Smile Pick Up Lines For Your Crush (Best 65+)

Smile Pick Up Lines

As a person, if you are dating someone or romance it important for you to know some smile pick up lines, so you can impress and laugh your crush.

It is true that women like a smart man but they like more who make them smile and feel comfortable.

As you know the first impression is the last impression, so it’s good if you impress your crush with smile pick up lines. If you use the right smile pick up lines on the right situation than you successfully get your love.

Here I am going to share with you the best smile pick up lines for your crush which really helps you to impress them.

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Best Smile Pick Up Lines

Best Smile Pick Up Lines

1. Your smile is just like sunshine.

2. Wait a minute, may I know you? Right, you are the person with a beautiful smile.

3. Have you always looking cute or work on your smile?

4. Your smile is just like moonlight which is enough to shine for a whole night.

5.If someone writes a book on your smile than it is one of the bestseller books.

6. I am sorry I am an artist so it’s my job to stare a beautiful smile on your face.

7. I am a thief and I am here to steal your beautiful smile.

8. Would you like to come over? My mom wants to be first to meet the girl of my dreams who has a beautiful smile.

9. You have the brightest smile I have ever seen.

10. Are you exhausted, because of the way you smile always running in my mind?

11. You are always looking sexy whenever you smile.

12. Smile if you want to spend quality time with me.

13. I don’t know how I react over on your smile, are you, my friend, or my enemy.

14. I will offer a favorite meal if you smile.

15. When I saw a smile on your face, I really lost my heart.

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16. If someone asks me what is the most beautiful thing in your life, I asked them to see your smile.

17. I love your smile because it reminds me of my soul mate whom I will marry someday.

18. Is your dad is a thief? Then who stole the spark from the starts and put them in your smile.

19. Do you mind if I flirt with you and your smile

20. Excuse me, which is the best smile to pick up lines, which perfectly describe your smile.

21. May I have the direction of your heart so I feel happy whenever you smile.

22. I am not drunk, just intoxicated by your cute smile.

23. Is there an airport near here so I cant take off my heart on your smile.

24. My friends told me that you are living in this life because of your smile.

25. Your mother must be an alien because no one in this world who have a beautiful smile like you.

Best Smile Pick Up Lines

26. If it is possible to rearrange the alphabet, I will arrange U and I together so I saw your smile forever.

27. If I had handcuffs, I’d lock you and me forever.

28. Tell me what is my mistake if a guy like me always looks on your beautiful smile.

29. Hi, will you reject me, I am falling in love with your smile.

30. Whenever I saw a beautiful smile on your face, I forget everything.

31. It’s a good thing that I have my gloves because you’d be too hot to handle when you are smiling.

32. Yesterday I found a magic lamp and I asked the genie may I fallen love on your smile, Did it work?

33. Was it love at first sight or should I fall again on your smile?

34. Can I get your fake number so can I saw your real cute smile?

35. You look even better than your photo because in the photo I can’t saw your smiling face.

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36.The reason why I coming on this planet because of your smile.

37. Excuse me may I sit here for a moment show I look your smile very closely.

38. When I saw in your eyes I lost in my dreams, one a moment I really think its a reality.

39. Hey please learn me how you smile beautifully.

40. Trust me or not but you have a million-dollar smile.

41. You know what I really looking for you, just your smile.

42.Every time when I saw you my heart smiling automatically.

43. Because of your smile, I laugh more nowadays and cry a little less.

44. Do you bleach your teeth? The reason is you have a very shiny smile.

45. Do you have a map? Whenever I saw your smile, I lost my way where to go?

46. There is one thing I always want to change is your last name, so it’s easy for me to saw your beautiful smile every day.

47.Want to get some coffee with me, because I want to saw your smile very closely.

48. I am sure you are an electrician, where ever you go, you brighten the surroundings whenever you smile.

49. Sorry, I can’t stop kiss you, I can’t on myself because I love your smile.

50. Your smile is like a WhatsApp status, I really want to update it daily.

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Smile Pick Up Lines For Your Crush

51. Your smile is like my favorite song, hard to forget, and always on my mind.

52. Your smile is just like a bank loan? because you got my interest?

53. I forget my smile pick lines every time when I saw a cute smile on your face.

54. Whenever I saw a smile on your face, I feel jealous because I never saw a smile like you in my life.

55.I’m sorry, something wrong with my eyes, I can’t stop seeing you a smile on your face.

56. Is your name is Wi-Fi, whenever I saw your smile, I feel connected?

57. Let’s flip a coin. Heads your mine and tails I am your for forever.

58. Are you a phone charger, because whenever I saw a smile on your face, I feel charge myself.

59. My doctors say I am lacking vitamin U and it is completed when I saw daily a beautiful smile on your face.

60. What’s your name or may I call you to mine forever?

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61. Your smile is like water, which satisfies the same as a person who needs water while they feel thirsty.

62. I will offer your favorite Coke, so you feel happier and smile more.

63. It’s my wish whenever I wake up in the morning I start my day with your beautiful smile on your face.

64. Without your smile, I feel incomplete.

65. Guess what I am always thinking about you, it’s your smile.

66. I feel very passionate to talk with you whenever I saw a cute smile on your face.

67. When I met you the first time, I was witness like millions of smiles in my life.

68. In this life, nothing make me happy except your smile.

69. I don’t know why I am feeling sad when I can’t saw your smile.

70. I am ready to do anything to watch a beautiful smile on your face.

Smile Pick Up Lines For Your Crush (Best 65+)

Bottom line for smile pick up lines:

Most of the time you have no idea what smile pick up lines you said to your crush so they impress. Get some smile pick up lines from the above lines and improve your dating and flirting experience.

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