Cute Things To Say To Your Crush,Feel Them Special

Cute Things To Say To Your Crush

Cute things to say to your crush are not easy in the begging because your mind is stuck, your attention is totally around us and you have no idea about how to talk with your crush and how to start a conversation so your crush also take interest in you.

Crush is not exactly your love because in the starting it considered as your infatuation for another person whom you really don’t know.

So in this article, you know how to say cute things with your cruse and make a good impression.


Cute Things To Say To Your Crush


Cute Things To Say To Your Crush

1. I cannot offer you a World. You deserve it but I can promise to offer my world.

2. You are my most wonderful trip partner in my life.

3. We are ideal for each other, just like when sugar is mix with milk.

4. I did not know what good karmas I did in the past, so I get you in my life.

5. I hope in this life you get all things easily whatever you want and God gives me a chance to be part of your life, so I help you to make things easy for you.

6. I never want anything from my life except you, because you are my life.

7. Wherever you are, I always thought about you.

8. My life’s most beautiful time is when I found near about you.

9. My life is like hell before I met you.

10. There is a desire in my heart, which always want you at any cost.

11. The first time in my life, when I saw your face, I fell in love.

12. When I am with you I feel like I am the happiest person in the world.

13. I feel I away from my breath when you are away from me.

14. You are one, whom I only wanted in my life.

15. Every time I feel my dream come true when I got a chance to meet with you.

16. You are the only one who stolen my everything.

17. I always miss you, I can’t live without you.

18. Your kiss is my best birthday gift if It is possible.

19. Thanks for accepting and loving me.

20. When every time I saw you I feel Goosebumps in my stomach.

21. You are the only hope and sunshine in my life.

22. I always want to start every day with you.

23. Every morning when I open my eyes I really want to saw your face first.

24. I always feel confident when you near me.

25. I can’t understand you how much you keep importance in my life.

26. Every sunrise I always wanted to see with you.

27. Every night I dreaming about you.

28. Every day when I think about my future, I always found you in my future.

28. I can’t think anything without you, my mind always thinks about you.

29. You are my whole universe because you are my everything.

30. You are the biggest gift in life.

31. I can’t survive without you, my breaths are away from me when you are not near me.

32. I fade all things every time when I saw your smile.

33. Every time I saw you my heart is pumping fast and I feel crazy for you.

34. the most beautiful story in my life is our love story.

35. Your love has only a reason to live my life.

36. Every time I failed, when I tried to away from you.

37. it’s impossible for me to forget you.

38. Your happiness is the most valuable thing in my life.

39. I never want to keep away from my eyes.


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40. I can do anything to live with you.

41. I want to hold you in my arm and never let you go.

42. Every day I found I feel deep love with you.

43. In my every dream, I always found you.

44. Every night I feel I slept with you, I really feel more attracted towards you.

45. For me, you are the only perfect person in the whole universe.

46. It was the best decision of my life when I fell in love with you.

47. I never want to say goodbye in my life.

48. I feel so connected with me when you are near around me.

49. I tried everything to bring a smile on your face.

50. You are the first thought in the morning and last thought when I go to sleep.

51. It’s very hard to survive without you just like its hard for a fish to survive without water.

52. For me, In this world, nothing is more lovable than you.

53. I am ready to take any risk in my life to live with you.

54. No one is stopping me to love you.

55. Your love is my lifeline.

56. Because of you I make-believe in love.

57. Without you, my life is full of sorrow.

58. How I prove you, we made for each other.

59. I want to see you older with me.

60. Without you, my life is aimless and pointless.

61. Your love gives me meaning in my life.

62. I feel more comfortable than any other thing when I am with you.

63. When I saw you, I believe in god.

64. If you let me, I would hold you forever and ever.

65. I never explain to you how much I love you, I love you more than ever.

66. You are my life’s dictionary whom every spelling makes a true feeling of love.

67. Because you stole my heart, I will give you the punishment of love with me.

68. Your eyes are like an ocean, every time I dip into it.

69. I never believe in Good luck, before I met you.

70. There is no sweetness in life without you.

71. Your love is like a diamond, which never fades away from me.

72. I blindly trust you because you are my soul mate.

73. I never believe in first sight love, but you prove me wrong.

74. When I saw you, I lost all my control on myself and I feel like a mad person.

75. Your smile is sweeter than any chocolate and deepest like the ocean.

76. If you listen to my heart, you hear your name every time.

77. My heart forgets about beating when I saw you.

78. Your love is the cure of my life.

79. Your Hugs and kisses make my day.

80. Your love makes me the most addicted person in the world.

81. it’s the biggest achievement of my life if I get success to make a smile on your face.

82. My heart always feels awesome when I think about you.

83. I can’t explain my love, how much I love you; it’s like more than stars found in the universe.

84. Your one call makes my day.

85. My love and my feelings about you never end.

86. Your love is like me moon around starts.

87. You are the only source of my incredible happiness.

88. If love other names is war, I am ready to fight with you.

89. I want to be your hardest goodbye and favorite hello.

90. My heart breaks if you forget me.

91. I want to live life with you, until your last breath and make you happy.

92. it’s my pleasure if I am yours forever.

93. I never stop myself to keep away from you because I can’t survive without you.

94. You are the reason for my happiness.

95. It’s very hard to survive a single day without hearing from you.


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Cute Things To Say To Your Crush To Make Her Heart Melt


Cute Things To Say To Your Crush To Make Her Heart Melt


96. My every thought and thinking always starts and ends to you.

97. I have no words to say how much you important for me.

98. You are the perfect definition of love in my life.

99. When I saw your face, you always make my heart melt.

100. Thanks to being part of my life and makes my life beautiful.

101. You have no idea how badly I miss you.

102. I will love you until my last breath.

103. Waiting for you, please come soon as much as possible. I love you.

104. If love is blind, I am ready to be blind in your love.

105. I would ready to dive in the deepest ocean in the world if it makes a smile on your face.

106. It’s my deepest wish that every morning I wake up next to you.

107. You make life perfect, thanks to coming in my life.

108. I really feel bad, when someone is watching you without any cause.

109. Whenever I think about you, a stupid smile comes on my face.

110. I am extremely sorry; I have no words to explain your beauty.

111. I am ready to call the police because you stealing my everything from the first sight.

112. I like you more than my breath.

113. Your love is like a square root whenever I saw you its going double from the past.

114. I never feel special before I met you.

115. I can’t explain how I feel with you and your awesomeness.

116. Please tell me why I am behaving like an idiot when you are near about me.

117. You stole my beautiful heart and I never want you to give me back.

118. I don’t know why you always make me laugh, you are so funny.

119. My Life never brightens like before you met.

120. Anyhow, I just want to take care of you.

121. When I can see you again, your eyes smile.

122. You are the only person who is my favorite.

123 Sugar is sweet but you are sweeter than sugar, seriously.

124. It’s very hard for me to see you sad.

125. I never met before any person who is sweet and cute than you.

126. I don’t know why I never stop myself to talk with your eyes.

127. I just want to hold your hand forever and ever.

128. I hope you also thought about me and I also come to your dreams.

129. Everyone said the moon is beautiful but they are wrong when I saw you.

130. You are my only world.

131. I don’t know really you are a magician, whenever I saw you I lost my all things and attract towards you.


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Cute Things To Say To Your Crush In A Text Or Word Message

Cute Things To Say To Your Crush In A Text Or Word Message


132. I never want to live a single day without you, because you are the only key to my happiness.

133. You set my blood on fire, without you I am nothing, there is no means of any success without you.

134. You definitely eat lucky charm in your breakfast, because you are magically delicious and awesome.

135. Thanks for making my day, I love you so much.

136. When I am with you, its always realize me like I am at home.

137. Your small piece of voice makes my whole day.

138. My heart is not my reality when they saw you the first time.

139. My heart is now going on a never-ending journey of love with you.

140. You are the reason for my punctuality and dedication.

141. It’s really amazing for me, how you notice everything that running in my mind.

142. I really love the way you love me, its really surprise me how you understand me without a single word.

143. I always dreaming and thinking about you, whenever I stop thinking and dreaming about you may be my last day in this world.

144. Your kiss and hugs are magical to me.

145. I can’t stop myself, always chanting your name.

146. You are just like the spice of my life, without you my life has no taste.

147. I have so many questions in my life, but the answer to my every question is only you.

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Cute Things To Say To Your Crush To Make Him Blush


Cute Things To Say To Your Crush To Make Him Blush


148. I always feel secure and confident, when I am with you.

149. God make me a reason for your success and fame, so I can help you to achieve your dreams.

150. It’s impossible for me to keep away from you, sorry for this.

151. I don’t know whatever I do without you. You are my everything, my partner, my soul mate, and all.

152. You made me sugar patient because you are so sweet.

153. I am always ready to be with you, whenever you have needed me.

154. Your cute smile melts my heart.

155. Thanks for supporting me in every situation of life.

156. It’s my duty to take care of you because no one is present in this world to love you as much I love you.

157. without you, my life is just like a pencil without its Aiguille.

158. I never want to miss you, I am very lucky if you always with me.


Things To Say To Your Crush To Make Her Blush


Things To Say To Your Crush To Make Her Blush

159. I love your style you are so humble and unique.

160. I am pretty sure you are religious. You have been answering all my prayers.

161. I am fully confident. All girls feel jealous of you because you are looking so stunning.

162. Your face is like a moon and your eyes look like stars.

163. I am 100% sure, if you hold my hands, I will conquer the world.

164. Thanks for making my life full of joy and smooth.

165. You are just like an angel in my life, I still not believe easily that you with me.

166. Every day I thanks to god for being you in part of my life.

167. You look pretty in that dress.

168. Your smile can light up thousands of rooms.

169. You have a very nice voice, every time I love to hear.

170. I would love it if you come with me for an evening walk.

171. You are just like a camera who always makes me smile.

172. I am going to call heaven because they really lost their angel.

173. I am fully confident you bath with sugar, that’s why you are so sweet.

174. I am not a photographer but I still want a picture of both living together.

175. Can you allow me to take your picture so that I will show my friends that really angle exists in this world?

176. You are an amazing refreshment for me, always refresh my mind and soul.

177. I don’t know exactly but you have something special in you, that’s why I think of you every day.

178. You are not away from me, because you always live in my heart.

179. Send me your picture so I can send my wishlist to Santa.

180. I am sorry every time I saw you I forget what to say and I speak different things at the same time.

181. You are very special to me because you are my optimism.

182. Whenever I texting you, simply you get an idea about a smile on my face.

183. You are just like a wine, whose taste is perfect.

184. I can’t trust my luck that you belong to me.

185. I am very thankful for you to keep supporting me in a hard time.


Good Morning Text Messages For Your Crush


Good Morning Text Messages For Your Crush

186. Wake My love, I love you with every breath of my life.

187. Good morning Dear.

188. Hi, my love please open your eyes, so the sun can rise and birds can sing.

189. I just want to come over you and offer you a kiss and hugs as a good morning wish.

190. The sun rises daily because of you.

191. Each morning is going awesome because my morning is starting with you.

192. Every day in the morning I sent the text to you because you are the sweetest person in the world.

193. Your smile for me is the most beautiful gift of good morning.

194. Good morning my love. I hope you have a great day ever.

195. Good morning my heartbeat, thanks for a beautiful day.

196. Please start your day with my kiss and hugs.

197. You are my sweetest dream ever, I love you.

198. I always prefer your kiss and hugs in place of tea or coffee in the morning.

199. I pray every morning to god your all hopes and dream comes true. Good morning dear.

200. In the morning my all troubles are fade away from your one kiss.

201. You Know one thing, You are my life’s biggest treasure.

202. The morning is cute because of you.

203. Your very kiss and hugs make me feel so special in the morning.

204. If I close to you in the morning I wish to kiss you on your head.

205. Hi Love, do you sleep better in the night or you dreaming about us.

206. Best Part of my whole day is morning when I saw your face, my love.

207. Hi Dear, I am so much addicted to your kiss, please give me a kiss otherwise it’s very hard to survive.

208. I hope you are doing well, every morning gives me a better opportunity to love you better.

209. you are sunshine of my life. I love you so much.

210. Its time wake of my love like a sun.


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Cute Things To Say To Your Crush During Night


Cute Things To Say To Your Crush During Night

211. I am very excited to go to sleep because I am pretty sure you met in dreams.

212. Please to come my dreams and kiss me.

213. Sweet dreams. Sleep tight, have a good night.

214. Can’t sleep before taking a hug from you.

215. You have no idea baby, how much I miss you at night.

216. I am badly feeling falling asleep but it’s not possible I sleep before saying you good night.

217. Dear, you are the last thought of my mind while I am going to bed.

218. Thanks for your all-day support, please make a proper sleep, take care, good night my love.

219. I don’t know why I am suddenly wake up at night and thinking about you. I miss you so much.

220. Have a sweet and lovely dream about me. Good night.

221. You are just like a dictionary which adds meaning in my life.

222. Are you an alien, because you looking out of the world.

223. In the night you looked really hot, my eyes stuck over you.

224. I had a dream about you last night, looking awesome.

225. I hope every night you dream about me.