Love Is Not Enough Reasons Why Relationship Fail (2023)

Love Is Not Enough Reasons Why Relationship Fail

Most people still have a question love is not enough reasons why relationship fail? If you ask someone why do you marriage many people still answer because they love someone, that’s why they marriage but when you ask them why is your love relationship fails after marriage they have no right answer to this question?

The answer is very simple emotions never rule us but those people who think that they spend their life because they inspire by their emotion, so they doing a big mistake & later they face failure in their relationship. Keep in mind love is an emotion only and it comes up & down according to time & situation, nothing is permanent.

Now today you find the insights on love is not enough reasons why relationship fail.

Love is not enough reasons why relationship fail

Love Is Not Enough Reasons Why Relationship Fail

1. Compatibility issue:

No matter how much you love each other but it’s not guaranteed that you are compatible with each other. May be your values or lifestyles really create problems in matching compatibility.

If you are not compatible with your partner you feeling unsatisfied, no matter how much you love your partner, it’s never easy to live with someone for a very long period of time if you have a compatibility issue.

2.Are your partner respect you:

There is no doubt love is an important part of everyone’s life but what you do if you feel your partner is not respecting you and never try to understand you. They only love you when they need physical satisfaction.

Most people doing this mistake at the begging of their relationship feel very attracted towards their partner but after some time they lose their interest and they feel there is no love remaining because their partner is not respected anymore.

3.Love is not always sacrificing yourself:

Always keep in mind true love always needs sacrifice, so you make happy to your life partner. But how you feel when your partner never tries to make you happy and they never ready to do any sacrifice, they don’t care what you feel.

No doubt love is the most beautiful thing in the world but what you do if you always take charge to sacrifice but your partner is never taking any responsibility to make you happy, keep in mind love is not always sacrificing yourself. There is no means of a relationship if your partner never takes any initiative, no matter how much love you have.

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4.True love never needs to show off:

True love is not measured by something and it impossible to tell how much you love your partner but what you do if your partner only interested to show off their love in front of others and take your love as a business but never truly love you.

If you ask someone why would they get married, most of the answer because they want to spend some time with that person, they are so much attracted to that person?

And all these types of people really face a big problem in their life.

5.Their is no guarantee that love solves their all relationship problems:

In this world, every relationship has some problems and there is no guarantee you can solve all your love problems because you love them so much. It is very true love is a very powerful thing but it’s unable to solve your problems.

If you face problems related to finance, work, family, etc, it’s not guaranteed that your love solves all these problems until you take the right action & work hard.


Bottom line:

Life is very unpredictable, there are many ups & downs. It is true human is full of emotion but you have to watch carefully that you manage your emotion not your emotions manage you. Keep in mind love is a part of life and if you try that love is life, it’s the wrong direction. I agree love is part of life but everything is not love, there are so many things in life and you never control by love, you need so many things to run your life.

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