great excitement. It also leaves marks dark and harder than cloud marks.


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2. How to Give the Perfect Love Bite (hickey)?


Perfect Love Bite

Love bites are most trending in among teens, they have a lot of curiosity about love bite but they have no idea about how to give the perfect love bite to their partner.

Here are a few tips which really help you to make a perfect love bite while making love.

1. Find a comfortable place: If you really want to enjoy a love bite, firstly you need a place where you and your partner feel comfortable. Then you really enjoy love bite or hickey.

2. Ask permission: since you have to know the idea about how your partner feels during a love bite so you need to ask and talk once before making love bite.

3. Try to get in the mood: Don’t dive directly into a love bite before this you have to kiss and touch your partner to get in the mood. When you get in the mood then go for a love bite.

4. Choose your position: While performing a love bite you need to decide on which part of the body you perform love bite like neck or any other part. Then you start with a soft start.

5. Use your lips: keep one thing in mind use your lips and avoid the use of teeth otherwise, it creates a problem to your partner.

6. It’s time to take action: After targeting the body part where you want to give love bite, its time to take action, you bite your partner in a soft manner around 15-20 second cycle and also continue kissing and sucking them.


3. Things To Keep In Mind Before Giving A Love Bite To Your Partner


Things Before love bite

A love bite is the most passionate feeling while making love but sometimes love bites are embarrassing, so before making love bite you have to keep few things in your mind, which really helps you to avoid any mistakes.

1. Don’t start with love Bite:
Never start love bite too early, firstly you need to get in the mood and create some atmosphere by kissing each other.

2. Take permission: You have to convince your partner for a love bite, you have to check whether they are comfortable for this or not.

3. Avoid using your teeth: before making love bite, you have to avoid your teeth and use your lips as much as possible, because if you use your teeth it will ruin your love bite.

4. Suck well: if you really want to enjoy a love bite, firstly you have to suk your partner in a very decent manner around 15-20 seconds cycle. This thing really passionate both of you.

5. Don’t try too hard: Don’t try too hard while making love bite otherwise, it creates big trouble for you. If you try hard to bite your partner, the skin may be damaged badly, so you need to avoid it.

After some time while a love bites if your body can’t take permission to perform it, don’t try.

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Facts about love bite

4. Surprising fact About Love Bites Or Hickeys

1. Considered as most common Sex injuries: if you are not caring about love bite it may convert in serious sex injury.

2. Dreaming of love bite (hicking):
if you really dreaming of a love bite during the relationship, it’s a sign of a toxic relationship, because sometimes people take a love bite as a weapon of revenge.

3. Historical Fact: Tradition of love bite is not new it’s a very old way of making love, in the historical book Kamasutra 8 types of love bites are mentioning theirs.

4. Love bite invite stroke: Love bite may cause strokes, if you are not serious about love bite precautions, then It may be a danger for you because sometimes a blood clot makes a reason of stroke.

5. Cause oral herpes: Sometimes love bite may cause oral herpes, so remember this thing while sucking and kissing to each other.

6. Found in Animal kingdom: Love bite or hickey is not limited to humans but also it is most commonly found in animals.

7. Not good for low iron deficiency people: People who lack iron deficiency get most suffered from a love bite.

8. Love bite (hickey) can hurt: sometimes love bite hurts you so much because where love bite is performing are very soft or sensitive parts of the body.

9. No instant cure of love bite (hickey): There is no instant cure of love bite is found but you may try different traditional remedies.
10. leave a scar: If the sign of love bite takes a longer time to cure then it may be changed in a scar.


5.Why love bites are given


why love bite

1. love bites ( hickey) is now considered as one of the symbols of wild love and sex.

2. Most people represent love bite as a symbol of commitment, if they make love bite with their partner, it simply means both are committed to each other.

3. Mostly teens think that if they mark love bite to their partner, it shows their territory.

4. The practice of most love bite is most common in couples but friends also trying.

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6. How to hide or remove love bite (hickey) Instantly


Remove love bite


1. Chill Out or apply ice to love bite (hickey): As soon as you placing an ice pack on love bite around 10-20 minutes, your blood clot or swelling will remove quickly.

2. Heat Up or place heat on your love bite: If your hickey will not heal after 2 days then you apply heat over it by using little warm water with the help of soaking cloth.

By applying heat really helps you to recirculate your blood into the cells and your skin gets normal.

3. Apply Aloe vera: You can also use aloe vera for your hickey treatment. Alovera is a natural moisturizer that really helps to heal your love bites.

Apply twice a day around 5-10 minutes until you are not healing.

4. Use ginger: Do some small pieces of ginger and apply it on love bite pace, you will soon get benefited.

5. Use smart makeup: By using small makeup like foundation, you can hide your hickey easily.

6. Vitamin C and nutrients: You can also take vitamin C which helps fix your love bites quickly with doctor recommendation.


7. What does it mean if a guy gives you a love bite


 love bite for man

1. For his pleasure: For some guys love bite gives him the most pleasure while making love, so they are habitual of making love bite.

2. Wants to Experience: The human mind is very curious about anything. If we hear any new thing or the thing we never try, we need to experiment it once. So most of the guys try it at once as an experiment or gaining experiment.

3. Treat as a symbol of commitment: Mostly guys taka as a love bite as a commitment, if their partner is ready for love bite they thought their partner is committed for him.

4. For fun during love or sex: Man tries to take love bite as a fun, they thought if they make love bite with a partner, they make a wild sex relation with her.

8. Love Bite Dream Meaning


love bite dreaming

If you saw a dream of love bite it simply means you are directly or indirectly attracted to your partner to bite. Your desire of making love bite is still found in your subconscious mind and this thing rapidly disturbed you until you make it on reality.

So you need to express your love and passion to your partner and make a perfect love bite with them.

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