Relationship Checklist for Healthy Relation With 9+ Best Points

Relationship Checklist

Everyone wants a healthy relationship but without a proper relationship checklist, it’s not possible to maintain a long life relationship.

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine that you are compatible with your partner or not.

Every relationship starts with spark and passion but later on when time passes many couples finding themselves drifting apart and confuse how they maintain their relationship in a healthy manner.

There are so many reasons which are responsible for lack of intimacy in relationship like stress on the job, financial insecurity, child, and family responsibilities.

Sometimes your closet relationship may go wrong and you have no idea what to do. The relationship checklist really helps you keep your relationship active and healthy forever.

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Relationship Checklist You Must Follow:

Relationship checklist You Must Follow
1. Always trust in a partner:

It is one of the most important things that you always trust in your partner. It takes some time to build trust with your gives some time to make trust in each other.

2. Love yourself:

If you truly love yourself then you easily understand the meaning of self-respect, a positive self-image, and unconditional self-acceptance.

When you love yourself then you are capable of loving and accepting someone else easily and respect others’ feelings.

3.Considered Your Partner as a Friend:

It’s a great concept If you consider your partner as a friend than its easy for you to communicate well as a friend.

One of the biggest advantages of your partner as a friend is you know each other very well and what is good and bad things of you so it really helps you to grow old each other and connect you at a deeper level.

4. Listen to your partner:

It is a good sign of any relationship and if you understand your partner and listen very carefully.

If you give full attention to your partner and understand what they want from you and how you make your dreams come true.

If you listen to you each other than there is no misunderstanding that happens between so.

5.Unconditionally support each other:

The future of your relationship totally depends on you how long you support each other, mentally, emotionally, and physically in every way.

support plays a very important role in how your relationship works in a long time.

6.Good Communication:

In a healthy relationship, good communication is the key to the success of your relationship with your partner.

Good communication not only helps you to share your ideas and values to your partner but also help you to build a strong trust.

7. Do you always inspire each other:

In every relationship, it is one of the common things that you lose your interest and feel boring in your relationship, the main reason behind this is you not inspire each other.

If you inspire partner regularly than your partner realize that you really think about them without any selfishness.

If you inspire each other to achieve their goal than your relationship looks fresh for a long time and you feel passionate about each other.

8.Mutual Respect and Understanding:

If you really want to earn respect in your relationship firstly you give it to your partner than you receive it.

The way or understanding you want to expect from others, first, you show it to others. Mutual respect and understanding are very important for a healthy relationship.


Strong intimacy means a strong relationship with your partner. A good intimacy shows how you emotional, personal, and physical closeness to a person.

Whenever you got a chance to intimate with your partner never miss it because your regular intimacy works amazing for you in a long run, it really helps you to keep alive your love feelings to each other.


In this, world nobody is perfect does you have the courage of acceptance of your partner in any condition even they make a big mistake or they have some bad habits like drinking and smoking.

If you really accept your partner honestly and forgive them in any condition, no doubt your relationship going last long.

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Relationship Checklist Question:

Relationship Checklist Question

Ask these questions to yourself and analyze it where are you stand right now in your relationship and what areas do you want to work on to improve your relationship.

1. Do you have your clear vision of your life goals or not?

2. Are you feel happy and enjoy your relationship without any worry?

3. Do you respect each other or not?

4. Are you regularly spend quality time and feeling passionate to each other.

5. Do you inspire each other daily or not?

6. How much you are committed to each other?

7. How you support each other in a hard time?

8. Do you know about what is your short term and long term goals?

9. What do you want to achieve together in the next 5 or 10 Years?

10. How much you are intimate with each other?

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11.In what way you keep your trust alive and how much you trust each other?

12. Are you thinking the same and what is your compatible level?

13. How much you put effort to understand each other?

14. How much you do sacrifice for each other?

15. How much you emotionally connected to each other?

16. What is that thing which frustrates your partner and how you fix it?

17.How much you put your efforts to make your relationship strong and trustful.

18. How much you love and take care of each other?

19. Do you give your partner some personal space or not?

20. How much you boost confidence in your partner to deal with daily life situations?

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Bad Relationship Checklist:

Bad Relationship Checklist

1. You both lie to each other and hide things.

2. Are you avoid spend some quality time with each other.

3.Didn’t care about your partner only live together to fulfill your selfish needs.

4. Try to ignore your partner in public and felt them down in front of others.

5.Anger and fight with your partner without any reason.

6. Never listen to your partner and create unnecessary arguments.

7. Avoid in lovemaking and not come to each other.

8. Are you try to control your partner.

9. Are you emotionally blackmail to your partner?

10. Are you always try to keep hurting your partner?

11. Are you judge your partner with every small thing?

12. Never agree to solve your problems in a good manner?

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Sign Of a Healthy Relationship:

Sign of a healthy relationship

1. Never try to change your partner, accept them as it is.

2. Fairly discuss any issue and avoid a fight between you.

3. Never bound to your partner to achieve their goal and aim.

4. Both feel attraction and sexually compatible with each other.

5. Always gives priority to each other, never ignore each other.

6. Feel proud while living with your partner and always appreciate each other.

7. Support each other unconditionally in every situation of life.

8. Effectively communicate with each other and never hesitate to share their opinion on the important decisions of life.

9.Huge respect for each other and always ready to do anything to make happy with each other.

10. Give personal space to each other if required.

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