Good Night Handsome Best 50+ Message  For Better Relationship

Best Good Night Handsome Message

Are you searching the best Good Night handsome message to your lover and boyfriend, then you come here at the right place?

These good night handsome message really helps to spark your love with your partner and make your relationship strong.


1. Dreaming about you every night is the best part of my life.

2.Hi, handsome because of you there is always a smile on my face before I going to sleep.

3. Sending you good night text messages is simply means how much I miss you at night.

4. I feel sleeping without you is just like a night without a moon.

5. Before I going to sleep, I remind you of one thing that words are not enough to describe how much I love you.

6. I am very thankful to God that every night you come in my dreams and meet me, you have no idea how this is a big thing for me.

7. You are the brightest star in my life and I am always yours. Good night and have sweet dreams.

8. Separation from you feels like a night without moon, I am incomplete without you my love.

9. While no one hears nothing but only I hear your heartbeat clearly no matter how much you far away from me.

10. I am unable to count you how much starts in the sky same like I don’t know how much I love you my handsome.

11. It’s very hard to spend a night without you, please just come and hug me. I really miss you.

12. You are the reason so daily I will sleep on time because I know you definitively coming to meet me in dreams.

13. There is no means of saying good night to you my handsome because we both know very well that good time comes when we face each other.

14. It’s my wish before I am going to sleep at night you just kiss me.

15. I am feeling very awesome and thinking that because of your love moon have shine and stars twinkling in the night for me.

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Best Good Night Handsome Message ( I miss you):

Best Good Night Handsome Message

16. It’s impossible for me to sleep without wishing you good night. I really miss you.

17. You are the only person whom I am dreaming to live my entire life.

18. There are billions of people living in this world but I feel so special because you love me.

19. You are just like the prayer of my life, you are the reason that I am going to sleep at night with any worry.

20. I know you are busy but I want to tell you one thing that I love you so much.

21. Hi, handsome this is the official invitation to come in my dreams.

22. You have no idea, how I feel without you when I am sleeping without you at night.

23. Heart to heart I love so much, good night handsome. I miss you.

24. I know I am not perfect but my love is for you is always perfect. Good night has sweet dreams.

25. Wishing you goodnight just realize me how strong our love relationship is, I never forget to love you.

26. Without you, the moon is looking timid and night looks dark. I am complete without you my handsome.

27. It’s my wish whenever I will meet you again, you always sleeping with me every night next to me on my bed.

28. Whenever the breeze blows in the night and touches me it feels like you hug me and say don’t worry I am always with you.

29. Whenever I suddenly wake at night I am just thinking about you. I can’t live without you.

30.Hi good night handsome, thanks for coming in my life you just make my beautiful and I really appreciate it.

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Best Good Night Handsome Message (Sweet Message):

Good Night Handsome Best 50+ Message For Better Relationship

31. I wish I could the moon so I will saw you all night how you are sleeping at night without me. I miss you.

32. Without you, I never survive in this life and my nights are always dark.

33. You are the one who realizes me what is the means of true love and I am really thankful that you make my every night beautiful.

34. You make my life beautiful, you are my everything and I can’t live without you. My life is incomplete without you. Good night and l love you so much.

35. I hate those nights which is without you. I never want to live this type of life in which you are not present. Nights are hurting me a lot.

36. Little starts looking shining more I think this is the right time to say you good night and sweet dreams.

37. Every night the better I sleep, there is a better chance to you come in my dreams and meet me. Good night my love.

38. I would like to say something to you that you the moon of my dark life and I love you so much.

39. It’s my wish you also dreaming about me, if you do this, I really feeling well.

40. I am feeling the luckiest woman in the world because you have to know the idea of what your love is for me.

41. Whenever I close my eyes, your thoughts always disturbing me during the night.

42. Now just go to bed and sleep, because I think you forget that tonight is our date in a dream.

43. Whenever you get panic and unable to sleep well at night, just calm down and just close your eyes and thinking about me, I will help you sleep well.

44. whatever dreams I watching while sleeping, I wish it will come true very soon.

44. Hi, handsome just come and hold me, I just need you. saying good night not enough for me.

45. Whenever I breathe, I feel that you are the reason behind this breath and also feel that you are just around me.

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Best Good Night Handsome Message ( Heart Touching):

Good Night Handsome Best 50+ Message For Better Relationship

46. Most of the time I am thinking that how to prove how much I love you and why are you so important for me. Good night my love.

47. You are the reason for my smile, I never know the meaning of true love and relationship before I met you.

48. Hi handsome I want to taste you like chocolate tonight, so please come and fulfill my wish.

49. I have a bad habit from last some time, I miss you more than from the last moment of the night. good night dear, I love you.

50. My sweetheart tonight moon is talking with you because I am very happy, you just make my life awesome.

51. You are the reason behind my every success and you really place an important place in my heart.

52. hi man hold it tight, I am sending you my kisses and hugs to you. Good night and sweet dreams.

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