Relationship Questions To Ask Your Partner (2021)

Relationship Questions To Ask Your Partner (2021)

Are you want to know what relationship questions to ask your partner? A good relationship questions not only helps you to fix your relationship but also gives clarity about your partner and make your relationship life long healthy.

If you are the one, who facing trouble in their relationship to understand your partner and there are a lot of misunderstandings, then you really need relationship questions which really helps you to get back your relationship on the right track and make your relationship healthy.

Do you have no idea what type of relationship questions to ask your partner, then you are coming to the right place, here you find some awesome relationship questions which really helps you to make your relationship strong and healthy?

List of Relationship Questions To Ask Your Partner

Relationship Questions

1.What is one best thing in our relationship you like very much?

2.What is the one thing you don’t like in our relationship?

3.What do you think where this relationship will go?

4.What do you expect from our relationship?

5.What is the one thing you really want to change in me?

6.According to you what is the best way to keep healthy your relationship?

7.What is the one thing you don’t like about me?

8.What is the one thing you really think you are lacking in our relationship?

9.What do you think about how we make our relationship more better, any suggestions?

10.What is the biggest achievement till now in our relationship?

11.What is the biggest mistake we have done in our relationship and how you fix this?

12.When you saw me the first time, what is your first impression of me?

13.Do you think we are able to disturb each other life equally in a positive way?

14.What do you think a how you gain trust in your relationship with your partner?

15.What is the ideal relationship according to you?

16.How often do you laugh together?

17.What is your biggest expectation from our relationship?

18.Do you like to offer me hugs and kiss on a daily basis?

19.How an ideal day look like in your relationship?

20.Where goals you want to set to make your relationship happier?

21.What is your greatest mistake in your relationship, you still regret?

22.What is your greatest achievement you always feeling proud about our relationship?

23.When I am not with you, how much you miss me?

24.What hobbies of mine do you like most about me?

25.What is the one thing you always want to change in me?

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26.What is the one thing you never want to change in me?

27.What is your biggest failure in our relationship?

28.What is your biggest success in our relationship?

29.What type of values you really want in your relationship?

30.What is friendship means to you?

31.What do you think about a family and how much family plays an important role to make our relationship healthy?

32.What is your best memory of our relationship?

33.What is the worst memory do you think about our relationship?

34.What is your favorite book?

35.What is your favorite song you really dedicate to our relationship?

36.What is your favorite hobby, you always like to prefer?

37.What is the one thing which really inspires you to make you are responsible for your relationship?

38.What is the one thing you always proud of in your relationship?

39.What is your favorite song you dedicated to me?

40.What is the best thing do you have in you, which you suppose every person must have if they really want to make their relationship happy?

List of Relationship Questions To Ask Your Partner

41.What do you think about emotional cheating?

42.What do you think about how much trust is important in our relationship?

43.Do you believe in destiny or faith?

44.What is the one word you represent for your relationship?

45.What is the one thing that makes you fall in love with me in your relationship?

46.What is one biggest difference between us, which you never like to change?

47.What is the one difference between us, you always want to change and why?

48.Why do you love me? What is the meaning of real love in your life?

49.How romantic you are? What is romance means to you?

50.What is the one thing you always want to do with me but never try?

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51.What is the one thing you never expect in our relationship but suddenly it happens?

52.What is the one thing do you in our relationship is lacking for?

53.What change do you really expect in our relationship which really makes us happy for life long?

54.How do you feel if you found that your partner is cheating in a relationship?

55.How do you feel if you know your partner is ready to do anything for your happiness?

56.What is the mental peace you found in our relationship?

57.Tell me how much sexy you are?

58.What do you think about traditional values?

59.What do you about love in our relationship?

60.Are you an introvert or extrovert type of person?

61.What type of personality you expect in your life partner?

62.What type of personality you never like in your partner?

63.What is your favorite game you always want to play, no matter what other people think?

64.Do you have the courage to love your partner in a public place?

65.Which is my zodiac sign?

66.What is the biggest dream in your life you always want to achieve at any cost?

67.What is your greatest fear in your life?

68.What is the greatest moment in your life, you always proud of?

69.What do you think about how well we work together as a team to achieve our life mutual goals?

70.What is the most precious moment in your life?



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Making a relationship is a cup of cake but maintaining it is really hard. If you really want to maintain it successfully you have a good idea of what your partner is expecting from you in this relationship.

And after reading the above questions now you have good ideas about what relationship questions you really ask your partner and work on it, so you never face any problem in your relationship.

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