Love Withdrawal Why Men Withdrawal From Love (9+ Reasons and Solutions)

Why Men Withdrawal From Love

Love is not always easy to maintain you need a lot of effort and dedication to keep alive but today love withdrawal is very common.

Love withdrawal is a very common problem, most people withdraw from love, and they unable to maintain their relationship for life long.

Here I am going to share with you the reason behind love withdrawal and why man withdrawal from love and how women deal with this, so she can avoid love withdrawal by man and make her relationship long-lasting.

Love Withdrawal Reasons


1. They afraid of commitment:

One of the major reasons why men love withdrawal after a relationship with you because they are afraid of commitment.

No matter how a man loves you while lovemaking with you but he really afraid of the commitment, sometimes he doesn’t want to take the responsibilities.


2. No real feelings for you:

No feelings, no love, this is one of the important reasons in the beginning phase of a relationship, a man attracted to you.

But after spending some time with you he realizes that he has no real feeling and lack of attachment with you so he takes love withdrawal and will not take any risk to continue a relationship with you.

And this is the reason why he withdrawal from love after intimacy.


3. He is feeling insecure and confused:
Why men take love withdrawal from relationships because after some time in a relationship, he feels insecure and confused.

There are so many numbers of man who are mostly confused about his feeling with women.

If your man is one of them who withdrawal from the love he is not looking confident while you talk about your relationship and commitment.

4. He Feels uncomfortable and awkward:
Sometimes most of the men will be intimate with women only because he has been swept away from the tide of passion.

They just want to enjoy the moment with women and after having a relationship with women they feel unconformable to take responsibility and them withdrawal from love.

Or maybe he is just a player and he only thinks about his needs and satisfaction

5. He is very selfish:

In a healthy relationship there is no place of love withdrawal but what can you do if you are a partner of a very very selfish man.

Selfish men never hesitate to hurt you and unethically use your trust and honesty in a relationship.

He just using you as a thing of pleasure and he never tries to understand your feelings and emotions.

After having intimate with you he trying to love withdrawal from you as soon as possible.

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6. He thinks that women guessing about him:

Sometimes men don’t want to love withdrawal from you but they pretend like lack of love in a relationship because the main motive behind this is that they want to know about what a woman is thinking about him are she is really serious about him or not.

The man really wants you to chase him after his love withdrawal and he also wants women’s intention, does she really likes him or not.


7. He does not want to get ideas about him:

Some man keeps themselves hiding from others, so he doesn’t want you to get ideas about him.

A man who is not serious about you, he keeps his things secret from you and he just wants to use you and pleasure with you.

8. He has a fear of marriage:

Maybe sometimes he withdrawal from love because he has fear in his mind of marriage.

He is not feeling comfortable by taking responsibility for marriage and so he avoids making a relationship and keep away from you without informing you.

9. He just wants to tease you:

Sometimes men also take love withdrawal because maybe they have bad past experiences from a girl and there main motive is to tease a girl and take revenge.

Maybe he trying to get the attention of you and want to judge you how much you love him or not.

10. You have no time for him:

Every time it’s not a man’s mistake, sometimes it’s your mistake when you not spending quality time with him.

As a woman, if you not spending quality time with him and not even trying to understand him. All these things frustrate him and he feels a lack of interest in the relationship and he quits.

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How to deal with love withdrawal from men:

How to deal with love withdrawal from men

There are unlimited reasons why men take love withdrawal, but if you really love your men then you do these things which really helps you how to deal with love withdrawal from men.

1. Try to give him more attention:

If you take things from granted, then it’s not a good sign for your relationship. If you not take your partner seriously then he feels a lack of interest and he gives up in a relationship.

So as a woman if you don’t want to face love withdrawal by a man, so start taking your man seriously and don’t take your relationship granted.


2. Try new things in your bedroom:

If you try new things in your bed than your man never feel a lack of interest in the relationship and he never thinks about love withdrawal.

May be your men feel boring with you on the bed if you not try new things in the bedroom, so if you really want that he is always passionate about you, so keep trying new things.


3. Be mature and discuss everything:

In every relationship, showing maturity is very important, if you openly discuss everything with your man, then he also takes interest in you and expresses to you what he wants from you.

If you know what your man wants from you than its easy for you to short out the problems and keep your relationship stronger by avoiding any misunderstanding between both of you.

4. Communicate with him:

Communication is a key to the success of every relationship and as a woman, if you really think that your man really feels a lack of interest in relationships.

The go and communicate with him and try to figure out the reason behind this why he withdrawal from love and also ask him what things change his behavior suddenly and how to deal with it.


5. Give him some time alone:

Sometimes man really feels depressed and stressed and he feels demotivated and unable to take his responsibility from the relationship and he quits.

So avoid him to control him and give him some time, so he feels relax and refresh so he takes an interest again in your relationship.

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