Good Night Pick Up Lines For Your Crush (Best 60+)

Good Night Pick Up Lines

Good night pick up lines help you to remind your partner that you care about them before going to sleep and it also helps you to keep maintain your relationship either its a long-distance relationship or not.

If you send good night pick up lines to your partner it’s a good way to impress them because the first impression is the last impression and it also helps in developing good communication.

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Romantic Good Night Pick Up Lines:

Romantic Good Night Pick Up Lines

1. Good night dear love, I hope your dreams are as sweet as you are to me.

2. I think tonight starts are shining more in the sky because you are smiling more.

3. I hope you are also thinking about me, whenever I am going to sleep on bed the last thing that comes in my mind is you.

4. In this world, nothing is a matter for me except, good night and have sweet dreams.

5. It’s very hard for me to sleep without you, I and my bed really miss you.

6. Have a good night, I am sending you a kiss which saves you from any bad dreams.

7. You know why I love to sleep every night because you daily coming in my dreams to meet me.

8. Because of your million dollar smile, stars are shining in the sky.

9. Your kiss is just like oxygen and without it, I never sleep at night.

10. I don’t know what I do without you the same as what night do without the moon and stars.

11. I am really excited about that day when you sleep on my bed, and I saw your beautiful face all night.

12. I wish I am your pillow so I can daily sleep with you every night.

13. I just wanted to wish you good night because you are the true love of my dreams.

14. When I saw you, my heart jumping so I fix it with glue, so when I saw you in my dreams see you without any disturbance.

15. I never want that night, in which you are not coming in my dreams.

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16. Your smiling teeth are just like a candle, which removes all the darkness in the night.

17. Your good night hug is just like a million-dollar lottery ticket for me, I love you.

18. I feel very lucky for myself because every night when I sleep you coming in my dreams with a beautiful smile.

19.When I think about you before going to sleep on my bed, your thoughts giving me butterflies on my stomach.

20. Every night I wish you give me a hug and kiss before I am going to sleep.

21. Whenever I am feeling uncomfortable sleeping at night, I take your name, it really works like magic for me.

22. It’s very hard to dreaming anything about you in my dreams until you come to sleep with me.

23. Whenever I miss you, I just hug my pillow and I am feeling bad at that time.

24. Whenever I saw a moon at night its reminds me of your face and I watch it continuously until I sleep.

25. I hate to say you good night because you are not losing to me, so how I kiss you.

Romantic Good Night Pick Up Lines

26. You are the only person of my dreams whom I allow to come into my dreams.

27. Your single kiss melts me instantly and this is the reason why I sleep very well every night.

28. I wish after every night when I wake up, you just sleep next to me.

29. Every day and night I only dreaming about you my love.

30.No matter how much you far away from me, but every night you come in my dreams.

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Best Good Night Pick up Lines:

Best Good Night Pick up Lines

31. Are you a Wi-Fi, cause every night I automatically connected to you.

32. Every night miss you, more than last night. Good night my love.

33. Good night my love, sleep well so I can come and meet you in your dreams.

34. Tell me how I unsubscribe you from my heart, every night my heart get notification from your side and miss you so much.

35. Hi, my love, please sleep tight, so I can give you a tight hug during the night.

36. It’s my wish you hold my hand and together we count starts the whole night.

37. Tonight It’s my wish to miss you til morning, I want to feel my every moment with you someday.

38. I am ready to walk millions of miles with you, to sleep with you every night. I love you, dear.

39. Most of the time at night when I feel uncomfortable while thinking about you, I really need you at that time.I miss you so much.

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40. Every night my heart wants to sleep with you.

41. It’s my dream that you touch me one day so, I can tell my friends that I touched by an angel.

42. Take off your shirt so that I come closer to your heart and feel your heartbeat the whole night.

43. As a partner I always want you to kiss me every night and love me forever.

44. Will you marry me for tonight only.

45. You have no idea how much I miss you at night just the same as starts found in the sky.

46. Every night I want one night stand with you, I love you so much.

47. Every night before you going to sleep, remember that I can’t live without you.

48. Hi love sleep well, and I will meet you in your dreams.

49. Good night, may I miss you till morning.

50.Are want to busy with me Tonight at 4 a:m.

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Funny Good Night Pick up Lines:

Funny Good Night Pick up Lines

51. I lost my teddy bear so I can unable yo sleep, can I sleep with you tonight?

52. Did you find it, if I kiss you whole night?

53. After every night, call me I want to hear your voice.

54. Whenever I feel alone I text you, I love you.

55.The biggest issue I have right now that I feel uncomfortable in sleep on my bed without you. Please solve my problem now.

56. I always want that my every night is filled with your love and I lost in your love.

57. You are my most favorite person in the world, good night.

58. I automatically start smiling just like a truck when I saw you in my dreams.

59. You are my ice cream, and I want to taste you all night.

60. Because of you, my good night is good.

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