Why Does My Boyfriend Hate Me And How I Fix This (10+ Points)

Why Does My Boyfriend Hate Me

Are you worried or confused why does my boyfriend hate me?

Having a boyfriend is a very cool and great thing but maintain a relationship is not so simple, it also has many issues and problems.

Due to some reasons and situations, your boyfriend starting hates you. Now its time to figure out why does my boyfriend hates me, so it’s easy for you to fix this.

Here I am sharing some important points which may be the reasons you easily know why does my boyfriend hates me.

Reasons Why Does My Boyfriend Hate Me:

1. You Lie to him:

No matter how long or short is your relationship, true communication is the backbone of your relationship.

If you never speak the truth and always lie to your boyfriend so why they love you anymore, he starts hating you because you lie to him.

2. Trying to control him:

Sooner or later in a new relationship, after some time people have fear in mind that what happens if their partner left them, so that’s they start trying to control their partner.

And mostly in the case of girls they feel insecure about their relationship with boyfriend and they try to control her boyfriend and this is one of the main reasons why most girls ask this question to herself that why does my boyfriend hate me.

3. You never appreciate him:

For maintaining a healthy relationship it is very compulsory that you always appreciate your partner because appreciation gives you the confidence to live happily with your partner.

But what happens if you never appreciate your boyfriend and sooner or later he feeling frustrated and start hating you.

4. You take him for granted:

In the starting period of your relationship, you always have time for your boyfriend, you always join him, no matter what the time and situation him.

But now you take him for granted, you feel them you don’t care him and ignores him. All these things really get hurt him and when he starts ignoring you then you say why does my boyfriend hates me and you never understand who is responsible for this.

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Why Does My Boyfriend Hate Me

5. You never accept your mistakes:

It doesn’t mean you are a girl, so there is no need to accepting your mistakes. If you really want a healthy relationship with your boyfriend then you have to change this thing in you, you have to start accepting your mistakes.

You know relationships are very complicated is you not realize your mistake and not improve it. As a girl, if you want to never accept your mistake, then you give your boyfriend a reason to start hating you.

6. You ignore him:

While in a relationship, you need to compromise with your boyfriend. You have to listen to him and try to understand what he needs and wants from you.

It is not a good sign if you ignore your boyfriend, if you do not change this habit, you will pay a big cost and your relationship may be ending and your boyfriend hates you so much because you never try to understand him what he expects from this relationship.

7. You try to feel him guilty in public:

A relationship is all about equality, no matter how long you are in a relationship, you must have to follow this rule. You have to respect each other and never hurt your partner directly or indirectly.

Never try to feel your partner down in front of others, if you try to feel him guilty in public, it’s not a good sign of your relationship and after having something wrong you said why does my boyfriend hate me, I really don’t know.

8. You never give him a personal space:

At the begging of every relationship, people feeling happy in a relationship and they always feel happy, if you always stick to each other.

But sooner or later they feel frustrate because you not give your boyfriend some personal space, so he unable to think of new things and not feeling fresh. He feels tense and depresses and wants to come out of the relationship and start hating you.

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Why Does My Boyfriend Hate Me ( How To Fix This):

Why Does My Boyfriend Hate Me ( How To Fix This)

As a girl after knowing the reasons, why does my boyfriend hate me, now its time to fix the things or mistake you done in the past.

Now its time to restart your relationship and your boyfriend again starts loving you and he forgives you all your past mistake.

1. You need patience:

Your bad memories or bad experience is very hard to change or forget, if you really want to serious to get back your relationship on the right track, then you need to develop great patience because you really need it, if you want your boyfriend back in the relationship.

A relationship is very completed thing and you have to maintain it properly and if you take any quick or wrong decision if spoil your relationship.

So here patience is one of the keys to success in getting back your boyfriend in a relationship with you. If your boyfriend hates you and avoids talking to you, so now it’s your duty how you manage this and start talking again with your boyfriend in a good manner with a lot of patience.

2.Start with small talk:

After knowing the reasons why does my boyfriend hates me, now its time to rebuild your relationship with him.

You need to start communication with him, never try a long talk with him, always start a small talk.

Talk about normal topics and ask him what they are doing nowadays, be mysterious, and if your boyfriend wants to know something about you than convenience him for the next talk.

If you apply this technique, this really works for you, and your boyfriend starts thinking about you and takes you seriously.

3. Accept your mistake:

Remember one thing no one is perfect in this world, everyone doing mistakes in their life, so if you doing in any mistake in past relationships and accept this honestly and try to improve this.

If you honestly accept your mistake and say sorry to you’re a partner and this is a big thing for him when he saw that you realize your mistake, then he really feels good and starts thinking about you.

4. Rebuild Trust:

Trust plays a very important role in shaping your relationship. Strong trust in your partner makes your relationship life long happy and healthy whereas a lack of trust in a relationship creates a huge problem in your relationship.

So always remember never break your trust with your boyfriend always committed to him and love unconditionally.

If you are honestly performing all your responsibilities, then there is no doubt your boyfriend really loves you and always gives you priority.

5. Think positive and avoid arguments:

In every relationship, there is good and bad. You may have an argument with your boyfriend but the main focus is on how to resolve your issue.

If you may have any issue or argument try to solve in a healthy manner with a positive approach, never try to get angry or fight with your boyfriend, if you do like this your relationship will spoil.

It is good for you always to avoid arguments between you and focus on positive things.

6. Always appreciate your partner:

Most couples doing mistakes they never appreciate their partner.so it is advisable for you that no matter its a small thing or a big thing always appreciate your boyfriend.

If you always appreciate your boyfriend, then he realizes that you are really serious about him and he also takes you seriously and also appreciates you.

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