Ask Your Sexy Girlfriend 9 True Questions To Check Their Truthfulness

Sexy Girlfriend

Truth and honesty play a very important role in making your relationship strong. Here 10 questions to ask your sexy girlfriend that can help you check their truthfulness without causing any relationship problem.

Ask Your Sexy Girlfriend True Questions


1. Ask her do they think you are sexy:

The question is not simple but also a powerful one. If she replied you positively in one or two words. Then ask again why they think that you are sexy. Sexy girlfriend response gives you a good idea about yourself what they really think about you.

If she does not honestly explain to you why you are looking sexy and then it’s a clear sign that you have to work on your relationship to make it strong and also need to grow your personality, so your sexy girlfriend feels proud to you that you are looking so sexy then her.

2. Ask your sexy girlfriend would she prefer to get back with her ex:

Ask your sexy girlfriend if she gets a chance to get back to her ex than what she prefers?Listen very carefully to how she replied to you, majorly girls said no in this situation.

But the main point is they never want to discuss with you her past life experiences and they change the topic very quickly.

If she avoids sharing about her past relationship, it shows that she has a lack of trust with you in the present relationship.

3.Question about the future:

Ask your sexy girlfriend if something happens between us in the future would you come back together with me and give us a second chance to our relationship?

The motive behind asking this question to your sexy girlfriend is that is she really serious about long term relationships with you and this gives you a good opportunity to start a good discussion about your relationship which really helps you to give clarity to your relationship.

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4. Ask her would you leave me if I was paralyzed or wound to a wheelchair?

If your sexy girlfriend gives you a positive replay that she never quit you in any situation that means she is a very supportive nature and really cares about you.

On the other side if your sexy girlfriend is not giving you a positive answer to this question then it shows that she lacks confidence about the relationship with you.

5. What is the colour of my eyes:

This question shows how much your sexy girlfriend pays attention to you and how you know each other.

If she answers right it means she notice you very carefully and think about you so much and you both are very close to each other.

If your sexy girlfriend is not giving you an appropriate answer, it simply means you need to lot of work on your relationship so you know each other in a very deep way.


6. Do you miss me or not:

You ask this question to your sexy girlfriend after being away from each other for some time.
Now see her reply how she reacts to this question if she reacts so emotionally and defines how much she misses you when you are not around her by a kiss and hug you.

But if your sexy girlfriend is not reacted so much and gives a neutral answer to this question than it shows that there is something wrong and your relationship is not so much trustworthy.

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7. If you could be with another guy, who would it be and why?

If your sexy girlfriend really loves you, may she gets angry with you because she never thinks about anyone except you. she always wants you from all time.

Yes, it is a tough question to answer, but if your sexy girlfriend is not answered you then it shows she only wants you and never think about live with anyone.

And in case she suggests you name of some another guy then it means you need to work on your relationship to make your relationship strong.

8. Ask her what she thinks about you:

Ask a question to your sexy girlfriend that describe about you in three words. Now after analyzing the answer to this question you get so much idea about what they thought about you and what things you need to improve in your relationship.

9. Situation Reaction Test:

If you really want to check the truthfulness of sexy girlfriend, take a situation reaction test of her.

What would you choose if you know there were an accident between both of us and you have only one chance to save one life, than whom you prefer to save you first?

This answer really realizes how much your partner loves you or not.

Most of the questions help you discover new things in your relationship between both of us. Ask all this question in a cool manner, show you really find each other come closer.


Sexy Girlfriend

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