Why I Miss My Ex So Much

Why I Miss My Ex So Much

After the break up its a very common thing why I miss my ex so much, every person facing this problem.

When I miss my ex so much its simply means you feeling sad and think about that person whom you still love is not present around you anymore.

Don’t feel anything bad about that why I miss my ex so much, its a part of life and you need some time to move on from this situation.

After breakup Its never easy to forget your ex suddenly and you never miss your ex because breakup will cause emptiness in your life and not easy to fill right away.

Every person wants the solution to that question why I miss my ex so much and how I move on from the pain of a breakup.

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I Miss My Ex

 I Miss My Ex

Remember one thing don’t feel panic if you miss your ex after the breakup, its a normal thing.

Recently losing your partner and miss your ex is a very natural process and forget your ex is very hard sometimes.

You miss your ex because you share the most memorable moment with your ex and this moment is a very significant part of your life.

Why you miss my ex so much, the simple answer is the time you spent with your ex and the sweet memories are pop in your mind and you need to forget all these things around 6-12 months after the breakup.

After a break-up people facing the different stages of a breakup and they miss their ex-partner during all these break-up stages.

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Why I miss my ex so much?

Why I Miss My Ex So Much
After a breakup, there are 7 stages of a breakup in which I miss my ex so much, and later on, I moved from all and achieve the stage where I can’ miss my ex anymore.

Shock, denial, sadness, depression, acceptance, disengagement, and moving on. These are the 7 stages of a break up when a person is dealing with it and miss their ex during passing these stages.

Here is the main reason why I miss my ex so much, the answer is your ex is not now the part of your present life from whom you make a promise to live life long in a relationship.

Sometimes you feel happy about thinking good memories with your ex and sometimes you feel sad and miss your ex-partner to much, it’s all about your mind which is closely connected to your past memories, because of all this you never forget your ex and miss them so much.

One of the other main reasons why you miss your ex, in the past you spend together regularly so much time with them like-in cooking, shopping, watching movies, going on vacation or other important activities.

After break up performs all your regular activities without your ex, then these things really break your heart, and that time you really miss your ex-partner.

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I miss my ex so much. How do I stop thinking about them?

Why I Miss My Ex So Much
It’s not easy to start a new relationship with someone if you still thinking about your ex after the breakup and your miss your ex so much.

If you really want a new happy relationship with someone you have to stop thinking about your ex otherwise you are not feeling happy in your new relationship.

It is true you cannot change your past but you can change your mindset and minimize the effect of your past, so your present is not affected.

It’s your responsibility do not allow others to control your life, in the same way, do not allow your past to control your present and future.

Give some time to yourself, go outside with friends, and spend some time with your family so you can feel good.

With a positive approach keep busy yourself with those activities which really make you happy like swimming, dancing, singing or any other activities.

One of the most important reasons why people do not stop thinking about their ex after break up because they feel guilty about that and thinking that they are responsible for their breakup and this things really affects mentally and physically, so you need to avoid this if you really want to stop thinking about your ex.

Never blame yourself about your break up instead of blaming yourself to blame the situation and condition and it is very true that our mind reactions change according to time and situation, so don’t take all blame and stop thinking about your ex, simply start focus on your present.

If you apply an optimistic and positive approach in your life and put continue efforts on making your life better, no doubt you start a new relationship with others very soon, without having any problem.

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How Do I Get My Ex Back whom I miss so much

How Do I Get My Ex Back whom I miss so much

It’s very hard to forget about your past and start a new relationship. So if you still think why I miss my ex you so much and no life without them, then you really need to focus on how do I get my ex back but it’s not so easy.

If you are really serious about how do you get your ex back then you need to follow no contact rule, after a break doesn’t try to contact or reply to your partner for around 1 month, you have to totally ignore them. In the meantime later or sooner your ex really misses you and seriously thinks about you again.

Get out of the town with your friends and try to show your ex that without them you also live without any worry.
Enjoy some time with your friend and realize your ex that without them you still feel happy and these things really make your ex feels jealous and they really take you seriously in your life.

Never show your ex that you also miss them and feeling sad whenever you think about them. It is better you keep silence and not to disclose anyone about it until your ex misses you and try to contact you from their side.

Try to change yourself make new friends, learn new habits so it will help you to choose your personality and treat yourself more confident, Later or sooner if your ex notices all this, they really start thinking to live together with you.

Get back your ex is not a one day deal, you need a lot of patience and require continued efforts, so your ex takes you seriously and again dreaming their life with you.


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