Short Love Quotes Top 50 Best Short Love Quotes For You

Top 50 best short love quotes for you

No one ignores the fact that the power of short love quotes is undeniable that really helps you to express your thought or feeling to someone and make your complicated love into true love.

There is no doubt in this life everyone wants true love but very very few get true love in their life, so if you are the one who looking for short love quotes so they express their feeling to their partner in form of words, then you are coming to the right place.

Top 50 best short love quotes for you

short love quotes

1. True love takes time but going on forever.

2.I want nothing your love is the answer to everything in my life.

3.I love life not because of you but because of your love.

4.Time never creates a problem if you have true love.

5.No one stops you love each other if you are a true soulmate.

6.Keep in mind the more you love, the better you get.

7.Its my wish I kiss you every day until my last breath to remind you how much I love you.

8.Love is the tuning of a true life partner.

9.Time never beat the feeling of true love.

10.Love & dreams have no impossibilities.

11.Your voice is my favorite sound and I want to hear it until I live.

12.My favorite & safest place on this earth, when I am next t you.

13.My love starts & ends only for you.

14.The way you love me, no one can love me, the way I care for you no one can care for you.

15.You are my only hope of happiness when I am with you.

16.I never want to live a life of 100 years but I always prefer to live a one-moment life with you.

17.I never want to be your first kiss, I always want to your last kiss for forever.

18.Its my wish every morning when I wake up, you are the next who laying on the bed with me.

19.The true love doesn’t mean how long you love each other but the important thing is how deeply you love each other from the bottom of your heart.

20.Its my promise until I love my heart is yours.

21.The ultimate aim of my life is to live with you and make you happy.

22.I am ready to take any risk in my life to make you happy because your smile gives me an awesome feeling.

23.After my parents you are the reason to live my life.

24.As my lungs can survive without air, same my heart is not live without you.

25.When I looked into your eyes I forget everything.


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short love quotes Top 50 best short love quotes for you

26.You are the answer to my all life problems.

27.I never forget the day, when I met you the first time.

28.Your love simply change my life, you simply change me.

29.No words us enough to prove how much I love you.

30.True love is never caring what is wrong or what is right, it only cares about the person whom you love so much.

31.All of mine, love to you.

32.If someone tells me what is love, I tell your name.

33.You are the first and last thought in mind every day.

34.I never know the meaning of true love until I met you, thanks for coming into my life.

35.Because of you, now I understand every quote of love very easily.

36.The feeling you give to love you, I never felt before.

37.I don’t know how long I live in this life, but whatever moment I live I completely live with you.

38.I never imagine my life without you, so never forget me.

39.The day I miss you hug & kiss, it will be the last day of my life.

40.I don’t know I never stop thinking about you, I think you hack everything of mine.

41.I cares you from the bottom of my heart, I never want to see your sad face.

42.The true love is no replaceable the more you do the better you get.

43.The day without love simply means that there is a means of living life.

44.Everything is possible in love and war, but if you want to stop the war, then starting loving your enemy.

45.Just come into my heart, I never take any rent.

46.You are my first choice & my last option. I can’t imagine myself without you.

47.Life is very unpredictable no one knows what happens next, but one is never to change my love for you.

48.Your love is amazing, your love makes me weak but at the same time, it makes me strong.

49.The best part of my life when you hold my hand & I feel the love is totally changing my life.

50.My darling you are perfect for me. I fall in love with you forever.

best short love quotes for you

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