Questions for Couples: Epic Guide You Never Found (500+)

Questions for couples

Good Questions for Couples always need good communication. Good communication does not only help to improve the success of a relationship but also avoid unnecessary tension and stress and make your life happier.

As a couple it is very important for you to ask questions to your partner, the question will help you to build a strong bond and provide you a better chance to know each other.
If you are planning your future with your partner, but you have not so much idea how to know more about your partner on some important’s better to ask a question which gives you more clarity.

If you really want your conversation will go long and in the right direction you may have a good list of questions.if you are asking the right question at the right time your love life and relationship are going last long.

Question For Your Partner to Understand Them Better

Question for partner

1. How ideally you spend your holiday?

2.what things in you makes you feel proud?

3. How do you respond if you dislike any person?

4. what things make you so confident?

5. What life experience you want to explore in your life?

6. When do you like yourself most?

7. what musical equipment you want to play?

8. When do you feel most yourself and why?

9. What is the best compliment you get till now?

10. How Long you want to live your life?

11. Do you Fall out in love in your past with your very close friend?

12. What type of chance do you want to change your life completely?

13. Are you satisfied with the people who live around you?

14. Where you want to travel in your life if you give a chance?

15. What memory do you like most in your life?

16. How Traditional are you?

17.what is your main thinking to live life?

18. What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?

19. What do you think about life after death?

20. What are your rules of live life?

21. What thing you most like in your home?

22. What’s your favorite book, you want to read again?

23. How You behave with your friends?

24. What’s your pinpoint which makes you feel uncomfortable?

25. What is your aim in your life?

26. What thing you want to say someone but never ask?

27. What traits are more attracting according to you in a person?

28. What secret you never want to share with anyone?

29. What small thing make you happy most?

30. Who is the most annoying person in your life?

31. What is your biggest mistake in life till now?

32. For what thing you struggle most in your life?

33. What type of change are you dreaming of in your life?

34. What is the biggest expectation from your life?

35. How you calm down?

36. What is the most disgusting thing in your life?

37. What is a perfect life definition according to you?

38. What do you do from your first salary and how you feel?

39. What is the worst thing when you feeling sick?

40. Do you forgot your best friend or not?

41. What thing you most enjoyed while your job or work?

42. What thing you do really nice but not really like?

43. What type of house you really want?

44. How easily you identify people?

45. Are you optimistic about life?

46. What’s your role model and why you like?

47. What’s the hardest time in your past?

48. When you mentally suffered most?

49. What is your plan for our future?

50. What things make you worry most?

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51. What is the bad thing you never told your family?

52. What is the most horrible place you visit?

53. What’s your thinking about today’s world and what change do you want?

54. Do you believe in change yourself with society?

55. What worst thing people have mostly found according to you?

56. When you face the disloyalty in your life?

57. What is the most beautiful gift you get from your friend?

58. What is your biggest fear ever?

59. What thing makes you feel most luxurious?

60. What thing you never do but really want to do?

61. What thing do you think is much taken to your life?

62. What is a good or bad thing that touches your heart most?

63. What is the true thing you learned from life until now?

64. Are you feel jealous?

65. What skill do you need most to get success in life?

66. How you introduce yourself to others?

67. How Kind are you?

68. What is the biggest fault in you?

69. How much do you know about yourself?

70. What thing breaks you so hard?

71. Are you feel ashamed in your life, if yes why?

72. Where do you prefer to living between farmland, in a small town or in a metro city?

73. Are you a morning person or not?

74. What the most entertaining moment of your life?

75. Are you satisfy with your career, if yes why?

76. What is the most unfair thing you are habitual?

77. What is way more difficult than it sounds?

78. What is your dream job and why you think you only made for this?

79. What is the biggest financial lesson you ever learned from your mistake?

80. What things make lose your trust in humanity?

81. What is the most painful thing you ever experience?

82. Do you believe in favoritism?

83. Do you ever fight with someone without any reason?

84. What things make you feel more comfortable than ever?

85. What is the most important thing you do in your spare time?

86. Have you ever met with your role model?

87. When you’re gone how do you want to be remembered?

88. What you do if you have a superpower?

89. Do you trust in luck or not?

90. If you give a chance to charity, what thing you do most?

91. What is that thing you never fear about but most people will fear?

92. As a businessman what business do you prefer?

93. What things look unattractive to you but in reality, there are very attractive?

94. What do you think is totally a myth?

95. What is the most important turning point of your life?

96. What animal you are fear about most?

97. What type of society you are living in?

98. How efficient you’re handed a person?

99. What is your strongest fear whom you face daily?

100. How you cooperate with society?


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101. When were you cried most?

102. What is the most memorable night you remember?

103. What’s the greatest sorrow of your life?

104. What’s the most thrilling work you want to do once in your life.

105. Are you comfortable to trust in people or not?

106. What is on most good and bad quality you have?

107. Whom do you miss most?

108. What’s the greatest lesson you taught by the elder?

109. How you face the most stressful situation in your life?

110. What things you can’t understand easily?

111. What thing passionate you most?

112. What are you thinking about the world and life?

113. What biggest opportunity do you want to avail of in your life?

114. What type of question do you feel comfortable to answer?

115. How to react in a random situation?

116. What things make you more emotional?

117. Do you believe in taking responsible or how responsible are you?

118. Do you have a leadership quality?

119. What is a simplistic way of living life?

120. What type of question do you answer confidently?

121. How to start your day?

122. How much you eager to learn new things?

123. What your peek time of working in which you do best?

124. Whom do you appreciate most in your life?

125. What is your favorite time in a day?

126. What things make you more stressed?

127. What type of element present in you?

128. Do you trust in conspiracy theories?

129. What are some dissatisfied things in your life?

130. What advice you give to someone to improve themself.

131. What things make you more productive and less productive?

132. Describe yourself in one sentence?

133. How to deal with pressure?

134. What things make you lose your courage?

135. What is the most remarkable moment in your life?

136. What a bad thing in you, struggling with away from it?

137. What makes you really jealous?

138. What’s your limit to help someone?

139. If you give a chance to go in the past, what thing you really want to change?

140. What things always motivating you to do better?

141. In what work you failed most of the time?

142. Is there anything you want to change about to help others?

143. What is the definition of your ideal day?

144. In what way you want to become famous?

145. If you wake up the next morning and get superman power than what wish you want to complete first?

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Question-Related to Partner’s Childhood and Family:

Question for couples about family

Every child requires a structural environment for their growth, and the family is the first thing with whom the child interacts with. Everyone has their sweet childhood memories.

If you really want to more about, from what environment your partner is come from, you need to ask some questions related to their childhood and family.
These questions help you better understand your partner’s past life and their approach to the future.

146. What things about your family really feel embarrass you?

147. What is your overall childhood experience?

148. What is a good thing you gain from your family?

149. How traditional is your family?

150. Whom do you like most in your family and why?

151. How much you are similar to your family?

152. What is your favorite subject during childhood?

153. Who Is your favorite teacher and why you like them?

154. What things realize you that your parents are best from anyone’s parents?

155. What game do you like to play most in childhood?

156. What movie really scared you most and why?

157. what’s your best childhood friend’s name?

158. What are your earliest childhood memories you still remember?

159. What did you do to gain pocket money?

160. What was your favorite thing you like most in your childhood?

161. What was your pet name, if any. Do you like it or not?

162. What was your favorite food you still like?

163. What was your favorite toy?

164. How were you celebrate your birthday?

165. Did you go on holiday with your parents?

166. When was the first time you away from your family?

167. What is your first childhood memory?

168. How you plan your summer vacation?

169. What Is your best childhood gift given by your parents?

170. How much great time did you spend with our grandparents?

171. Did you help your family in making some money?

172. What video game you love most?

Relationship Questions: Most Important Things to know

Relationship Question for couple

If you really want to grow a better understanding of your relationship, it’s your responsibility to ask questions to your partner.

Good questions help you to make a better understanding of both of you about any important topic, which really converts your relationship last longer and you easily make a healthy relationship.

173. What supposes to a healthy relationship look like?

174. How Practical do you think couples are in movies and dramas?

175. How you set your relationship goals?

176. How do we make our relationship better and healthy?

177. Why we are different from other couples?

178. what are things you can’t forgive in our relationship?

179. How you’re responsible for making our relationship strong?

180. How do we help both of us?

181. According to you what is the most challenging and difficult thing in a relationship or in a marriage and how you deal with it?

182. What qualities do you like about me?

183. What is the best relationship advice you received ever?

184. What adventure do you want to complete and dreaming with me?

185. What you think about how well we communicate with each other?

186. How do we compitable with each other?

187. What’s your favorite gift, you want from me?

188.Where we plan to live and when we retire?

189. What is the backbone of a healthy relationship according to you?

190. How we spent our quality time?

191. What kind of memories do you want to take with me?

192. What thing closes us together as a couple in a relationship?

193. What you suppose to our life in the next 5-10 years.

194. why our relationship is better from others.

195. what will I do to make you happy in our relationship?

196. How important individual responsibility to make their relationship better?

197. what new things do you try with me as a couple?

198. What do you think the greatest thing in our relationship?

199. What small thing we can perform to make happy each other?

200. What thing I do which really surprise you?

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201. Do you think about me when I am not near you?

202. What is one difference between us makes you happy?

203. What thought come in your mind when the first time you saw me?

204. Is there any point or thing you want to hesitate to discuss with me?

205. What things do you perform to look forward to your day?

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Funny Couple Question

Funny Question for couples

Little fun not makes your relationship strong but also gives you a better chance to know the creative and humorous side of your partner.

If you really want to enjoy your life in a funny way, make a list of a good question and ask from your partner.

206. If you suppose to break any world record, what it would be?

207. Who would you hate to see naked?

208. If you give a chance to go 1000 years back, what would you do?

209. Would you let me slap you for 100 dollars?

210. What is the historical character you want to play?

211. What is the strangest dream you have ever had?

7. What musical instrument do you want to play?

212. What favorite food do you enjoy most?

213. If someone writes a biography on you, what title you suggest?

214. Have you ever try to drink in public?

215. Would you like to dress and drag for 100$?

216. What you think about how the phone will look after 10 years?

217. What bad habit you have but never try to quit it?

218. If you are the supreme leader of your country, what thing you change first?

219. How would you describe yourself in 2-5 words?

220. Without money, how you live your life?

221. If you give a chance to eat anything, what is the first thing you want to eat?

222. How can you describe your own personal hell?

223. How can you describe your own personal heaven?

224. If you give a chance to give a speech to the world, what speech you want to share?

225. As an adult, you chase an ice cream van?

226. How you hide your body scar if you have?

227. if you give a chance to live without your one sense what sense you want to lose among five senses?

228. Do you ever save someone’s life?

229. If you give a chance to be a king or a queen what thing you do first?

230. Has someone saved your life ever?

231. How make save yourself among zombies?

232. How do you feel if you bound to live in very little space or room?

233. If you give a chance to choose your age time, what age you prefer most?

234. How do you feel if any insects insert in your clothes?

235. What cartoon character do you like most and why?

236. If you provide a want to fight with any television character, whom you choose?

237. What thing obsessed you most?

238. Name your first CD and how do you get it?

239. What insect do you wish would completely go extinct?

240. What is your guilty pleasure?

241. What did you prefer a judge or a lawyer as a career?

242. What’s your favorite alphabet letter and why?

243. What’s your favorite comedy program?

244. Do you like and tom and jerry Cartoon?

245.If God gives you a chance to live life as a tree, what type of tree you dream to make?

246. What circus role you like to perform in the circus and why?

247. What type of fear you are still facing most?

248. Do you think cats and dogs go to heaven?

249. Who would play you in a movie?

250. Would you live on the moon, if you get a Chance?

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251. What words do you prefer people to call you after your death?

252. What’s your favorite color and why?

253. What’s your favorite Youtube Channel and why?

254. What is the last book you read?

255. Do you ever cheat by someone?

256. Do you trust in bigfoot?

257. what is your favorite aroma?

258. Do You like the winter Olympics and which game you want to play?

259. What would you do if you are an alone survivor in a car accident?

260. Do you feel smart and happy at the same time?

261. What other language do you want to learn after the mother language?

262. If you won millions of dollars in a lottery what would you do with that money?

263. If you give a chance of living a fictional character, what it would be?

264. You’re in prison with a life sentence, what was your crime?

265. what’s your favorite retro dress?

266. What type of fashion do you hate?

267. How many chappatis do you eat in one sitting?

268. What’s your favorite emoji?

269. What,s name of your dream car?

270. As a teacher what subject you teach to your students?

271. What’s the name of your favorite chocolate?

272. Which social media platform do you like most and why?

273. Do you like a massage?

274. What are your favorite snacks?

275. Do you want to live in the forest?

276. What’s your favorite beverage?

277. On what day you enjoy most?

278. Name one festival you like or hate?

279. Where you prefer to print a tattoo on your body?

280. What’s your favorite web series and why?

281. Do you have a stage phobia?

282. In your Family whom you fear Most?

283. Whom you like more in a pet dog or cat and why?

284. What’s your favorite funny song?

285. What’s your Patronus?

286. On television what’s your favorite add?

287. Do you trust in horoscope and astrology?

288. What song you always sing?

289. As a Chef what food you prefer to make for me?

290. What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen and why?

291. What superpower you never want or hate?

292. If you want to change your name what it would be?

293. If you are an inspector of your area what would you to improve crime?

294. What’s your favorite game and why you like it?

295. What was your greatest strength in your childhood?

296. What strangest thing you ever do?

297. What game do you think no one can defeat you?

298.what type of public job you want to or not?

299. what’s your favorite flower?

300. How You remove your Stress in a funny way?

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Couple Questions About Date, Romance, Sex and Intimacy

Question for couples Date, Romance and intimacy
301. Do you remember what’s Our favourite date? Why?

302. What thing do you look at me as a better partner?

303. What One thing we do best a partner?

304. When was the last time you felt love with me?

305. What thing I do for you which makes you crazy?

306. What makes you feel appreciated?

307. Describe in one word about our relationship?

308. What’s is our best relationship memory according to you?

309. Is there something that we miss in our relationship?

310. Do you wish to spend quality time with me?

311. Let’s describe each other in 3 words?

312. How I make you feel more confident about our future?

313. What type of kiss do you like most?

314. What is your favorite part of the relationship?

315. What thing about me inspire you most?

316. How we mutually spend our next 5-10 years?

317. What thing you always try with me while making love?

318. According to you what’s our strength of the relationship?

319. What’s your one quality makes our relationship strong according to you?

320. What one thing you want me as a wish, but I don’t do?

321. What sexiest thing in me, turn you on?

322. What ways do we work best together?

323. Is there any secret, you never share with me?

324. What was the last time we hugged each other?

325. What thing do you want to appreciate about me?

326. What is your dream about us?

327. What’s a negative thing about me, you don’t like?

328. What’s one thing you need to change at me?

329. What’s your biggest fear about our relationship?

330. What is the thing I care most about you in our relationship?

331. How we make more trust in each other?

332. What your favorite way to show me your love?

333. What type of touch do you like most?

334. What things make you feel insecure about our relationship?

335. What most valuable thing you learn from our relationship?

336. What things satisfied you with the relationship?

337. How can I better support you to make our relationship healthy?

338. According to you what is a healthy relationship means?

339. What values do you want in a good relationship?

340. Do you miss me or how much you miss me?

341. What do you think about me?

342. What one thing you never forgive me in our relationship?

343. What is your plan for our family?

345. How many children do you want?

346. What’s a good definition of a father according to you?

347. What movie do you think is perfectly the same as our relationship?

348. How I became a better partner to you?

349. What one thing makes you laugh about me?

350. What strangest thing you want to do while sleep?

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351. What one thing in you which makes me proud?

352. What is the most beautiful aspect of our marriage or relationship life?

353. The one with you never do without me?

354. What thing one thing you never agree about our relationship?

355. What is one thing you supposed is not work out in our past but maybe in the future?

356. How you grateful for me?

357. What topic makes you crazier about me?

358. What is best the place, for our honeymoon?

359. What things made you cry in our relationship?

360. What things make you recently upset in the past?

361. What little effort from my side make a big smile on your face?

362. What moment do you want to live with me forever and ever?

363. A most lovely poem you’re dedicated to me?

364. What thing pour your heart?

365. How we make our life spicier?

366. Other than weddings what is the most memorable day for you about our relationship?

367. What type of communication is best for a good relationship?

368. How we set our relationship goals and how make they live?

369. How I motivate you on a daily basis?

370. What thing is most surprised you about me?

371. How can I feel you more special?

372. When was the first moment you want to kiss me?

373. What thought come to your mind, when you first saw me?

375. Why do you think we really meet each other?

376. How you introduce me in front of others?

378. What’s your favorite place for the first date night?

379. What your favorite body part whom you enjoy kissing?

380. What song did you dedicate to me when you miss me?

381. Where you want to go with me?

382. What physical looks of mine, most attractive to you?

383. What is your favorite romance movie?

384. Do you have any unfulfilled sex desire, which you really want yo enjoy at once?

384. Who is the person whom you respect most in your life and why?

385. Would you allow me to do work in an office or work from someone else?

386. Are you pet loving person or not?

387. Have you ever lost someone special whom you truly love?

388. How would you handle, if we had trouble while pregnancy?

389. What do you think about adoption?

390. How much importance do you give to happy birthdays, anniversary and other important holidays?

391. What do you think about marriage?

392. How do you deal with your feeling and emotions alone?

393. What is your wildest fantasy?

394. How is a perfect romantic date, according to you?

395. What would you like to more in bed with me?

396. What a night thought’s about me?

397. Have you ever dirty dream about me?

398. How we enjoy a romantic vacation?

399. What is your favorite time of day have sex?

400. What sex position you like most and why?

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401. What is the importance of sex in Our relationship?

402. Along with Orgasms what is the best part about sex?

403. What does the thing is better than having sex?

404. How should I turn you on outside bed?

405. What is the most embarrassing thing while having sex according to you?

406. What was your first sexual experience and how do you feel that time?

407. At what age you fall in love?

408. Are you satisfy with our sexual intimacy?

409. What things make you more romantic?

410. What’s your philosophy of love?

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Date Nights Questions for Couples

Date Nights Question for couples

Communication is the key to every successful relationship, so it’s better to speak and ask questions to your partner as much as possible for the last long relationship.

411. What foods remind you of me?

412. Which of your parents are you like most and why?

413. What’s my best physical feature that attracted you most?

414.What you like more kissing or hugging and why?

415. When did you know you want monogamous with me?

416. What’s Favourite nickname and why you like?

417. What is your guilty pleasure?

418. If you have no work in your entire life, what would you do?

419. What’s your dream home destination and how do you achieve this?

420. Are you believing in karma?

421. Do you have faith in giving a second chance to yourself?

422. What is your one good habit and a bad habit?

423. What’s your favorite season and how you enjoy it?

424. Are you a bathroom singer?

425. What’s your all-time favorite drama or movie?

426. If you give a chance to fulfill your wish, what is this?

427. Who was your first celebrity crush and why?

428. What meal do you like most?

429. Would you like so many friends or one best friend?

430. What is that thing you never tried till now?

431. What do you like most sunset or sunrise?

432. How you spent time if there is no electricity for a long time?

433.If we made a movie together what the name of that movie?

434. What was that thing that makes you so proud of your existence?

435. What a great lesson you learn from your parents?

436. What your favorite thing about the job?

437. When did you know you are in love with me?

438. How did you know wanted to marriage with me and how you feel about marriage?

439. Who is your biggest inspiration during tour teenage?

440. Do you remember our first kiss and how you feel that time?

441. What do you think about an ideal couple looks like?

442. Do you have faith in soulmates?

443. If sometimes you angry upon me, how I deal with that situation?

444. What would you grab my attention?

445. What is your best 5 happiest moment of your life?

446. What is a good marriage according to you?

447. What is the biggest lesson you learned from your mistakes?

448. What would you do, if you read my mind?

449. When you feel more anxiety and how you overcome it?

450. What is the best friend’s definition according to you?

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451. Do you believe love is blind or not?

452. What are your one biggest success and failure?

453. Do you think about what ways we equal?

454. What change do you realize in yourself after meeting us?

456. What things hesitate you while talking with me?

457. What is the one thing you want to change in your personality?

458. What quality in you, your parents like most?

459. Why do you think you are capable of achieving anything?

460. When do you realize you were very close to me?

461. Do you have faith in God or not?

462. What things you always count on me?

463. How Can I pray for you?

464. When did you first notice me and what you think at that time?

467. Do you give freedom to me ask anything?

468. Do you feel insecure ever about our love?

469. How do you consider me as an optimist or a pessimist?

470. What is the best thing you learned from God?

471. Do you believe in spirituality?

472. What your current source of motivation and stress?

473. How mature you are?

474. How much I connected with you?

475. What about marriage makes you happy or sad?

476. How is your soul connect with God?

Couple Questions About Having Kids

Question for couples about kids

Kids not helping us to make our relationship strong but also make us responsible for life and connected emotionally as a parent.

477. How we take care of our Child?

478. What positive value have our children added to our life?

479. Do you like children or not?

480. How many children do you need in our life?

481. How well we manage our job as a parent?

482. What is the best possible way to grow up our kids?

483. Do you afford kids in our life?

484. How you will manage if we have some issues during pregnancy?

485. How much impact a kid make in our relationship?

486. What values do you want to teach our kids?

487. How much are we supporting our children?

488. Where we are growing up with our kids?

489. What is the name of our kids?

490. How do you feel if our kids sleeping between us?

491. How to teach discipline to our child?

492. How we secure the future of our kids?

493. What type of education do we provide for them?

494. How will we keep our relationship after having kids?

495. What’s our primary goal of having kids?

496. What’s your greatest fear as a parent?

497. How we make our child physically and mentally strong?

498. How we make our child multi-talented?

499. How we manage our personal or professional life after having kids?

500. How many funds did we collect to secure our kid’s future?

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Road Trip Questions For Couples

Road trip Question for couples

Everyone in their life wants to travel as much as possible and this is the best thing if you travel with your partner or want to make your relationship last long.

501. What would you prefer a beachside holiday or adventure Holiday trip?

502. what would you like a boring job with an awesome city or best job with a boring City?

503. what way do you like to travel by car or airplane?

504. Do you prefer a romantic evening or adventure travel?

505. How can I help you to make your day?

506. What thing you first notice about me?

507. Do you like traveling or prefer to live at home?

508. Who is your best friend and why you trust them?

509. What would you do for traveling ad how you manage your travel expenses?

510. Do you prefer coffee or tea?

511. what is your dream place and why you want to travel?

512. What’s your favorite dish?

513. As a couple where you want to go?

514. What is your most favorite holiday destination?

515. How would you relax after a long trip?

516. How you manage traveling stress?

517. What is the longest trip you ever taken?

518. What is your best travel experience till now?

519. How you communicate with people while traveling?

520. How romantic you are while traveling?

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