Best Fun Questions to Ask Your Friends (120+)

Fun Questions to Ask Your Friends

If you have no idea about what fun questions to ask your friends. Here is a big list for you, which really helps you to ask a fun question to ask your friends.

Fun Questions to Ask Your Friends

1. Have you ever bullied anyone or not?

2. Do you trust in Santa and when you stop believing this?

3. What type of tattoo do you choose, right now?

4. What is the best gift you ever receive?

5. Do you face off Ghost ever?

6. How you spend your time while at home?

7. What is your favorite retro fashion look?

8. Have you ever send a wrong text message to someone by mistake?

9. What is your favorite nickname?

10. When you laugh last time without any reason?

11. What do you like more eating ice cream or chocolate?

12. What is your favorite Sexy name which recognizes you?

13. Can I saw your mobile and check your browser history?

14. What is the bad thing in you, for which your parents warn me?

15. What song do you sing during your bath?

16.How many times in a day you fart?

17. What is your favorite work you will like to do for the rest of your life?

18. How awesome your pajamas knot?

19. Why do you want to kill me?

20. If you got the power to hide, what would you do?

21. What is that question you always ready to answer but no one can ask a question?

22. What is the weirdest thing you do ever?

23. Are you comfortably fart in front of others?

24. What are those things others always hate you about, but you always proud of that thing?

25. Are you an Alien?

26. Are you coming from a circus or a zoo?

27. Would you rather make a dog or a cat?

28. What vegetable do you eat most during your childhood?

29. How did you hide your body marks?

30. Do you like lip kiss or any other?

31. If there is an end of the world happens what will you do at that time?

32. Whom you daily miss on your bed?

33. What food influence your life?

34. If you have a power of time travel, so where you want to go first?

35. How do you deal with your enemy?

36. What would you do, if you got the power of reading anyone’s mind?

37. What animal’s life you always want to live from your childhood?

38. What type of crime you always want to do as a criminal but never do?

39. What type of song do you want at your funeral?

40. Are you attracted to your opposite sex?

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Fun Questions to Ask Your Friends

41. How many times do you lie in a day?

42. When you take your last bath?

43. What do you think most of your childhood?

44. Suppose your sex totally changes for some time what would you do?

45. What color do you like most during your drawing?

46. What movie or drama you really want to play in your life?

47. How daring are you?

48. How is a big loser you are?

49. Are you close or open your eyes while sleeping?

50. What is your most boring time during school?

51.How many bones in your body?

52. If you won a million dollars, what would you do?

53. What song do you play all-time while your home?

54. What is that thing you never ask anyone?

55. What is something most shocking about you, I never know?

56.How many times, you use a public toilet?

57. Do you like to be beer or vine?

58. What is something you always trust but most can’t trust that thing?

59. What is that thing, you always fear?

60. What is your most favorite candy or chocolate?

61. What is that thing most people always think wrong about you?

62. What thing really bore you most?

63. What is your favorite dance style?

64.What you doing at my house and who are you?

65. How many zombies friends you have?

66. What is your mobile wifi password?

67. How many conspiracy you do ever in your life?

68. What is the most simple way to die?

69. What do you think about your marriage?

70. What is your least favorite food and why?

71. What is the first and last thing you notice about a person?

72. What is the funniest advice you give to someone?

73.If you got a chance to visit a planet, what it would be?

74. What things do you want to do before you died?

75. What is that thing, you always passionate about?

76. What is your favorite drink and why?

77. What is your biggest fear and why?

78. What do you prefer to always cry or always happy?

79. What is the biggest stupid thing, you do in your childhood?

80. What type of food you made, is no one eat?

81. What would you do, to attract your lover?

82. What is your favorite mobile ringtone?

83. How long you adopt technology?

84. Describe yourself in one word only?

85. Do you want to prefer jellyfish or starfish?

86. How much creative you are?

87. What type of humor found in you?

88. What thing comes in your mind first, when you saw the opposite sex?

89. What would you do, if you convert in a mummy?

90. Do you prefer to eat crabs or snakes?


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Fun Questions to Ask Your Friends

91.If you got magic power, what thing you do first?

92.If you fly like a bird, where you want to fly and land?

93. Suppose you are the best cook in the world, so what dish you want to cook first?

94. What avenger character, you want to be in your life?

95.If you got a chance of plastic surgery, what thing you want to change first?

96. What type of party do you like most?

97. What is the naughty thing you ever do?

98. How you cope with people who bore you?

99. What would you do, if you are the king of your country?

100.When you feeling sick most and why?

101. Are you a professional criminal or not?

102. What do you think, are you a machine or not?

103.How romantic you are and why?

104. Who’s your favorite crush?

105. How kind you are?

106. What is the best part about your siblings?

107.In what subject you want Nobel price?

108. What is your favorite smell?

109. How sexy you are?

110. What is the sexiest name you imagine?

111. What is something special you refuse to share?

112. What is your secret hobby?

113. Are you close with your partner or not?

114. How many kids do you want?

115. What is the biggest regret of life?

116. How hot you are?

117. What is your least favorite year and why?

118. How much you enjoy while playing gambling?

119. How smart you are?

120. What thing excites you most?

121. How confident you are?

122. Have you broken any law or not?


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