Things You Should Never Say to a Girl ( Avoid 9 things)

Things You Should Never Tell Your Girlfriend

No matter your relationship is old or new, you need always focus on what things you should never say to a girl or woman which may affect your relationship.

As a boy or a man if you really want a long life healthy relationship, then you care about things you should never say to a girl or a woman while in a relationship.

Most boys make mistakes, they innocently tell the wrong things with their girlfriend and made the girlfriend angry.

Girls value being verbal or open with their boyfriend but as a boy, you should also remember what things are good to say or what things you should never say to a girl.

You also need to understand no matter how much you have a strong relationship with girlfriend, no women or girl never want to hear some things from her lover or boyfriend.

If you have no idea what are the things you never say to a girl or woman, so I am here sharing you some things which you always avoid to say to your girlfriend.

Things You Should Never Say to a Girl :

Things You Should Never Say to a Girl

1. Avoid comparing her with your ex-girlfriend:

No women or girl like comparison with other girls, if you compare your present girlfriend with your ex-girlfriend then you invite the fight between us.

Never compare your girlfriend like my ex-girlfriend is a better kisser than you or batter than you in that work, all these things really frustrate your present girlfriend and it will be an invitation of the red light signal in your relationship.

So it is always advisable to you that you just focus on the present relationship with your girlfriend and avoid things which may hurt your girlfriend and spoil your relationship.

2. My mom hates you:

It’s a scientific fact that women don’t like other women, no matter what is the relationship between us.

If your mom doesn’t like your girlfriend than its ok, but you have no need to ask your girlfriend directly that my mom doesn’t like you or hate you.

You just talk with your girlfriend in a good manner and convince her that you don’t need to give justification to everyone. You love me and trust me, it more than enough for me. Sooner or later I will convince my mom.


3. Don’t tell her that you remind me of my mother:

Never compare your girlfriend to your mother, never say to your girlfriend that you remind me of my mother.

If you remind her like this, she doesn’t like this, because your girlfriend never take place of your mom. You just simply treat your girlfriend like your life partner, not as your mom.

Always focus on making your relationship happy, never try to make it complicated.

4. She’s hot:

Never tell or give a compliment to another girl like she’s hot when you are with your girlfriend, if you do like this your girlfriend never avoid this if you compliment a girl in front of her.

If you try to point out some other girl in front of her, is not a good thing, your girlfriend feels jealous and this will affect your relationship.

So keep in your mind that never behave or things you never say to a girl or women which may affect your relationship

5. I love you:

Most girl not like those boys which always just speaking I love you every time and irritates her because these types of boys just believe in speaking not trust in realizing the feeling of I love you by doing something awesome.

Your girlfriend also doesn’t like you, if you are not a doer, you just a say I love you without having true feelings. To avoid this type of nonsense and make her realize that you really love her by doing something great.

If you want a good relationship, so avoid bombarding to say I love you by mouth. If you are really honest with her, she really understands your love.

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6. Did you gain weight:

This is a very nonsense question, does this really require any explanation.No women or girl like this question to answer even she is fat or thin.

One simple thing you always keep in mind, how do you feel if someone questions you about your body or size, in the same way, no girl or woman likes to answer this question.

If you truly love your girlfriend never try to hurt or getting down in any way, you just simply love her, no matter how she looks great or not.

7. I don’t want to get married:

Every girlfriend and woman is thinking of a long relationship with her boyfriend or partner.
So as a boy or a man if you ask your girlfriend that I don’t want to get married will definitely create friction in your relationship.

Never doing this mistake, if you did this mistake, maybe your girlfriend think that you take her on wait and watch and in a relationship, there is no place of this type nonsense if you are really serious about relationship.

8. May I go without you:

While having in relationship with your girlfriend, it’s your responsibility that you always close to her and feels her that you are passionate about her.

If you need to go somewhere never say directly to her that may I go without you, it really feels her bad, if you need to go somewhere, ask her will you interested to go with me?

This is the right way of approaching your girlfriend, this way doesn’t feel her bad. Never try to feel her that you have any intention to feel her alone, this thing is not acceptable in a healthy relationship.

9. Never say it’s up to you:

In every healthy relationship, strong communication is required and sharing of thought and opinion is a common thing.

If your girlfriend asks you for some advice or opinion in making any decision, so never say to her, it’s up to you.

Maybe this is the simple thing for you but it’s a big thing for her, she may think that you don’t care about her or don’t have any value of her thoughts and thinking.

Things You Should Never Say to a Girl

After some time in a relationship most of the men show a lack of interest or they are not serious about the relationship, they take things for granted and they have no idea what things you should never say to a girl or not.

They take the relationship not seriously and fight with their girlfriend because of saying the wrong things with their girlfriend.

If you really want a healthy and long term relationship with your girlfriend then you have a clear idea of what things you should never say to a girl or what things make your relationship happy.


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