Signs Of A Toxic Relationship 20+ Signs Understand Easily

Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Are you want to know about the signs of a toxic relationship and what is the definition of a toxic relationship.

Every healthy relationship is based on love, trust, and commitment. There are no doubt relationships always have challenges and require work on a regular basis if you want to make a good relationship with your partner.

In a healthy relationship, couples want to live together and love each other so much because they put equal effort to make each other happy and work as a team with mutual understanding.

Before you know what are the signs of a toxic relationship, firstly get some basic idea about the toxic relationship and how toxic people looks like.

Living in a toxic relationship is not good for anyone because in a toxic relationship both partners are trying to damage each other emotionally and physically on regular basis.

A toxic relationship spoils your self-esteem, your happiness, and the way you are thinking about your surroundings.

Now you have a question about why toxic relationships are bad for people, the answer is the toxic relationship really affects your emotions but also your spiritual health.

The person who is facing a toxic relationship is feeling depressed, useless, and upset all the time. If a person continues facing a toxic relationship, there is always a chance of suicide by them, if they not fix this as soon as possible.

The beginning of the toxic relationship starts from the honeymoon stage when you meet with your partner for the first time after marriage but unfortunately you don’t get any idea about that you are in a toxic relationship.

Here you will find some points which really help you what are the signs of a toxic relationship.

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Signs of a toxic relationship

Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

1. Putdowns:

Are you feeling your partner is always trying to put-downs not personally but also publicly?

They try to feel you guilty about your weight, height, family, and appearance.

They never miss any chance to insult you in front of others. This is a big sign of a toxic relationship.

2. Controlling you:

Do you think your partner is trying to controlling you and put detective eyes on you?

Your partner is always curious to know about where you going when you come and what are you doing with others.

Every time they try to ask this kind of question and they don’t want you to do anything without their permission, if you have a need to going outside, you have to take their permission.

3. Take No actions:

Your partner is always making a promise to you but never perform it. They just focus on words but not interested in doing any action.

They say I love you from the mouth but physically totally disappear.

Your partner is not showing any interest in you and take no action.

4.Try to change you:

Is your partner trying to change you according to their needs, no matter its a good or bad for you?

Your controlling partner always tries to change you, so you do not concentrate on you and they never want you to dominate them.

If your partner is always forcing you to change according to them what they want, it clearly shows they are a very clever or selfish person and they don’t want to give a chance to know about their secrets.

5.Detective eye on you:

One of the greatest sign of toxic relationship is your partner is not trust you and keep a detective eye on you.

Your partner reading your text message and checking your call history details without knowing you.

Your partner always wants to know about you where you go and whom you meet, what things you are talking about with others.


Your toxic partner never wants that you live your life in your conditions, they always want you to live your life on their conditions and you are totally dependent on them.

Your toxic partner always wants that you are totally dependent on them for everything, so they can easily control you and makes you an emotional fool.

7.Always fighting:

Are your partner always trying to fight with you without any reason and angry with you every time?

There is the main reason for doing regular fights with you either they don’t like you or they are busy with other people and they don’t want you to have clue something about them.

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Signs of a toxic relationship ( Random Signs):

Signs of a toxic relationship ( Random Signs)

Here are some more points which give you more clarity about what are the signs of a toxic relationship.

1. They don’t allow you to engage and meet with your family and friends.

2.They always take you things for granted and never take you seriously.

3.They never give you a priority and never care about your emotions and feelings.

4.Your love is not important for them, only their needs and selfish goals are important than you.

5.They always try to feel uncomfortable in front of others and saying wrong things about you.

6.They always trying to feel you jealous and always blame you for fighting between both of you.

7.Your partner randomly changes their behavior, if yes then it simply means they have some extra affairs and they don’t want to reveal in front of you.

8.They try to control you in every way, they want you to depend on them emotionally, physically, and financially.

9.In public they try to behave like a good person but personally treated you so bad.

10.They claims they love and care for you but the reality is totally different.

11.Your partner never hesitates to abuse you and if needed they will harm you physically.

12.Your partner never wants to share anything g about them but they always interested to know everything about you.

13.There is no personal space left for you, your partner always keeps you busy infighting and feeling you depressed, they never want you to grow yourself and one step away from them.

14.Last but not least, you don’t remember what was the last time, you smile and feel happy with your partner.

Toxic Relationship

A healthy relationship is a two-way street and on the other hand, a toxic relationship is a one-way street.

After reading the points you have a good idea about what are the signs of a toxic relationship and how they spoil your relationship.

If you are struggling with a toxic relationship better you solve this issue as soon as possible otherwise you may suffer too much.

If your all efforts fail and no plan is working to fix this issue, it is always better you move on and quit the relationship and start a new life.

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