Things You Should Never Tell Your Boyfriend (Worst 11 Things)

Things You Should Never Tell Your Boyfriend

Maintaining a healthy relationship is not a cup of cake. You have to understand what things you should never tell your boyfriend which may harm or spoil your relationship.

Going into a relationship is very easy but how long you maintain this relationship with someone is very it is very important for you to be honest and have trust in your relationship with your boyfriend or man.

While in a relationship it’s very important how you talk with your boyfriend, what things are good and what things you should never tell your boyfriend which affects your relationship.

In order to prevent your relationship life long healthy, so keep in mind these things you should never tell your boyfriend.

Things You Should Never Tell Your Boyfriend ( Always Avoid):

Things You Should Never Tell Your Boyfriend

1. Never Compare with your ex-boyfriend:

As a girl or woman sometimes you found some similarities between your present boyfriend and your ex-boyfriend. So it is better for you to avoid comparison between and never tell your present boyfriend that my ex-boyfriend also doing the same thing you do.

No boyfriend like this, if you comparing him and talking like this about your ex. This will really ruin your relationship, so it better to avoid talking about your ex-boyfriend and focus on present relationships with your current boyfriend.

2. Avoid to say I hate your mother:

No matter maybe you are upset with his mother for some reason but you never say to him that I hate your mother.

It’s a not good thing for you if you try to accuse his mother, it really impacts your relationship life, maybe your boyfriend forgets you.

So if you have any misunderstanding and want to talk with your boyfriend then discuss in a good manner in a good mood, so there is confusion is remaining between you.

Never say directly I hate your mother, if you have anything to discuss, talk in a diplomatic way so it will not impact your relationship.

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3. Do not blame him for lack of adventure and passion:

It is advisable for all girls or women who have a boyfriend, remember one thing never blame him for a lack of adventure and passion in your life.

If you blaming your boyfriend like this, then he may understand indirectly that you ask him that he is a boring person and you will find some other person.

As a woman or girl, you have to understand that there is very much difference in male and female thinking. So it’s good for you, choose your words correctly.

4. Never say anything bad about his family:

In this world no one is perfect, but in case of a relationship with a boyfriend, you never target his family and say something bad about his family to him.

It’s better for you that you never judge or target his family, if you don’t avoid this habit, you may lose your current relationship with your boyfriend.

5. Never say that I don’t trust you anymore:

Sometimes in a relationship, there is up and downs may come, you need to keep patience if you really want to serious relationship with him.

Maybe sometimes you upset for some reason but never say directly that I don’t trust you anymore, it will give you nothing except argument and fight between you.

6. Avoid to say I earn more money than you:

All you know money plays a very important role in life and it’s also one of the major problems among couples.

So it is advisable to you that as women never tell your boyfriend that I earn more money than you.

If you talk like this your boyfriend may understand that he is useless in comparison of you and he also thinks that you try to control him and feel him guilty in front of others.

This thing really frustrating him and maybe he is no more interested in a relationship and forgets you.

Things You Should Never Tell Your Boyfriend

7. Never share him that you cheated in a past relationship:

In the present time, no one cares about what you doing in the past, everyone is the focus on present things.

So its better you also focus on your present and try to make your relationship healthy. Always avoid sharing that you cheated in the past and you have sexual relations with your ex-boyfriend.

All these things really impact your current boyfriend’s mind, and may he will not accept you honestly or maybe increase a lack of trust in your relationship.

8. You are not impressed by his work:

A relationship is all about doing your responsibilities without any worry and keep trust on your partner with motivation.

Never say directly to your boyfriend that you are not impressed by his work, maybe he feels bad or feels frustrated, so this is not the right way to ask your boyfriend that I am not impressed by your work.

If you have you find there is a requirement of something, then motivate him to achieve the task in a positive manner. If you follow this approach, this thing really builds your trust in your boyfriend and gives him confidence.

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9. You flirt with someone in the office:

While in a relationship with your boyfriend, it’s not a good sign that you flirt with someone in the office.

Maybe you flirt in the office for fun or wanna for experience, so it is better for you to stop this thing dig in the office, and never try to discuss this thing with your boyfriend that you are flirting with someone in the office.

This thing really impacts your relationship, so avoid this type of discussion and flirting in the office, be honest with your boyfriend.

10. Never tell him that you are not a romantic type:

Romance is the lifeline of a healthy relationship, the more you romance with your boyfriend the better is your relationship.

If you have no romantic quality or lack of romance in you don’t worry you will develop it but its always dangerous to tell your boyfriend that you are not a romantic type.

This statement really frustrating your boyfriend and he is worried about his love life with you and trying to think differently or maybe look for another girl who is more romantic then you because boys and men love romance and they never prefer to live with someone who is not romantic.

11. Never tell him that you are doing nothing all day at home:

keep yourself busy learning new things in free time is a very good habit, so always try to learn something new every day, which really helps to keep your relationship healthy and long-lasting.

If your boyfriend asks you what are you doing from all day, never say him that you do nothing. It gives wrong thinking that you are a very lazy and useless person and he didn’t expect too much from you.

He also thinks that you are not performing your responsibilities in a relationship because you are a lazy person. So it’s better for you whenever he asks you to keep busy yourself to learning new things, so you answer him perfectly.


Having a relationship with a boyfriend is a crazy thing but maintaining it is very difficult, you need a lot of effort, sacrifice, trust, and the right way of communication.

After reading the above points now you have a very good idea of what things you should never tell your boyfriend which may harm or spoil your relationship.

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