How To Know If A Guy Is The One For Me With Best 35 Ways

How To Know If A Guy Is The One For Me With Best 35 Ways

Every girl has a question of how to know if a guy is the one for me or not and how do I know he is the right person for me or not.

Are you also one of those women or girls who find the way how to know if a guy is the one for me or not.

You get easily answer these questions if you analyze the personality of that man, like what he is thinking about another person first or is he only thinks about him.

Are they helpful or not, how he responds to the situation or he is serious about the relationship.

In this article, you know about the 101 ways which really helps you how to know if a guy is the one for me or not.

Signs how to know if a guy is the one for me

1. A man doesn’t make excuses:

Does a man really make excuses most of the time that he is busy or give you other reasons to avoid you, then it simply means he is not the right guy for you?

But if a man doesn’t make any excuses, he gives you time even his busy work schedule, then it means he may be the right person for you.

2. Ready to face criticism:

If a man is ready to face criticism after doing any mistake and he ready to accept his mistake and try to improve it, then he is the right person for you.

Because most of the guy has no capability to ready to face criticisms and accept his mistake.

3.Doesn’t judge you:

If a guy doesn’t judge you from your past life experiences then it simply means he is a very nice guy.

But if a guy does not agree with you and judge you on your past life experience then maybe he is not the right person for you, because his thinking is not good.

4. He tries hard to include you in his life:

No matter what’s the time and how much the situation like working time or office time, he tries to talk with you on a regular basis and he makes you an important part of his daily routine.

If he trying very hard to include you in his life, then it simply means he is very serious about you and he is the right guy for you.

5. Never try to blow you off:

If a guy is not serious about you, he is never blow off and never gives you an unnecessary reason to avoid you to come close to him.

He not satisfy you by giving you the right answer then it simply means he is not interested in you.

6. He cares about you:

No matter what the time is he never stops cares you in good time or bad time, if a man is behaving like this, it means he really worries about you.

If you found this quality in a guy then it’s a positive sign that you make a relationship with him.

7. He takes your advice in most of the thing:

If a man is taking your advice in every decision in daily life, it means you are so important to him.

8. He is always honest with you:

A guy is really honest with you it means he a genuine person and he is the right person for you because honesty is the best policy.

9. He tells you the truth :
Does he always tell you the truth without care about anything how you feel good or bad? If yes, there is a very good chance to life of your relationship is long because of the true things in your relationship.

10. He gives you a regular surprise:

If a man really surprises you always whenever he meets you, it simply means you are so special for him and that’s she always tries to feels special.

11. He respects you:

A guy really respects you and he never wants to disrespect you and feels you bad, then it means he really loves you.

12. He always listens to you carefully:

Does your guy listen to you carefully and really interested to understand you what you want and what you thinking, if yes it means he really values your thoughts and opinion?

13. Never Hesitate to accept his mistake:

If a guy easily accepts his mistake and never hesitates to accept his mistake, then it’s very clear that he has a very good sign of being your life partner.

14. He wanted to know more about you:
When a man really likes or wants a relationship with any woman or girl, he really interested to know about you. He always tries to know more about you, he also interested to know about your family and Friends.

15. He tries to introduces with his family:

It’s a clear sign if a man really loves you and dreaming about you, then he tries to introduce you with his family.

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16. He never tries to make you fool:

Honesty is the best policy, if a guy never tries to make you fool or cheat you, he always behaves normally with you, it means he is a good person.

17. He fulfills his commitment:

No matter what the situation or time, if a guy really tries to fulfill his commitment at any cost, it shows that he is very passionate about you.

18. He always appreciates you:

Does a man always appreciate you to keep moving forward in life and how to achieve your goals an this is one of the best things that every girl or woman looking in their lie partner.

19. He shares everything about him:

If a guy shares everything with you, no matter what type of incident is, this means he really trusts you and you are very close to his heart.

20. He always gives you first priority:

Does a man give you always top priority no matter whats the time and situation, whenever you need him, he always ready for you, if yes then, no doubt he really likes you and interested in you?

How To Know If A Guy Is The One For Me

21. He trusts you:

Does a man trust you and agree to do anything that you want, then it’s a good indication that he become a great lie partner.

22. He ready to anything with you:

This gives a clear idea if a guy really loves you, he always ready to do anything which you want because he wants to see you happy at any cost.

23. He accepts you completely:

In this world, no one is perfect, if a guy really accepts you with your goods and bad things then it means he is perfect for life partner material.

24. He never doubts on you:

Does a man never doubt you, he always agrees to the argument, then it shows how much he trusts you?

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25. He wants to spend more time with you:

Whenever you meet a guy he always makes excuses for not going away from you, all this he does because he wants to spend more time with you.

26. He is waiting for:

If a guy waits for you to spend some time with you it simply means he really enjoys spending time with you and that’s why he waiting for you.

27. He always supports you:

Does a man really keep supporting you no matter whats happens in your life, if yes then its a clear indication that he never wants to see you sad?

28. He is ready to go with anywhere:

If a guy is ready to go with you anywhere anytime it means he really cares about you.

29. He is always thinking about you:

Does he always dreaming and thinking about but no asking you clearly that he likes you, it means he really loves you but can’t say because he never wants to lose you.

30. He keeps smile:

He always keeps smiling whenever he saw you and by looking at his smile you easily get an idea he really; likes you in his life.

31. He always helps you:

If a guy ready to helps you anytime and in every situation, he always gives his support in dealing with your fear and helps you in every way.

32. He is very sensitive:

Does your man is a very sensitive person or he is very emotional, it means he really understands your feelings and emotions very easily and this is a very plus point for you to make his life partner?

33. He never tries to feel down:

If a man really loves you and cares about you, then he never feels you let you down. He really cares about you and never wants you to feel odd by anything.

34.He feels your pain:

A true main really feels the pain of others and if he really loves you, when you get hurt by something, then he also feeling the and pain. He really tries to help you to deal with this situation.

35. You are everything for him:

Do you very feel that for a guy you are everything for him and he is ready to forget everything because of you then it strongly means he really wants you as your life partner?

How To Know If A Guy Is The One For Me

After reading all these signs now you get some idea about how to know if a guy is the one for me or not.

Maintain a healthy relationship for the long term is not very easy, you need a lot of patience, love, sacrifice, respect, and trust.

If you get a good life partner than its very easy for you, to maintain a healthy relationship without any worry about how to know if a guy is the one for me or not.

I hope these tips give you some value and clear your doubts on how to know if a guy is the one for me.

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