What Girls Want In A Relationship Best 7+ Tips To Know

What Girls Want In A relationship

Are you feeling tired to know what girls want in a relationship? Every male should face this question in their life that what girls want in a relationship and the interesting thing is that they never find the exact answer what girls want in a relationship in their entire life.

As a male, if you are really serious to know about what girls want in a relationship with you then it requires knowing her innate needs.

You need to understand first what things make girls live with you in a relationship and what qualities in you inspire girls to dream of a life long relationship with you.

But before knowing the answer to this question what girls want in a relationship, you need to understand first what things girls don’t want in a relationship, then you have a better idea about what girls want in a relationship.

What girls don’t want in a relationship:

What girls don’t want in a relationship

In a relationship girls never like these kinds of men, they keep them away from the man. These are some bad qualities that women don’t like.

1. Arrogant man:

No girl never prefers that she live with an arrogant person who is rudely or things other his underneath. They don’t like the ego of a man without any cause and girls never want to talk like this kind of man. If you are an arrogant person, then change your attitude.

2. Don’t be predictable:

No one likes it if you judge or predicable about without knowing them and in the case of girls they really hate this kinda guy in her life. So never judge or predict a girl without knowing about her.

3.Guys that are using them:

Girls don’t like that guy who is too much needy. The only try to talk with a guy if they have some needs like money or another thing.

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Every girl avoids sharing anything from this kind of guy and they always look them as a doubtful person whom they never trust.

4.Boring Guy:

Somehow a girl face little problem in the relationship, she has no issue but a girl never wants to live with a person who is so boring, because a boring person never make her feel happy and fun in the life and no one wants to be spent their life with a boring person.

5.Guys who like an argument:

Every girl hates a person who always argues without any reason and fight all the time. No girl likes to fight with a partner without any cause but what will she did, if a guy does not understand her and always argue with her and never solve the misunderstanding between them.

6.Guys who don’t respect women:

If there is no respect in a relationship, there is no means of relationship and no girls want to prefer a person who doesn’t know how to respect a girl.

For a girl, respect is everything in the relationship and nothing is more important then this because if a guy didn’t respect his partner then how you predict that he loves her or gives a girl equally in the relationship.

7.A guy always lies to her:

In a healthy relationship trust is the most important factor but what a girl does if she finds that her guy always lies her and breaks her trust again and again. So girls never like this kind of a person who is telling lies.

What girls want in a relationship:

What girls want in a relationship

1. Faithfulness:

Without faith, there is no god and the same thing is applies in a relationship. Every girl who is in a relationship or dreaming about a relationship, they assume that her life partner trusts them, this means a lot for her.

As a man you prove that you trust a girl completely, she also trusts you and shares with you everything.

2. Respect:

The most important thing every girl wants in a relationship and this goes the long run. No matter what girls are doing in her life, but every girl wants huge respect. If a guy is not respected, how they can assume that he gives her equality.

As a guy, it is advisable, the more respect you give to girls the more respect you earn.


Every girl wants appreciation from their life partner or a person whom they living in a relationship. As a guy it’s your responsibility that you appreciate her for all her efforts, no matter it is big or small.

If you appreciate or motivate your girlfriend in every work, she really feels happy and also tries to make you happy at any cost.

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A girl likes those guys very much who are helping in nature. If you ask a question to any girl what they want one quality in her life partner or a boyfriend, mostly relied on that her partner will be a helping nature person.

As a guy, if you always ready to help a girl, then it shows that you have the capability of multitasking and you easily make your girlfriend happy by helping her.

5.Love and romance:

This is the lifeline of every relationship, every girl wants their boyfriend or partner loves her very much and never miss a chance to make a romance with her.

If you are a romantic guy then it’s a good sign for you that girls easily start likes you. Every girl assumes that their partner loves her until the last breath of her life.

6.A good communication:

Every girl wants in a relationship that she has good communication bonding with her partner and she easily share everything without any hesitation. Her partner treated her like a friend and listen to her opinion and thoughts carefully.

And if needed also take value her opinion in important decisions in relationship life. If they find a guy who is feeling them comfortable to express anything without any fear, then there is a higher chance they never quit this type of partner in her life.

7. Support :

If you ask a question to a girl what they assume from their life partner, their answer may they find a partner who is very supportive in nature, whenever they need him, he is always available for her.

If you a supportive person, then its a good sign that your relationship is going in a long direction because if you support your girlfriend in every way, so why she going away from you, there is no reason left. She also really loves you.


A relationship is easy to build but hard to maintain, so as a man its is very important for you to know what girls want in a relationship or what not.

If you easily understand what a girl wants in a relationship with you, there is a higher chance to impress a girl and make your relationship healthy for the long run.

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