140+ Flirty Texts For Him Want You Instantly

Flirty Texts For Him Want You Instantly

Flirty texts for him always spice up your relationship if you are doing it correctly. As a woman, you always want to get your man back into romance. For this, you need to do so many things to turn your man on and make him think about you but you can also get attention to your man by sending Flirty text to him.

It doesn’t matter on which stage of the relationship you are, a flirty text message always works for you. If you really want to turn your man on and make him he really thinks about you, so you need to place a flirty text message at the right time and situation.

Flirty text messages are a great way of connecting with each other but delivery according to time is also a very important factor. If you can’t send text messages to your man according to time and situation it can’t work for you.

Man is so romantic than women, but they no show about their love and romance easily. A flirty text message is a great way to make and expresses their love in front of you.

So in this article, I am sharing with you a list of some good flirty texts which really work for you.

Best Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Want You Instantly!


Best Flirty Texts That Will Make Him Want You Instantly!

1. Good morning Handsome, just thinking about you, I miss you, I want to show your face.

2. I saw a naughty dream about you last night, you look so romantic.

3. Are you really want to play a game with me?

4. Why you capture my mind, I can’t stop thinking about you?

5. I need your opinion while selecting the right bra and panties for me, so share your thoughts with me?

6. Just come out after taking a bath, now going to wear my clothes, so help me to choose out my dress.

7. I don’t know why I am smiling after your every text message?

8. We are both on our bed but the place is different, what to do?

9. Which is your favorite color so I wear a dress of the same color?

10. I always want to be near you, so I can kiss you so much.

11. Why I am facing a problem in my work, I didn’t focus on my work because of your sweet love.

12. I never met a handsome guy like you before, you are so hot.
13. I want you at any cost, so what I do for you?

14. I want to bite you like chocolate, eager to give you love bite.

15. It’s because of you, a smile on my face is never fade away, why?

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Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy You Just Met For Coming Close Together


Flirty Text Messages To Send To Guy You just Met For Coming Close Together

16. Good morning handsome. How are you doing today?

17. I want to meet you, so ready for a great day is waiting for you.

18. I want to eat pizza with a handsome guy like you.

19. It’s a good thing for me, that you are still single, so I can flirt with you easily.

20. You look so killer in your social media photos.

21. I want to say something with you, but I don’t know, so meet me once.

22. I wore a nice outfit for you, please review and comment.

23. My cat misses you, so come home and meet.

24. If you have time, so like my Instagram picture, I like your pics.

25. Every love song always reminds you, I don’t know why?

26. I like you more than a lot really.

27. I can’t sleep properly, and I blame you for it.

28. Why are you looking for me perfectly in every way?

29. I feel a lot about you, why you trapped me like this?

30. You are out from my sight but why you always in my mind?

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Flirty Sweet Texts to Make Him Smile


Flirty Sweet Texts to Make Him Smile

31. It’s not fair. You’re so cute and smart.

32. Dear, you have no idea how hot you are?

33. For me, you are my whole world.

34. I am afraid to lose you because I am not live without you.

35. Right now I want to kiss you.

36. I would need you every single time.

37. I would do anything to make a smile on your face.

38. I can’t think of my life without you.

39. I feel so confident and safe when I am with you.

40. I always wish I was in your arms.

41. You amaze my life every day, thanks for coming in my life.

42. You are my soulmate forever and ever.

43. I never feel special before I met my handsome.

44. It’s my wish I kiss you on your lips.

45. I always wish you never go away from me.


Flirty Texts to Make Him Miss You


Flirty Texts to Make Him Miss You


46. I can’t explain how much you adorable for me.

47. You have no idea, how much you’re perfect for me.

48. I am so proud of you, thanks for coming in my life.

49. Thanks for realizing me about real life, now you are my real life.

50. Whenever I close my eyes, I always saw your smiling face.

51. I am so glad to know that we will meet soon.

52. All my friends feel jealous about our relationship, I love you so much.

53. I can’t sleep without you, please come.

54. I really miss you, can you miss me.

55. My bed is too big for me, please come and share it with me.

56. Every day I thankful for you.

57. When I am with you, I am feeling the luckiest person in the world.

58. I am going for taking a bath, do you come with me?

59. I am feeling boar over the phone while talking to you, just come and hug me.

60. What’s your plan for this weekend?

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Flirty Texts For Him at Night


Flirty Texts For Him at Night

61. Good night my angle, going to sleep, I will come to meet you in your dreams.

62. I am unable to sleep before saying you good night.

63. I am going to sleep to meet you in my dreams.

64.Good night man of my dreams.

65. It’s impossible to show me, how much I love you just like it’s impossible to count stars.

66. You are the only king of my heart, good night my love.

67. I hope you also saw me in your dreams.

68. Its a cold here, please come and make me warm.

69. I was dreaming every night of my life with you.

70. Sleep tight, good night my love.

71. It’s very difficult for me to sleep alone without you, good night my handsome.

72. You are looking so cute while sleeping.

73. I miss you more and more from last night.

74. I am thinking of you, just to say good night.

75. Sweet dreams dear, I love you more than anything else because you are my world?

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Flirty Texts For Him Long Distance


Flirty Texts For Him Long Distance76.Its the power of our relationship that without any kiss, you are the only one who closes to my heart.

77. Every morning you are the source of my motivation to love you without any worry.

78. I really thankful to god, there is someone who misses me daily.

79. I see your face every time when I close my eyes.

80. I am so happy because happiness is something when someone is thinking about you.

81. My pillow always smiles like you.

82. I am going to hold you very tight when I meet you.

83. Only your voice is sufficient to turn me on.

84. You should be here to hug me.

85. You are my favorite daydream.

86. I miss you unusually, my paints are falling down for you.

87. Handsome I always want to kiss you not missing you.

88. It’s my wish when we meet I sleep in your arms and hug you daily.

89. My life is black without you, come and fill some colors.

90. Every part of my body misses you badly.

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Flirty Text For Him At Work


Flirty Text For Him At Work91. You make my heart beat out from my chest.

92. Currently thinking about my handsome man.

93.No one can feel awesome like you.

94. Your arms and your touch feels like I am safe at home.

95. I am in now bed, feeling incomplete without you.

96. I am so lucky that you are part of my life.

97. You and I live together forever.

98. Miss you..miss you..miss you. I want to kiss you.

99. I am hungry for you, just come, it a lunchtime.

100. Why are you so cute and looking me awesome?

101.Any room or time for me in your busy work schedule?

102. Which Emoji do you think looks like you and me?

103. You are so hot and that’s why I like you.

104. You are very special to me. I love you so much.

105. It’s never possible for me to imagine life without you.


Romantic Flirty Text Messages For Him


Romantic Flirty Text Messages For Him106. I am very lucky you choose me every day.

107. I never understand the true meaning of love before I met you.

108. Thanks for coming in my life, you make me complete.

109. There may we an unlimited number of ways to say I love you but when I saw you, I forget where to start from to express my love for you.

110. I am very thankful for your inspiring love for me.

111. Whenever you need me just know me I am always ready to be with you.

112. Tell me what thing I do to make you happy.

113. You rocked my life and I love you so much, baby.

114. Because of you, I live my dreams in reality.

115. My heart, mind, and soul all is dedicated to your love.

116. I never understand the meaning of how romance looks like but it’s you who realize me all this, thanks to being part of my life.

117. Until I die, it’s my wish I offer you my hug and kisses daily to you.

118. I don’t know what is the definition of love is but for me you are a perfect example of love.

119. I love you just like the moon loves the earth, fish loves the water.

120. You are the only one in this universe who makes it possible to make my dreams in reality.

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Best Teasing Texts For Him (Seductive Ways)

Best Teasing Texts For Him

121. I want you right now, just come in.

122. Today I am ready to be with you fight on the bed.

123. I am not wearing anything today except heels.

124. I want you badly to kiss you and make a love bite today.

125. I wish you sleep with me tonight and give me a tight hug.

126. Just come and take a bath with me.

127. I hope you easily guess today my tongue touches your which part of the body.

128. Your touch always turns me on.

129.Tell me what position you like most, I will try for you.

130.I am ready to mess up my bed with you today.

131. I use you like a blanket while sleeping tonight.

132. Baby, you have no idea what I can do tonight on the bed.

133. It’s my wish to give me a hard surprise tonight between my legs.

134. Today I burn my body calories with you.

135. I just change my underwear while thinking about you.



The Do’s and Don’ts of Text Flirting


Do’s and Don’ts of Text Flirting


136. Never try to send some panic attack or heart attack related text. Never try to fool your partner.

137. Never try bad words or weird or inappropriate jokes while texting messages to someone.

138. Never try to text at very late night, avoid send a text message after 10 p.m, if it’s not mandatory.

139. Avoid texting under the influence of drugs and drinks, otherwise its chance to spoil your relationship.

140. Don’t text randomly, avoid it, otherwise, it may be frustrate another person.

141. Avoid “nothing text” conversation while texting.


142. Wait some time for a reply, don’t be in a hurry.

143. You emojis in your text message, it really helps to understand your point to another person.

144. Use to the point keywords or phrase in your text message, avoid long text message.

145. Sometimes use a mysterious approach while text message.

146. Always use decent language but some times you may use it according to the situation.

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Text-based flirting is now popular in today’s digital time, it really helps you in every stage of relationship either it’s a starting phase of relationship or old relationship.

But while using text-based flirting you need to understand some do’s and don’ts so you have no problem in your relationship and your love is going successful.