I Miss You Quotes for Him and Her ( 200+ Quotes)

I Miss You Quotes for Him and Her

I miss you quotes, Really helps you to keep the relationship alive, strong, exciting, and fresh.

I miss you quotes when you miss him, not only helps to add a little spice in a relationship but also gives you a chance to get really hooked on each other. Sending I miss you quotes is a way of expression that really helps in meltdown the heart of your partner and they also miss you.

Most couples send I miss you a message to each other, actually when they miss and want attention, and its a good way of showing their love from time to time. Making their men feel loved and expressing their feelings and make a man feel special.

1. I miss you the way like fish miss the water.

2. I miss you like when an uneducated person misses education.

3. Whenever I miss you a beautiful smile comes on my face, I hard to understand you how much I miss you.

4. When I miss you, my mind reminds me of all the sweet memories we spend in the past.

5. Roses are red, violets are blue, I can’t live without you.

6. I miss you a lot but I know you also miss me because I know your life without me is terrible.

7. What can I say my life without you is quite boring, I really miss you.

8. When you going away from me, I can’t explain to you at that time how much I miss you.

9. I feel every moment of my life is terrible without you, I really miss you.

10. It’s not possible for me, to show you all time how much I miss you.

11. When you are not close to me, you and your memories really hurt me, I miss you, dear.

12. You have no idea how much I crazy to live my life with you, when you meet me again I will show you how much I miss you.

13. I know we are not close to each other but it comforts me, that we are under the same sky.

14. I know I miss you every day but one thing is very sure I meet you every night in your dreams.

15. A hundred thousand miles can’t stop me to love you, I miss you so much.

16. As much as I miss you, my love is increase day by day for you.

17. Missing you each other is a part of our love, it really gives a reason to think about each other and come close to each other while missing each other.

18. Whenever I miss you, I found myself more attracted to you, that’s why I miss you so much.

19. One thing is never to change as much as I miss you, my love is deeper for you.

20. Missing each other not only shows us how much we love each other but also gives us a chance to come very close to each other.

21. It’s my daily wish I see your face even for a few seconds, whenever I miss you.

22. I never get you out of my mind, because every time I miss you a lot.

23. I am habitual of your talking with me and it’s very hard to forget it, really I miss you everything about you.

24. I never stop myself from missing and loving you till my last breath.

25. Sometimes I am feeling sad when I think of you how much for away from me but suddenly feels happy to think that you are so close to my heart.

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26. If it’s possible for me, then I will kiss you right now and hug you very tight, instead of missing you.

27. For me loving you is my duty, missing you is my hobby and caring of you is my job.

28. I don’t care about anything I want you, I miss you and I love you so much.

29. You are the only thought who always running in my mind, I don’t know it is good or bad?

30. Hey God please fulfill my 3 wish only whenever I think about him, he always present in front of my eyes so that I will kiss him, hug him, and love him so much.

31. Never forget how much I love you when you close to me and how much I miss you when you are away from me.

32. I only stop missing you when you are in front of me.

33. Remember about you is very easy for me but missing you every day is very hard for me.

34. When I miss you its simply means do you also miss me as much I miss you.

35. Right now I am homesick and my only treatment is you.I miss you.

36. I am very apprehensive for that day I do not miss you anymore.

37. You have no idea how  I miss you, I and my pillow only know about this.

38. Sometimes I try that I can’t miss you anymore but every time I fail.

39. Whenever winds touch my ear, it seems like you are just passing near me.

40.Every and each part of my body miss you so much.

I Miss You Quotes for Him and Her ( 200+ Quotes)

41. Distance between us is just a word for us and no one in this world separate us, I really miss you.

42. I miss you more from my last day and every day.

43. Missing you every day motivates and stops me from being sad because I know one day we meet again and live forever.

44. Missing you is the best feeling for me but when you not missing me back my heart gets feeling bad.

45. It’s impossible to forget someone who really close to your heart.

46. I never understand how much you important for me in this life until I miss you.

47. I miss your sweet voice because whenever I hear it, I felt like my home.

48. Every night I am in my bed, you are on your bed it is OK but both of us in the wrong place because we are not on the same bed.

49. You have no idea how much I miss you like when a thirsty man searching for drinking water.

50. Before I met you, I never understand the true meaning of missing someone.

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51. When you go away from me you can’t tell me how I survive without you to my heart and that’s why my heart misses you always.

52. When you are with me, days are passing like hours but now you are away from me, seconds feel like a year.

53. I wonder how we miss each other at the same time.

54. Sometimes I feel sad to think about I have no option right now except miss you and think about you.

55. Missing is a good feeling but when I think that I can’t hold you right now, I feel so bad.

56. I just can’t get you out from my mind I don’t know why maybe you love me so much.

57. Missing you is sometimes really hurts me and this is the worst feeling for me in this world.

58. It’s my wish I am with you anyhow no matter you come here or I will come to meet you.

59. I think missing you always realize me how much I love you.

60. Every night I miss you so much before going to sleep and it’s my wish whenever I wake up in the morning you slept next to me.

61. I miss you the same as a bird miss the sky. I love you so much.

62. My love is going stronger than then the last day, I am unable to explain to you how much I miss you.

63. I know you are not still living with me but your smell is still around me and freshens my mind.

64. You are a missing puzzle of my mind and every time I try to solve it but every time I fail.

65. Sometimes I felt cry when I miss you, I am never feeling happy without you.

66. Most people say that time heals all wounds but it’s no truth for me because no one can heal me without you. I really miss you.

67. I have no option except to watch your pictures while I missing you so hard.

68. When I miss you and see your picture, a beautiful smile comes on my face always.

69. You have no idea how it difficult for me to miss you and live alone without you.

70. Whenever I miss you, it seems the clock forgets to run.

71. I know no matter how much I cried, you never come back right now and hug me. I miss you so much.

72. You are not left me alone I have your beautiful memories and I always remind it whenever I miss you.

73. It’s my wish as much as I miss you, someday you also miss me the same.

74. My heart is swimming in the sea of loneliness and your love is just like a boat who helps me to survive into the sea, whenever I miss you.

75. I tell you one thing, I don’t know what you want from your life, but in my life I only want you. I really miss you.

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76. The two opposite sides of our love, you live alone and I live alone.

77. I am always waiting for a day when you hug me and I am no longer to miss you anymore.

78. When you are not with me birds forget to sing and sun forget to shine, please come to me show birds can start to sing and the sun starts shining again.

79. Somehow it is possible for me to live without Oxygen for a few moments but I can’t live without a single moment missing you.

80. I never feel complete without you, I always think every day when you come and complete me.

 I Miss You Quotes for Him and Her ( 200+ Quotes)

81.As starts miss the sun the same way I miss you, my love.

82. You have no idea how much you are special for me that’s why I miss you every day.

83.No matter how much I trying to keep away from myself from your thoughts but every time I am failing and it’s impossible to live without you.

84.No matter how I am busy but I miss you only when I am breathing.

85. Every 10th part of every second I miss you and I love you so much.

86. Even I spent the whole day and night with you but from the next, I start missing you very much.

87. You are impossible to forget and it’s never possible for me that I can’t miss you.

88. Until we meet again, I am unable to stop missing you.

89. I knew there is a strong connection between our heart that’s why I always miss you.

90. Why it’s hard for me to convince you ho much I miss you right now?

91.Whenever I feel sad while missing you and think about how much I lucky that you love me unconditionally.

92. I think every part of me always miss you so much.

93. My soul and heartache for you. I really miss you.

94. I never miss anyone before in this life as much I miss you right now.

95. You are my only wish that I always want to fulfill in my life.

96. The distance never creates any problem in our relationship, you always matter most for me.

97. I hate every day when I do not see your face, I miss you.

98. I always remind myself when I am thinking of you and miss you so much.

99. I miss the way you keep a smile on my face and hug me, now I miss you so much.

100. I miss your lips and your style of kissing me.

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101. I don’t know how you pass your everyday but honestly it very hard for me to live a single day without you.

102. Right now you never close to my eyes, but dear you always close to my heart and I miss you so much.

103. I know together we are the best team in the world but now I am alone and miss you so badly.

104. I hope you are doing great without me but trust me I am nothing without you.

105. It’s my wish when you meet me again, I hug you very tight, kissing you a little longer and tell me that I can’t live without you anymore.

106. If there is any world record o missing someone surely I will win this, I love you so much.

107. I tell you one thing the distance between us is temporary but the love between us is permanent, and every day I miss you so much.

108. I know you not come back and meet me again but I still miss you from the last breath of my life.

109.How greatly we are lived together in the past and that thing I really miss you every day.

110. You never know how much emptiness in me I have kept in my heart, only you know when you come to me and hug me.

111. There is no dictionary in this world that describes how much I love you and how much I miss you.

112. When I miss you I miss you completely and lost all my work while thinking about you.

113.When every time I miss you, I always want to hug you and kiss you as long as it possible.

114. Missing you is not so easy for me, it just like walking without a heart. I really miss you.

115. When I miss you, I still feel that my heart is still with you.

116. Missing you is the worst feeling ever but still, hope in my heat that we will meet one day.

117. You are the last thought in my mind when I sleep at night and you are my first thought when I wake up in the morning.

118. There is no single moment or day in my life, I forget to miss you.

119. Whenever I miss you, I sing your favorite song that you love.

120. I would always prefer it when you meet me, kiss me tight and hold me all night.

I Miss You Quotes for Him and Her ( 200+ Quotes)

121. A day without living without you is worthless for me, I can’t count that day in my life.

122. I will stop missing you on that day when you are in front of my eyes and hold my hands again.

123. I miss all the things we perform together from morning to night.

124. I really want to show you the pain of missing someone when you close to me, then I will show you.

125. My luck and hard work are nothing work without you because you are my destiny and I miss you so much.

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126. It’s very difficult for me which situation is better missing you or not missing, what I choose?

127. You have no idea how much I miss you, if you just 1 foot away from me, still miss you.

128. The pain of missing you sometimes hard top explain for me.

129.I am very honest with you and said I really miss you a lot.

130.I can’t believe in me how can I still miss you even how much I close to you, my love.

131. Missing you just like when someones wait for their bus to reach their home.

132. I miss your touch, your face, and everything which is related to you.

133. I really feel jealous of those people who meet daily from each other because you are not with me right now.

134. I miss you when you not on fronts of my eyes but you know I start sleeping early on the night because at last, I meet from you in my dreams.

135. There is no means of life without you, I really miss you.

136. I search on Google, why I miss you so much? Google replied: your partner is also missing you too.

137. I am really thankful to my life, that you are my life and that’s why I really miss you.

138. You know why I miss you, I really want back my beautiful moments in my life which I spent with you in the past.

139. There is no reason or any season on which I can’t miss you.

140. Thinking about you is the most beautiful feeling but waiting for you is the most worst feeling in my life, please come and hold me.

141. Living with you gives me very pleased, and live without you id very sad for me.

142. Please come to me, wipe my tears, and hold my hands. I really miss you.

143. Just come and make me yours forever, it’s very hard to survive a single day without you.

144. When we are not living together my heart feels sorrow and my emotions become shallow. I miss you.

145. You are the only hope of my life, as night waiting for the morning as I waiting for you. I really miss you, dear.

146.No matter how much we talk on mobile or video call but no one feels me like when I am feeling with you on the bed.

147. I don’t think no one loves me as much as you do, where are you my love, I really miss you.

148. When I am with you, I am feeling the luckiest person on the earth but now you are not in front of my eyes, that’s why I miss you.

149. I know no distance will affect our perfect relationship because you are my life. I miss you my life.

150. If you can’t get someone out of your mind, it simply means you love them and you also miss so much.

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151. When you are with me, I feel more than complete but when you are away from me I feel incomplete without you.

152. I hate that moment when I really need you but its not possible that you come back.

153. Can you feel when my heart is calling you when I really miss you?

154. The world is not looking the same when you are not live with me, please come back, I really miss you.

155. Whenever I listen to a song I just imagine both of us in that particular song, this gives me some comfort.

156. I am praying to God every day that, when that day will come again so we meet from each other and I am not anymore living without you.

157. Whenever I miss you, I always thinking about when we will be reunited and express each other feelings?

158. You are just like a blessing in my life, and I never want to lose you.I miss you so much.

159.No matter how many oceans in this world, but I am always ready to cross everyone for you. I really love you.

160. I never miss anyone like the way I miss you because I want to live up all my dreams together with you.

I Miss You Quotes for Him and Her ( 200+ Quotes)

161. I miss you so much because you are the only bright side of my life who has the capability to remove all my darkness.

162. Your forgiveness really touches my hearts and this is the reason I want to spend my whole life with you.

163. There is only hope left in my eyes, that one day we will surely meet from each other. I miss you every day.

164.No sunshine or no moonlight looks god without you. I miss you my all key to happiness.

165. You have no idea how it is hard to imagine life without you.

166. Living without you is one of the greatest fear of my life and I really want to win my fear.

167. Every time my mind is full of your thoughts and it not possible for me to express how much I miss you.

168. I always prefer to kissing you in the place of missing you.

169.Whenever I miss you, just I checking your Instagram account so it gives me some satisfaction.

170. Tell me how can you fix it, I miss you like crazy.

171. When you go away from me, I can’t focus on my work, all time I just think about you and miss you very hard.

172. I dream about you every night, now got some idea, how much I miss you?

173. I am always feeling thirsty about you when you will meet me again?

174. Just thinking about you hope you are doing well, I miss you.

175. I really like to do something for you a very special thing but for this, you have to meet me again. I miss you so much.

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176. What is your next plan about us, I am very emotional to meet you as soon as possible.

177. I hope your work is going in the right direction, I just wait, when you coming back and meet with me.

178. Whenever I miss you, I just thinking about how we meet the first time and this thing really makes me so emotional.

179. Are you still thinking of me because I am still missing you so much?

180. Every time before going to sleep on the bed, I really miss you and think that when you come back to meet me again.

181. Now I am facing some trouble while thinking about you why you are away from me?

182. I am always struggling in doing some work when I am thinking about you and miss you so much.

183. I really feel sad why we away from each other but also feeling happy that we will meet again from each other very soon.

184. If I have the power to fly in the air, I really close to you every time no matter how much the distance between us.

185. I am feeling very emotional whenever I think about our relationship, I miss you, dear.

186. I am ready to wait for you for my entire life because you have no idea how much I love you.

187.Thanks for realizing me that how much I love you, I never know it before I missing you so bad.

188. Whenever I miss you, thinking about our first kiss is running in my mind and thinking when we meet again?

189. My days are worth it if I can end up with you, I really miss you.

190. I love only two things in my life you and your memories with me, I miss you, dear.

191. I never understand the true meaning of a healthy relationship before I met, really you realize me what is means of love. I really miss you, whatever moment we spend in the past and I also hope for our bright future together.

192. I am complete without you just like tea is incomplete without sugar and milk.

193. I still need you because I can’t survive without you the same as earth can survive without air.

194. There is one person who captures all area of my heart and always running in my mind, that is you, my love, I really miss you.

195. My tears tell about my sadness, my silence tells about loneliness, and my text message for you tells about how hard I miss you.

196. I don’t know how to prove to you how much I miss you. I need you by my side.

197. When I miss you, I did some crazy things which I never perform before in my life.

198. In every activity of my day, I miss you every moment, even in my smile I miss you so much.

199.Of all the reason why I miss you because your loves give me everything and I can’t imagine my life without you.

200.I need you more than anything in the world because I miss your touch, I miss you the way you love me.


I Miss You Quotes for Him and Her ( 200+ Quotes)

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