Before Marriage Questions For Healthy Relationship (Best 60+ Question)

Before Marriage Questions

Are you looking for before marriage questions for a healthy relationship because getting married is very exciting, but its a very big decision so it’s not taken easily?

Before marriage questions not only helps to understand your partner in a better way but also give a clear vision to your relationship and clear your all doubt related to the after marriage relationship.

So nowadays it is very important for couples If they plan to get married, they need to ask before marriage question to each other in a right way and if they find any difficulty while answering the question, there you have to focus on the solution of the problem, how do you manage the problem.

Before marriage questions give you a clear idea about whether you are getting married to the right person or not, then after marriage you have no difficulty managing the relationship.

Before Marriage Questions ( Best Question to ask before marriage):

Before Marriage Questions ( Best Question to ask before marriage)

1. What is the commitment to you and how much you are committed to me?

2. What are your financial habits because money is the main reason to fight in the relationship?

3. How close do you find yourself with my family and friends?

4. If the is any wrong situation comes in your life, how do you manage stress and the situation?

5. How romantic you are and how do you express your love?

6. What is your main purpose in getting married to me?

7. What do you think about social media and how do you feel if I am using it?

8.How many kids you want after marriage and how we will secure their future?

9. Are you feeling comfortable expressing your sexual needs, preferences, and fears?

10. What is your greatest fear of getting married to me?

11. What is your greatest strength in getting married to me?

12.Do you ever feel like assertive with me why or why not?

13. Is there something that you expect most from me after marriage?

14. How do you manage both family members during the festivals or special occasions?

15. How religious person are you are, do you have faith in God?

16. How much you give respect to family values and traditions?

17. If you both doing any mistake, how will you forgive each other?

18. Do you respect the values and thoughts of me?

19. How do you avoid a fight between us and any misunderstanding?

20. How much you give the preference to physical appearance?

21. What are your financial goals and how do I help to achieve this?

22. How will you manage to spent quality time with me in a busy work schedule?

23. How our family plays an important role in our relationship after marriage?

24. How much we appreciate each other after marriage?

25. How open-minded you are, are you feeling comfortable if I am doing a job outside?

26. How do you control your anger and if there is any situation you are going out of control than how I will manage your anger?

27. Do you really want or expect me to change in some areas or not?

28. How do you spend most of your free time?

29.How we manage the child’s responsibility with the job and how to give time to our children?

30. Do you have a trust issue or lack of trust, then how do you manage this problem?

31. How much you need personal space or personal time to spend alone?

32. What do you think about having debt and how do you manage this?

33. How do you make a strong communication with me and how do you understand what I want from you?

34. How much sex is important for you and how are you comfortable while intimate relationships?

35. What your future plan after marriage and where you look yourself after 10 years?

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36. According to you what is the biggest difference we have?

37. What is the biggest similarity between us and how do you feel this?

38. How much effort is required to spark our relationship life long and what things you expect from me most after marriage?

39. Will you support me, if I am unable to support myself in any way?

40. Will you allow me, to achieve my goals after marriage?

41. If we have no kids, do you adopt kids or not?

42. What is the best dish you will cook for me?

43. How to remove the boring and lack of interest in the relationship and how I will help you to manage this?

44. What is the best reason according to you why people should get married?

45. What is your retirement plan and how will you achieve this?

46. Do you allow my parents to visit us?

47. One is the one thing you like most about me?

48. What is one thing you never expect from me after marriage?

49. What is the one thing you never ignore after marriage which is related to me?

50. What is an opinion on cheating and how do you react when you know I am cheating with you?

51. How romantic are you and how will you entertain me while lovemaking?

52. How you manage professional and family life together?

53. What do you think about how you prove yourself as a great parent?

54. Does your partner really care about you and how much they value your thoughts and opinion?

55. Ask your partner what is the real definition of love and relationship and what is the best possible way to feel this?

56. At what point of time after marriage you start family planning?

57. How much you are passionate about your career and how much you achieve it?

58. How demanding you are in the bedroom?

59. Is our career may conflict our relationship or may the reason for fight and disappointment and how you tackle this problem?

60. What type of lifestyle do you expect after marriage and how you will achieve this?

61. What is your ideal way of spending vacations and how do you treat your parents?

62. How much you are aware of health, do you going regular exercise?

63. What is the one thing that makes you crazy about me?

64. How much you are passionate about me and do you ready to make a sacrifice for me or not?

65. How do I know that you are upset with me and how will I fix this problem?



After reading all the before marriage questions, now have a good idea of what type of question you have to ask your partner before getting married.

If you found that you are satisfied with before marriage questions with your partner, then it’s easy for you to make a clear decision about your marriage.

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