How Many Emotions Are There In Humans And What Its Mean (2021)

How Many Emotions Are There

Are you want to know how many emotions are there in humans? Most of the people really have the problem, they never figure out their emotions and they have no idea how many emotions are there.

Most people have an issue with how they describe their feeling & emotion in front of others so they can easily understand you.

Before knowing how many emotions are there, firstly get some basic idea about emotions. Generally, emotions are the state of mind that can be the reaction of with whom you are living and how are you feeling.

According to the situation & time, your emotions will change randomly, you have no control over it. Your emotions really reflect your characters and people will judge you what type of person you are, on behalf of how you feel at that situation like happiness, anger, joy, sorrow.

How many emotions are there a list:
How many emotions are there a list

1. Admiration:

It is a feeling or a type of emotion in which act of loving, respect, and approval.


It simply means deep love & respect with worship.

3.Aesthetic Appreciation:

It is an emotion that connects with appreciation, when you look good or a beautiful thing, you appreciate it.

It is a feeling or state of mind when you are looking for something entertaining or funny.

It is an emotion related to your health or mind. Anxiety tells you about your nervousness, fear, and helps you diagnose mental stress.


It is a mixed feeling or emotions when you are feeling fear or wonder happens to you.


It is a feeling when you feeling uncomfortable or suddenly amazed.


It is a state of mind when a person is feeling bore and also feeling a lack of interest in their day-to-day activity.


It is a state of mind that is free from strong emotion or agitation.


It reflects how misunderstanding with uncertainty you have about certain things.


It is a feeling in which a person is willing to do strongly with a powerful feeling.


It is caused to feel profound disapproval and feeling offensive.

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13.Empathetic pain:

It is an emotion that helps you to understand & recognizing other person pain.


This emotion comes when you feeling delighted filled with wonder and you feel very satisfied with extreme pleasure.


It is a feeling that is closely related to the jealousy of someone.


It is a feeling that indicates how you are enthusiastic & eagerly want something.


It is a distressing or unpleasant feeling aroused by the belief something dangerous & that may cause pain or threat.


It is a very intense feeling of disgust, fear, or shock.


It is a state of mind when people want to know about something or someone And want to learn a new thing in their life.


It is a state of vibrant happiness when you feeling awesome.


It is a reaction when people have no idea about their happiness or sadness. Nostalgia is simply told about the person who is neither happy nor sad, as a result, they feel anxious and feel depressed.


It is a very intensive feeling which is closely related to the person whom you love.


It is a state of mind when a person is feeling low and hopeless.


it shows that act of fulfilling needs and you feel it is enough for me. You want no more anything or anymore. Your mind is happy while you find enough satisfaction.

25.Sexual desire:

It is a state of mind when a person is highly attracted to a person while lovemaking and want to fulfill their physical needs.


It is a state of mind when you do not understand others’ feelings problems but also willing to help them.

27.Triumph :

It is the reaction of your mind after achieving your goal or any victory. During this feeling a person very motivated & feeling awesome.

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