Marriage: Ultimate Guide Of Marriage Building a Strong Foundation, Improving Communication, and Strengthening Trust

what is marriage all about

Marriage is the most beautiful part of everyone’s life. Everyone wants a life partner who loved them and lives forever. Marriage is a legal and social union between two people, in which they become partners for line and typically recognized by law. There is no doubt it is bound with
significant commitment and a crucial part of many people’s lives.

What is marriage all about?

 marriage is all about

Marriage is all about the mutual agreement between two people for live together, with the promise of sharing everything.

Under this agreement, both people connected emotionally, legally, and economically.

Marriage is all about sharing love, happiness, sorrow, trust, sacrifice, caring for each other.

There is no absolute definition of marriage. It’s differing from culture to culture and people to people. Marriage is also known as matrimony and wedlock.

What is the purpose of marriage?

Purpose of marriage

Marriage provides stability: The most important purpose why people get married, they marriage because marriage provides you emotional and physical stability in your life.

Help to build society: Marriage helps you build family, a family makes society, and society makes a country. Marriage provides new life to the country.

Experience You the Love: Without being marriage you never know the real meaning of love and relationship.

Give a way of living life: Without marriage, your life becomes boring because you never know exactly how you spent your life. Marriage gives you a way of living life with your partner.

Parenting: Being a parent is the most beautiful part of everyone’s life and it is a great gift of God. Parenting Experience comes with you only after marriage.

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Types of marriage?

Types of marriage

Convenience Marriage: People make this type of marriage because of their selfishness or to full fill their personal expectations. Mutual understanding in Convenience Marriage is not found.

There is no place of love, intimacy, and emotion, instead of fulfilling their personal wishes or another practical reason is the primary goal.

Abusive marriage: In this type of marriage where you are psychologically, sexually, physically, and emotionally abuse by your partner to achieve power and control over you.

No One wants this type of relationship if someone gets into this their life is not going easy and it’s a little complicated to get out of this thing.

Status Marriage: In this type of marital status and money is the primary goal. There is no place of love and emotion.

People married for their social pride or status in society.

Invisible Spouse Marriage: In this type of marriage a person feels unimportant and insignificant because of their partner.

Your partner did not give you enough time because of office work and outdoor activities. You feel insecure and painful condition and it really hurts you, if your partner has no time for you. Life feels quite boring.

Enduring Marriage: This type of marriage is everyone’s dream in their life because this type of marriage going life long.

Enduring marriage does not happen suddenly, you have to prove yourself for this by showing your hard work, passion, commitment, and love before marriage.

As a partner, you have to build your trust and support your partner unconditionally.


Reasons why people marry?

Why people marriage

Marriage is a very essential part of human life because marriage is a great institution made by God. Marriage gives a reason to spend life with love and relationship.

There is the following reason which helps you to figure out why marriage is important and why people marry:

Social security: Only marriage can provide you social security and validate your love and relationship with your partner. Marriage gives you the freedom to live with your partner happily.

Get Respect from society: If you are married your relationship got respect in society otherwise without marriage society not give respect to your love.

Provide support and growth: As we know human is a social animal, we can’t live alone or out of society. For these people get married and support each other, physically, mentally, and financially.
Life is not a cup of cake it is full of many ups and downs. For this, you always need the support of your partner.

Understand the value of sacrifice and Commitment: If you really someone you will do anything to make your partner happy. Without any doubt will you ready for any sacrifice and commitment.

Provide stability: Marriage provides stability in your life, without marriage it is very difficult to be stable, your mind is diverting you in different ways and you are not much focused on your goal and life.

A married person is calmer and motivated in comparison to an unmarried person. So this shows how marriage life is important for getting success in your life.

Provide you a better chance to understand your love: Marriage gives you a better way of understanding your love. If you will be married then you deeply understand your partner’s feelings and emotion.

What does marriage mean to you?

 marriage means to you

There is not a perfect answer to this question because it’s a general question. Its answer is different from person to person on the basis of their expectations and experiences.

Most people consider it just a matter of living with another person, whom you share all your things like your feeling, happiness, sorrow, and everything which makes you happy.

Some may be considering marriage is a very beautiful part of life, for some, it’s a way of overcoming from separateness.

For many people marriage is just like a commitment with another person, to support them and make a healthy life long relationship.

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What are the 10 most important things in a marriage?

important things in marriage

Trust and Honesty: It’s a primary need of every marriage that you trust on your partner and honestly make feel them the true feeling of love. Without trust and honesty, there is no means of any relationship or marriage.

Communication: Communication is key to your successful relationship. Without communication no relation is survived, the better you communicate with your partner, your chances of a successful marriage are high.

Respect: This is also one of the most important things in a marriage or any relationship if you respect the feeling and thoughts of your partner, then definitely your partner also respect you.

Commitment and hard work: Commitment and hard work are the backbones of your marriage. If you are not committed to your partner, you never love them truly. If you make any commitment with your partner make sure anyhow you have to do it with hard work.

Love: Without love in your marriage, your relationship feels boring. So it’s your duty deeply love your partner and share all types of emotions between us.

Quality time: Quality time is a need for marriage. If you really want to look at your partner happy, whenever possible, you spent quality time with them.

Acceptance and Forgiveness: If you really love your partner, you have to accept them completely with their good or bads.

These things make a big change in your marriage. If sometimes your partner doing any mistake you have to forgive them.

Unconditional Support: In this world, only your partner loves you most, so it’s your responsibility you also love and support them unconditionally.

Appreciation: If you will really want to succeed in your marriage, always appreciate your partner for their good work. This small thing makes a big impact on your partner’s personality.

Show your love: whenever possible always try to show your love to your partner, offer kiss and hugs to each other. This makes your marriage experience better than ever.

Common Marriage Problems Faced by Married Couples

Common Marriage Problems

No doubt marriage is the greatest gift of god. It is a very sweet part of life. Marriage is connected to both of you with fun, happiness, and romance but also connected to you with a lot of responsibilities and challenges.

Now I am describing major common problems faced by married couples nowadays:

Lack of communication: This is the most common problem faced by married couples if they have any problem they do not feel comfortable sharing with their partner because they have a fear in mind if they speak their problem to them maybe their relationship harm.

Financial issue: Financial issue greatly impacts your marriage even you madly love to each other. This is the main reason for today’s fighting and split up.

Romance Fade Away: In the beginning stage of marriage, couples are very passionate about love and romance, but later they lost the feeling of love and no romance is remaining between us.

Intimacy issue: Everyone’s want to intimate with their partner but what happens if you facing a lot of problem while intimacy.

Many people have faced a lot of problems while having intimate with their partner, mentally and psychologically they are not ready to intimate.

Sexual Issue: More than 50 % of couples facing this type of issue. Their body hormones do not work properly and this thing greatly affected their marriage life.

Stress: It is the most common problem nowadays couples face in their relationship because of office work and outer activities they can’t focus on their partner. This all leads to stress and also impacted health.

Overuse of technology and social media: The use of technology and social media away from the real feeling of love. People are more practical nowadays they are busier on mobile and have no time to talk personally face to face each other.

Anger issue: Because of stress and work pressure people are not calm and happy, soon they lose patience and get hyper on small things.

Anger really spoils your married life if you do not control it at the right time.

Selfish Behavior or Self-expectations: It is not a big issue but sometimes it creates a lot of problems in marriage life. Selfish behavior seriously hurt your partner.

Childcare issues: As parent couples have full responsibility for their child, parents are not giving to much time to their children because of work pressure and other things. This really impacts the relationship between children and parents.

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What are the signs of a toxic marriage?

signs of a toxic marriage

A successful marriage requires a lot of effort and commitment, along with trust and love but what happens if you are not feeling happy from your marriage life.

Here are some reasons which indicate that your marriage may be toxic:

Abuse you: Abuse is not badly impacted marriage life but also hurt you mentally or physically. If your partner consistently abusing you, its simple means your marriage life in toxic mode.

 Continue Cheats You: If your partner is repeatedly cheating you and lying to you about their affairs and disrespect your marriage life.

 Drug addiction: If your partner is drug-addicted and incapable of taking your responsibility. Always hyper on you without any cause. This is a very critical situation for you.

 Trying to control your life: If your partner always trying to control you and doubt your character. This situation shows a lack of trust in your marriage life.

Avoid you and talk with disrespect: If your partner avoids you publically and talks with disrespect, it shows your marriage life is suffering hard.

Always Fighting: If you always Fighting with each other on small things, this really puts your marriage life in danger.

Why do people cheat?

marriage -Why people cheat

 Instant Gratification: When people are habitual of instant gratification, they can’t care about anything. They only care about the selfish goal, when they achieve their task, they didn’t care about other people.

Lack of trust: When both have a lack of trust in their relationship, people start cheating with each other.

Not Feeling happy at home: When a person is not feeling happy at home and also not feeling supported by their partner. They start doing things outside the home which makes them happy.

Relationship Anxiety: Sometimes a person has fear in their mind about their relationship, they unable to perform this relationship longer. So they tried to away from the relationship.

 Angry or Revenge: Sometimes people come to you and try to show that they love you but later after creating a relation with you they fade away. They do all these things to take revenge with you.

Love is fade out: When a person realizes that is no love left between us, they try to keep away themselves.

How to spice up your marriage?

spice up your marriage

Never bound to share your desire: If really want to spice up your marriage life, for this you never bound to share your desire with your partner and you also try to know what’s your partner desire.

Plan your future together: It is one of the most effective ways to spice up your marriage life. Plan and think about what will we do and where we will go after next month, next year 5 or 10 years. This thing deeply connected you and you work hard to achieve things.

Try to do something new: You have to try new things with your partner not only inside but also outside. Try to cook food together and share your new thoughts about how they feel with them.

Don’t hesitate to flirt in public: after some time of marriage, couples forget flirting. So if you really want to spice up your life, restart flirting with your partner in public and surprise them. Offer kisses and hugs to your partner.

Holding hands: whenever you going outside, try to hold the hand of your partner, this type of physical touch really good place to boost your relationship.

Pray together in front of God: This is a very small thing but its effect is very big in your life if you pray together and ask God for good realtionship.this thing really connects both of you emotionally.

Forgive easily: No one wants to make mistakes, but sometimes it happens without any reason, So if you hurt by any mistake of your partner. Talk and forgive them because if you take these small things in your mind and not talk with your partner, it really spoils your relation.

Have sex: whenever you have a desire for sex, don’t stop yourself. Have sex with your partner and spice up your marriage life.


What is marriage in the Bible?

marriage in the Bible
As Christians it very important to focus on the purpose of marriage. The Bible guides us and encourages us on how to follow marriage and good relations.
According to the bible God gives us clear information, what is marriage about It is a union of two-person men and women who live together and make a lifelong lovely relationship.

As per Bible marriage is all about making the relationship between men and women become one flesh, how women trust their partner and how men sacrifice for his wife and how mortal life is sharing between husband and wife.

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What are the hardest years of marriage?

hardest years of marriage

Up and downs is the part of life everyone but when we talk about marriage, the first year is the hardest year of marriage.

Couples have no idea about how they manage things like finance, management, work, and love. Many couples have a lack of confidence there is more time needed for each other. Most of the time couples struggling with how to make their love successful.

Most couples assume from their partner that their partner is doing all the without any talk but it’s not right. You have to set good communication with your partner and talk to them about what both wants and how we manage things.

How to fix a broken marriage?

fix a broken marriage

Marriage is not like a fairy tale, sometimes friction also comes in marriage you always need a positive attitude to deal with friction.

A successful marriage requires a lot of hard work, commitment, trust, and love. Both couples required a good understanding of them.

if you are not honest with your partner then it may be big trouble for your marriage life, your relationship going to be broken.

Many couples really want to fix their broken marriage but they have no idea how to deal with it. If you face the same problem and also want to fix your broken marriage. then you carefully follow some steps:

Make a list: You have to make a list of all the things that you think ios not going right in your marriage. Rethinking about it and discuss with your partner in a polite manner and focus on your future.

Listen carefully: You have to listen carefully to what your partner wants from you and make them confident about our relationship.

Say Sorry: If you are really serious about fixing your broken marriage, You have to say sorry to your partner if you have done any mistake and realize them how much you love them.

Change your point of view: You have to change your perception of your partner because no one is perfect in this world. You have completely accepted them without any worry and support them honestly.

Learning from past experience: Both you have learned from your past experience, and remember not to try to commit a mistake again which really harms your married life.

Be Honest: Always try to be honest with your partner and whatever commitment you do, try to deliver on time, and never hesitate to show love with your partner.

What’s the most disturbing truth about marriage?

truth about marriage

Marriage is not a fairy Tale: Marriage is not like a fairy tale, its come up with many ups and downs. Sometimes people are suffering very hard to save their marriage life.

Marriage doesn’t assure you about unconditional love: Most people think that if they got married, there love is successful but the reality is different.

In most of the cases, people lose their interest in love after some time in a relationship. For maintaining your love, you always need a consistent effort.

Marriage is all about Compromise: After marriage, people make a habit of compromise because if you do not compromise with your partner your marriage is not going smooth and you have to face many problems.

So marriage is all about compromise. Without It, there is no chance of a successful relationship.

A marriage fails because of Money: In today’s time most of the marriage break up is happened because of Money. Most people are facing the financial issue and they are unable to perform their responsibilities on time.

Mariage is complex in nature: there is no hard and fast rule of have to deal with from your own.

It’s your full responsibility on how to react with any situation, no book will guide you what is wrong or what is right? That’s why Marriage is complex in nature.

Signs of an Abusive Wife and How to Deal with It.

marriage - Signs of an Abusive Wife

Most people thought that women are facing abusive marriage life but now the trends change a man is also face abusive things from their wife. So now we understand how abusive women looks like.

Abuse you publically: If your wife tries to humiliate and abuse you in public or in front of friends and society. It really shows the abusive nature of your wife.

 Try to control you: If your wife tries to control you, her behavior is totally changing and always keep eyes on you, how much you spend money, whom to meet, what to eat or whatnot. This is a big concern.

Violence: If your wife tries to hit and kick you and you can’t positively respond, it shows that you’re in an oppressive relationship.

Fight without any reason: Does your wife consistently fight without any reason and feel very jealous of small things. If she does not properly talk with you and ignore you, this means she really wants to away from this marriage.

 Make false allegation and threaten you: What happens when your wife trying to isolate you in society and make the wrong allegation without any cause.
She always tries to threaten you to leave you and emotionally blackmail you.

Now you understand how abusive women look like, so if you are facing this kind of problem, you should quit from the relation as soon as possible.


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