What Are The Dimensions Of Love? (2023)

What Are The Dimensions Of Love?

Are you really excited to know that what are the dimensions of love? There is no doubt love is one of the most amazing & beautiful things in life, it is very hard to explain but easy to know, anyone can feel this.

The meaning of love is different from person to person, everyone explains & feels it in their own way. It is a beautiful emotion that everyone wants to enjoy in their life.

The love is very complex to understand but also have some dimension that helps you what are the types of love, people are interconnected in the society.


What are the Dimensions of Love ( 7 dimensions)

What are the Dimensions of Love ( 7 dimensions)

1. Love is sensual:

In this type of dimension, love is performing between two-person especially to satisfy their emotions & sense. In this type of love people never love the other person without seeing each other. Both interchanges their love & fulfill their gratification. In this type of love people never ignored the physical relationship. This type of love is mainly performed by couples or partners.

2.Love is care

Love does not teach about your emotion but it also learn you how you show your care for other people to make them happy. If you love someone you are ready to do anything for them to make them happy. Love without taking action has no meaning, if you really love someone then you have to prove them by taking action and show them how much you care.

3.Love is compassion:

In this type of love, people are ready to live together for long life with a deep understanding that they will be always there no matter it’s a good or a bad time. They share everything between them and always committed to helping others in every situation of life. In this type of love, both people have deep sympathy for their pain, sufferings & huge respect for each other.

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4.Love is all about sharing:

The family is a perfect example of this type of love. In family people sharing everything with others. If you are not able to share the things with your family, then it simply means that you do not truly love your family. Love is all about sharing means is the more you share the things in your family the better love you get. You never proof someone that you love them until you share the things with them whatever you have in your life.


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5.Love is a trust:

If there is no trust in a relationship, then there is no means of love. Without trust, there is no god. If you truly love someone, it simply means you completely trust them. There is no doubt trust plays an important role in their in making your love & relationship healthy. If you do not trust anyone, it’s hard to prove that you truly love them.

6.Love is reverence:

This type of love dimension not really helps you to understand that if you love a person, it simply means you also respect the person the same as a god. In the case of god you not love the person but also respect from the bottom of the heart. Love teaches us that you love every person no matter they are superior or inferior to you, you have to respect all.

7.Love is a friendship:

always keep in mind without friendship, love never completes. Love is never sustained until your mind is not matching. The more you understand your partner or treat them as friends the better you understand them. If you know your partner as a friend, then your life is going very smoothly. Friendship is never disappeared if you truly love someone.

The bottom line:

In this world most people really make a big mistake in understanding love, they only think if you are physical with someone, that love. But the truth is physical love is not last long. You never happy in your relationship until you give physical preference over another love dimension. If you really want to make your life & relationship beautiful, then all you need to apply all the dimensions of love in your life.


What are the Dimensions of Love

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