Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Quiz ( Best 30)

Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Quiz

In every relationship, there is a situation that comes where you thinking about a breakup. Should I break up with my boyfriend Quiz to my boyfriend to find the answer to my questions?

Maintaining a long life love is not easy and sometimes you make a huge mistake by taking the wrong decision, so never take any decision in quick mode.

If you are not confident that your partner does not love you anymore, so its time to analyze the situation. So you may think should I break up with my boyfriend quiz, so my doubt is clear and it’s easy for me to make a better decision.

Before taking any decision its time to take a quiz so it’s easy for you whether taking breakup is right or wrong.

Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Quiz ( Best Questions):

Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Quiz

1. Does your boyfriend put the effort into your relationship?

a. Yes,
b. No
c. Not to say

2. How does he respond when you say I love you?

a. Neutral
b. Positive response
c. Ok
d. Nothing to say

3. Does he try to meet his family?

a. Yes,
b. No
c. Promise but not fulfill

4. Do they still use dating apps on his phone?

a. I am not sure.
b. No
c. Doesn’t say
d. He never uses any dating apps.

5. Does your boyfriend ignore you when he is with friends?

a. No
b. Yes
c. He is very open-minded, allow me to talk to his friends.
D. Not sure

6. You may feel nervous while introducing him to your parents?

a. No
b. Yes,
c. Little bit

7. How does he smell?

a. Not good.
b. Very bad.
c. Great.
d. Nothing to say.

8. Maybe he interested to watch your favorite movie even they don’t like it?

c. Neutral response
d. Yes watch the movie but busy on mobile.

9. How much you are confident about his career and life goals?

a. Feel very confident.
b. I never think about this topic.
c. Still struggling
d. Not sure

10. Does he give you a priority?

a. Yes
c. Sometimes
d. Nothing to say

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11. How much he is serious about his and your health?

a. Serious
b. Very serious
c. Neutral
d. Not sure.

12. Does he ever try to control you?

a. Never.
b. Sometimes
c. Always
d.Not sure

13. How does he treat his family?

a. Great
b. Good
c. Not sure
d. Not satisfy with his behavior

14. How quickly he responds to you?

a. Instant
b. Within an hour.
c. No fixed time
d. Always late.

15. How do they feel while you look at his phone?

a. Normal.
b.Looks in panic.
c.Very confident.

16. How strong a communication level you have?

a. Strong
b. Very strong
c. Normal
d. Not good
e. Very bad

Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Quiz

17. Does he listen to you?

a. Yes
c. Very serious
d. Not seriously

18. How he manages his financial needs?

a. In the best way.
b. He is well settled.
d. Hardly manage.

19. Does he take your advice?

d. Nothing to say.

20. How does he react under pressure?

a. Normal.
d. Nothing to say

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21. Is there ever any fight between you?

a. Sometimes
c. Never
d. Not Sure

22. Are you are feeling comfortable with him?

a. Yes
c. Not sure
d.May be

23. How he reacts when he is angry or upset on you?

a. Never angry
b. Normal
c. Talk Loudly
d. Didn’t control his anger.

24. How he reacts when you share the problem?

a. Try to find the best solution.
b. Not take seriously
c. Normal.
d. Neutral

25. How much he is a positive person?

a. Very positive.
b. Normal.
c. No
d. Not sure

26. How much both of you is serious about the relationship?

a. Normal
b. Very serious
c. Not much
d. Nothing to say.

27. How much you both trust each other?

a. Blindly trust.
b. Normally trust.
c. Lack of trust
d. Needs some time to develop.

28. Is he give you a compliment?

d.Don’t know

29. Describe your relationship in one word?

d.Very bad

30. How much you spend quality time?
a. Always
c. Not sure
d. Never

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