How Well Do You Know Me Questions (350 +)?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions

How well do you know me questions is most famous among couples and those who are in a serious relationship.

This type of questions not only helps you to understand your partner better but also gives a chance to improve your love and relationship life and build strong bonding between us.

If you searching this kind of article it really means you interested to know more about your partners and find some ways to know more about your partner. One of the biggest advantages of how well do you know me questions is, it helps you get a better sense of your partner how they committed and attentive towards you and their relationship.

How Well Do You Know Me Questions – Family, Childhood, and Friendship?


How Well Do You Know Me Questions – Family, Childhood, and Friendship

1. What is the most memorable moment of my life, I shared you in the past?

2. What is my middle name?

3. What is my zodiac sign?

4. How many total siblings I have in my whole family?

5. In which town or place I grow up?

6. What is the name of my primary school?

7. What is the name of my childhood best friend?

8. What thing I most behave like a child?

9. What is my first summer camp name?

10. What is my favourite food in childhood?

11. What is my first price, I won as a child?

12. What did my parents do for their livelihood?

13. What is my favorite childhood restaurant name?

14. What is my greatest achievement as a kid?

15. Where do my parents live?

16. How many nieces or nephews I have?

17. How much I close to my parents?

18. Is my Family is religious or not?

19. What is my biggest mistake as a child?

20. Are my mom and dad still together or not?

21. What is the biggest problem or challenge I face in my childhood?

22. Name my favourite subject during my school?

23. Name the subject whom I hate most during my school time?

24. Have I ever performed on stage or not?

25. Do you remember what is and medium of my schooling?

26. What is my favourite game during childhood?

27. Who my oldest and dearest friend?

28. Am I close with my parents or not?

29. How do I feel about your family and parents?

30. What was the name of my first pet name?

31. What is my nickname?

32. What is my favourite childhood cartoon show?

33. What is my greatest fear of Childhood?

34. What is my favourite grade during my schooling?

35. What is my favourite Teacher name?

36. What kind of a kid I am in your point of view?

37. Name my favourite family member who likes me the most?

38. Who is my idol when I was a child?

39. Do I like ice cream or chocolate as a kid?

40. What is my most favourite colour?

41. Was I am a good student or not?

42. What is my favourite celebrity name when I was a kid?

43. How tall am I or what is my height?

44. What is the name of my favourite Movie?

45. Do I learn any foreign language or not, during my study?

46. Am I close to my relatives or not?

47. Whom I very closed to my father or mother?

48. What is my favourite music band as a child?

49. In my siblings who like me more?

50. My Handwriting is good or not during my schooling?


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How Well Do You Know Me Questions – Relationship and Love?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions – Relationship and Love


51. What I am insecure about most?

52. What is the best thing about our relationship?

53. What is a bad thing about me?

54. Where we went on our first date?

55. What things help me to overcome with Sadness?

56. How romantic I am?

57. What is the best thing in our love life?

58. What is one negative thing about you can’t talk?

59. What are my long term and short terms goal of my life?

60. What are the top 5 things you like about me?

61. What is my favourite hobby?

62. What are the top 3 things you can’t like about me?

63. What is one thing you never tolerate about me?

64. What is the best thing about me, which keeps you happy?

65. Describe me in three words?

66. What do you think about me when we first met?

67. What is the biggest difference between us, you always like?

68. What is the biggest strength of me according to you?

69. What is the biggest weakness of me according to you?

70. What is my love means to you?

71. What thing you really want to change in me?

72. What do I mean to you?

73. How important I am in your life?

74. What is my non- physical quality you like most?

75. What is one thing about me whom I am lacking?

76. What are my most favourite hug and kiss?

77. What sometimes you can’t live without me?

78. What is the turning point of my life according to you?

79. What is that thing you afraid about me most?

80. Do you remember that date of our anniversary?

81. When I give you my first kiss?

82. Which of my body part do you like most?

83. When and where did we take our first picture together?

84. What is the best gift I ever gifted to you?

85. What is my favourite outfit you like the most?

86. According to you what is the greatest weakness of our married life?

87. What did I do to make you happy?

88. What things in me turn you?

89. What change do you notice in me after marriage?

90. Do I feel easily jealous or not?

91. What are my thoughts about married life?

92. What type of wedding do I like most?


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How Well Do You Know Me Questions – Travel, Vacation, and Season?


How Well Do You Know Me Questions – Travel, Vacation, and Season

93. Do I love to travel in a group or alone?

94. What is my most favourite place where I love to visit every time?

95. Do I love to travel by Train, Plane, ship or car?

96. What is the most favourite place where I want to go with you?

97. What is my favourite part of travel?

98. What thing do I hate most about travel?

99. What is my ideal gateway for a long weekend?

100. What is my favourite long road trip?

101. How many countries I have travelled till now?

102. Have I ever gone camping or not?

103. What is my most favourite food while travelling?

104. Have I ever gone fishing or not?

105. Have I ever gone hunting or not?

106. What is my longest travel till now?

107. How did my dream vacations look like?

108. How is my traveling bucket list?

109. Do I like to travel or not?

110. Do I like boating or not?

111. What is my most favourite vacation destination?

112. What is my favourite outdoor activity while vacation?

113. Do I know how to start a fire or not?

114. Which holiday or event gets more excited me?

115. Do I like Halloween or not?

116. Do you know what my favourite season is?

117. What is my favourite summer activity according to you?

118. Am I scared of Paragliding or not?

119. What is my favourite season?

120. Do I like rainy days or not?

121. What memento do I like most?

122. What type of trip do I like Most?

123. Do I like to travel in day or night?

124. What season do I prefer winter or summer?

125. What is my most thankful trip of this year?

126. What is the most surreal place, I want to visit?

127. What is my favourite thing about waterfalls?

128. What are my favourite Thanksgiving traditions?

129. What is my favourite thanksgiving Recipe?

130. What is my favourite chocolate during winter?

131. What is my funniest holiday?


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How Well Do You Know Me Questions – Food and Drinks?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions – Food and Drinks

132. What is my favourite cold drink?

133. What is my eating pattern?

134. What is my favourite ice cream?

135. What is the best food or meal I have eaten ever?

136. Do I ever eat when I am not feeling hungry?

137. Do I prefer Coke or Pepsi?

138. What I prefer most dogs or hamburgers?

139. Are you satisfied with my eating habits? Why or why Not?

140. What is my favourite restaurant?

141. Do I prefer Coffee or Tea?

142. Do I like Oats or not?

143. What are my favourite noodles?

144. What are my favourite cereals?

145. What snacks do I like most?

146. What food I don’t like?

147. Do I follow a specific diet or not?

148. What was our last meal on a trip?

149. What is my regular favourite breakfast?

150. What is my favourite Vine?

151. Do I ever skip a meal or fast?

152. According to you what do I prefer pizza or hamburgers?

153. Do you know I prefer ice-cream in a cone or a cup?

154. What is my favourite candy or chocolate?

155. What is my favourite meal of all season?

156. What is the worst food I eat?

157. What is the most expensive food I eat ever?

158. Do I have breakfast every day or not?

159. Do I drink milk daily?

160. Do I eat fruit every day or not?

161. Am I a good cook or not?

162. Do I always prefer to eat food or dinner with my family?

163. Is am I vegetarian or not?

164. Do I eat rice every day?

165. Do I like pizza or not?


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How Well Do You Know Me Questions- Job And Work?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions- Job And Work

166. What is the most difficult part of my job according to you?

167. What is the thing that I love most about my job?

168. What is the thing that I l don’t like about my job?

169. Have I ever quit a job or not?

170. What is my greatest strength in the job?

171. What is my greatest weakness in the job?

172. Do you remember what was my first job?

173. Do you know how many years of work experience I have?

174. Is I am able to handle my job’s pressure or not?

175. Have I ever been fired from my work?

176. Is I am a better employee or not?

177. What was my last job?


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How Well Do You Know Me Questions – Random Or Rapid?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions – Random Or Rapid

178. How many times in the past did I admit in the hospital?

179. What is the favourite cosmetic brand I used most?

180. If I would win a lottery ticket, what is that wish I fulfil first from that money?

181. What is the most embarrassing thing happens to me till now?

182. Do I manage saving well or not?

183. What work I never do for money?

184. What is my nickname?

185. In what position I prefer to sleep?

186. Who is foodie between us?

187. Can I prove myself as a good dancer?

188. Am I a better cook than you?

189. What was the first dish I cooked for you?

190. Is I am capable of finish work under time?

191. Do I argue too much?

192. Who is my role model?

193. What wish I could perform to make you happy?

194. Is I am honest with you?

195. In what situation I feel uncomfortable?

196. What things make me happy?

197. What thing I always love to do, but never share in public.

198. Do you have any idea about my sexual fantasy?

199. What negative change do you notice about me after marriage?

200. What positive change you notice about me after marriage?

201. What is your best experience with me?

202. What is your bad experience with me?

203. How I am responsible for our relationship?

204. What was the last gift you give me?

205. Do you know what are my favorite pizza toppings?

206. Do I prefer to eat food outside or inside?

207. What I prefer more hot or cold coffee?

208. Is I am good at riding a bike?

209. Is I am good Driver?

210. How much I like a road trip?

211. What do I like more dog or cat?

212. What is my current salary?

213. What is one thing I never like about my childhood?

214. What is the good thing I always share with joy?

215. Who is very close to me among my siblings?

216. May I think the right man and women are equal?

217. What is the one major difference between us?

218. What is a good thing you like about me?

219. What is a bad habit in me?

220. What is my body weight?

221. What is my one wish I want to complete before I die?

222. What is the one change you really want to look at me?

223. What is the one change you really never want to look at me?

224. What is the colour of my eyes?

225. What is the best thing in me?

226. Have I stage phobia or not?

227. Name my oldest friend?

228. What is my favourite flower?

229. What is the most comfortable dress for me?

230. Who is my favourite TV channel host?

231. Who is my favourite comic superhero?

232. How do you know I am angry and what you do to fix it?

233. Name the 5 person who is most important in my life?

234. What is a favourite face cream?

235. How would you know I am sad?

236. What is my favourite festival I enjoy most?

237. What is my favourite cold drink?

238. What things keep me strong?

239. How I face the challenge?

240. How do you know if I want something?

241. Why You Choose me as your life partner?

242. What do things feel me more insecure?

243. How many body marks I have?

245. Do I am a bathroom singer or not?

246. What is the best thing ever I do for you?

247. What is my favourite book and writer?

248. What is the colour of my hair?

249. Whom do I like most in the family Except You?

250. What’s the size of my Shoes?

251. What animal personality I have?

252. What is the best thing about our relationship which makes us happy?

253. Do You notice me how romantic am I?

254. Name the last book I read?

255. Where I feel more secure and comfortable?

256. How tech-savvy Am I?

257. What is my wish after retirement?

258. Name my dream car?

259. I am a loser or not?

260. How I grow up in our relationship?

261. What do I think about sex and intimacy?

262. What are my favourite hobbies?

263. Is I am an honest person?

264. What would I prefer being a rich or a kind person?

265. What would I prefer a light colour or a dark colour?

266. Whom do I like most a tall or a small person?

267. Do I like cricket or not?

268. What is my favourite football team?

269. Is I am a good driver or not?

270. Do I like toilet paper over or under?

271. Do I prefer to watch a movie at the theatre or at home?

272. What do I love to watch a comedy movie or a horror movie?

273. Do I believe in paranormal activities?

274. May I experience a ghost or not?

275. What do I do to keep stress away from me?

276. If I suppose to live a life as an animal, what animal I choose?

277. What is my favourite work after the office work?

278. Is am I a good manager or not?


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How Well Do You Know Me Questions – Random Or Rapid

279. I am a good partner or not?

280. What is my childhood dream about life?

281. How do I feel nervous?

282. Is I am multi-talented or not?

283. What thing is most impacted my life?

284. What is my favourite web series?

285. Do I like English movies or local language movies?

286. What is my favourite news magazine or a new channel?

287. Do I like watching a documentary or not?

288. How much I love reading books?

289. What is my dream profession?

290. Am I afraid of death or not?

291. What is the biggest lesson I learn from my life?

292. Have I ever involved in criminal activities?

293. What is my life the worst day?

294. How I react during Phobia?

295. How I trust on people?

296. Am I religious or not?

297. Do I vote in an election or not?

298. How is my dream house look like?

299. What is my second language?

300. What thing really motivates me about life?

301. What is my biggest career goal?

302. How many Child do I want in my life?

303. What dram role I really want to play as an actor?

304. Whom I prefer family values or money?

305. What is my favourite social media platform?

306. Do I still Love Cartoons?

307. What do I think about love?

308. Whom do I prefer Books or movies?

309. What medium do I prefer in the study online or offline?

310. What is my favourite painting?

311. What is my favourite cake?

312. What android mobile I like most?

313. Do you know I am swimming?

314. Can I ride a bike or not?

315. I prefer sunny or rainy days?

316. What is my lucky number?

317. Do I like cold or summer?

318. Do I have any allergy?

319. Do I prefer Beach or pool?

320. What is one thing I am master in?

321. What is my nickname mostly people call me?

322. How is my handwriting?

323. What is my favourite fish?

324. What do I think about the afterlife?

325. What do I think about the universe?

326. Do I like the army or not?

327. Do I talk while sleeping?

328. What is my favourite exercise?

329. Who is my favourite you tuber?

330. Am I a creative person or not?

331. What is my favourite blog?

332. What is the best thing I ever did for others?

333. Do I still have wisdom teeth or not?

334. How I react during my bad day?

335. What are my favourite cookies?

336. Have I ever broken any law or not?

337. How many credit cards I still using?

338. Do I have taken any student loan during my study?

339. How I spent my first salary?

340. Is I am a Loser or a hero?

341. What is my favourite hair cut style?

342. Do I ever participate in outdoor sports activities or not?

343. What is my attitude about life?

344. Do I have a perfect vision or not?

345. Do I ever win any competition?

346. What is my biggest regret in my life?

347. Is am I honest with time and work?

348. Do I have a green thumb or not?

349. Do I brush my teeth twice or once in a day?

350. Do I like green tea or not?

351. Do I watch any sports or not?

352. What are my life goals, still I want to achieve?