Sex Quotes For Your Lover To Spice Your Love ( 40+ Sex Quotes)

Sex Quotes

Sex Quotes for your lover

1. Good sex requires good but if you don’t have it, then your hand is enough.

2. I really like meaningful things in life, sex and love are in the top priority of mine.

3. If you trying to kiss my neck I then I am not responsible for what happens in the new few moments.

4. Sex is motion in emotion and this is a very crazy thing.

5. Sex is a natural way of fun and expression.

6. I want more love with you and I really love the love sex.

7. I really want to be happy and naked.

8. It’s my wish I kiss you twice in rain, so get wet twice.

9. Never live with someone who avoids fucking with you.

10. If your partner really cares about you on the bed and satisfies you completely than it means they really love you.

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11. Food looks so much tasty after having sex.

12. Can you come with me for a long sex vacation?

13. Make your love and fuck each other unconditionally because tomorrow never comes what will happen and maybe you get the opportunity or not.

14. When your partner has a rough day, offer them a rough night.

15. Trust me your face looks awesome between my legs.

16. Miss me, every night at the bed.

17. All Three important things in dominating me, adore me, love me, and care for me.

18. Kiss me where ever you want and lick me on a special spot.

19. Your moaning sound really makes me crazy.

20. Let’s play a game on the bed, looks who is the best player baby.

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Sex Quotes For Your Lover

21. Your hugs and kiss make me crazy when I miss you.

22. Every person has a dirty sex story but almost hidden.

23. Hi, can I have you for dinner tonight on the bed?

24. Be naked when I get home today.

25. When I come after the office, you open the door and welcome me without any clothes on your body.

26. I really you to suck and love you on the bed.

27. Surely I will you today love bite, be ready.

28. Sex is just like a  burger, when it’s good then it’s good, and when it’s bad it’s too good.

29. I don’t have a dirty mind, I just only have dirty imagination.

30.If a man tells you to shuck it, smile, and say sorry to him and replied my mom suggests me never take small things in the mouth.

31. I don’t care what is the size of your boobs please make sure every time I want to see it.

32. Your clothes are looking awesome when they found on my bedroom floor.

33. It’s a very bad thing that you are on your bed and I am on my bed.

34. It’s very unethical when I am unable to show my sexual talent to you while you are sleeping alone.

35. When I need you, just come and making love with me.

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36. Sex is just like math, you add bed, minus clothes, and avoid multiplication.

37. Sleeping alone from each other is a huge wastage of our sexual talent.

38. I love wild sex and I really live when you don’t care about a loud.

39. Sex is like money, no one satisfied it easily.

40. I never satisfied with sex before I got married.

41. There is no need for any prefect time of sex, when you start, its a perfect time.

42. I am feeling incomplete and sick without having sex.

43. I hope when you argument me as long as possible the same you follow things on the bed on me.

44. I want to taste you and taste everything related to you.

45. Sex is a part of nature and I strictly follow natural things.

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