I Hate My life: Transform It When You Hate Your Life Completely (20 Tips)

I Hate My life Transform It When You Hate Your Life Completely

Do you hate your life or I hate my life, don’t worry you are not alone in this world who feels like why I hate my life? There are so many persons in this world who are unhappy and dissatisfied in their lives but it does not mean you lose hope or it never changes.

But there is one big question why most of the people think that they hate their life, the answer is very simple in today time more than 60% of people are not happy with their life, they feel very stress and unrest in their life, feeling alone and unhappy with their jobs.

Life is never easy, it full of ups and downs, full of worries and pains but it doesn’t mean your life will never change from sorrow to happiness. All things will change from negative to positive if you apply the law of attraction concept in your life and attract positive things in you and you easily stop hating your life and start loving it again.

If you really want to transform your life from hate to love, follow these steps and working on it.

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I Hate My life: Transform It When You Hate Your Life Completely (20 Tips)
1. Change your attitude first:

Stop worrying about your life and start changing your thought by adapting positiveness to you. Life is all about giving you a second chance to change your perception and start to appreciate yourself from small things.

Take small steps and start achieving your goals and figure out what things give you negativity. Identify what creates obstacles for you and make a plan on how you overcome the situation.

Start your day with thanks to God, because if you thank God, your mind becomes calm, you feel comfortable and you really feel positive.

If you cant change your attitude, you never transform your life from I hate my life to I love my love.

2.Plan your goals and write in a diary:

Nothing is work for you if you can’t plan your life goals otherwise you will waste all your lifetime. So a good plan really helps you to achieve your goals and for achieving your goals you need to write on somewhere on paper or a diary because if you can’t write it later or sooner you divert from your goals.

You have to identify your goals in form of daily, weekly, and monthly task so you have no problem while achieving it and if you start achieving your daily task, you become more passionate about your life and feel more confident.

Always read your goals in a diary and do analysis, how much you work out, and how much is remaining, take all this in a positive manner.

3.Categorize your goals:

You never achieve great success until you do not categorize your goals. Firstly you have to categorize your goals on the basis of your priority like short term and long term goals.

After categorizing your goals, start working on your goals with full of positive energy and hard work. if sometimes you feel hopeless don’t feel odd, take a break and start work on it again.

Develop a clear vision and try to achieve your life goals in under a time limit and prove yourself you are not useless, only you make your life valuable so that you never ask again why do I hate my life.

4.Rise earlier and do some exercise:

One of the biggest reasons why most people get bored in their life and start saying I hate my life is stress and anxiety because they never work on this to fix it, they are stuck in a busy schedule and they don’t have time to do some exercise and reduce their stress.

So if you really want to stop saying why I hate my life, start rising early in the morning and do some physical exercise, yoga, and meditation which really helps you to reduce your stress and refresh your mind.

If you follow a healthy schedule and wake early in the morning your whole day will going in a good direction and you confidently complete your task.

5.Away from negative and toxic people:

If you really want to improve your life faster, you have to avoid negative people from your surrounding. Your all focus on how you uplift your life and don’t worry about others what other people think about you.

Keep yourself always positive is not a simple task, it required a lot of hard work and commitment. For making a positive atmosphere around you, listen to a positive song, and motivational stories.

A positive song or motivational story really tunes up your mind with positive emotions and help in boost your capacity to finish work under time.

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6. Follow your passion:

One of the most important reasons why people feel negative in their life and said I hate my life because they never follow their passion, they never do that work which really makes them happy. In this world more than 70 % of people are not satisfied with their job, they feel frustrate and boring to work in the office.

Most people doing a job just for money, even they are interested or not, and this the main reason they never feel satisfied in their life, and feel negativity around them.sooner or later they find no interest in their life and said why do I hate my life.

So if you really want to make your life beautiful, you need to follow your passion because if you follow your passion, you feel more confident about your work and you easily achieve your life every goal.

7. Avoid compare yourself:

This is the biggest reason why most people regret their life, they always compare them with others and when they found that they can’t achieve anything in their life in comparison to others, they lose their confidence and life looks aimless.

If you compare yourself with others you always feel guilty about your life and loss of all remaining happiness blame on your luck.

So If you really want to change your life, you have to avoid comparing yourself first and working on your goals with full of passion and dedication.

8. Always Believe in yourself and work hard:

Set your goals and never stop working until you achieve it, you always keep your focus on your task but all this is only possible when you believe in yourself and work hard.

Stop complaining and try your best to make things work for you. Always work hard and appreciate your success either it is small or big and doesn’t compare your life with others.

If you do all things with honesty, there is no mean you feeling bore from your life. Apply positiveness in your life and your life is really transformed from I hate my life to I want to live my life with love.

9.Analyze what you really want from your life:

You want to get a very successful person in your life, you have to analyze what you really want from your life, what type of life you really deserve.
If you never find out what is your life desire, you never be stable and you never feel stability in your life.

So manage some time with family and friends which really helps you to understand to figure out your life desire and suggest to you, how will you achieve it.

10. Never fear about your criticism:

Most people have no courage to hear something odd about them, if they hear some odd things, they lose their confidence and feel their life is just like a joke.

If you really want to achieve great success in your life, never fear about your criticism. If you confidently face your criticisms, then no one in this world stops you to achieve success.

If someone criticizes you, just answer them by your action and hard-working, don’t fight them. If you really get success over your criticism, no hate life will change into love life.

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I Hate My life: Transform It When You Hate Your Life Completely
11. Never resist yourself to express yourself in fronts of others:

Never resist expressing your thoughts in front of others because if you do this successively, you behave like a mature person and maturity is very important in life.

Try to open yourself with family and friends, so they can judge you and helps in improving your personality. If you continue to follow this approach sooner or later learn the art how to talk with others and never feel yourself conservative and low confidant.

12. Identify the reason why you hate yourself life:

Sit alone in salience and try to figure out what is the reason which bound you to say I hate my life. Take note of all these reasons and make a plan to fix every reason which really feels uncomfortable.

After figuring out the reason now try to focus on good karma, so that your life also makes great and avoids your past life mistakes.

13.Get proper and complete sleep:

What happens when you can’t sleep properly because of your busy schedule and workload, are you 100% confident that you can work perfectly. Off-course not. If you are habitual of this kind of routine, no never deserve a good full.

Because if you can’t sleep properly your mind and body can’t feel relaxed and depression and anxiety make your good friend and also you never concentrate on your work accordingly.

So if you want to make your life happy, take proper sleep, so your mind and body will perfect and you work full of passion.

14.Its time to take action:

No plan is to work without taking any action, so no need to take the required action to rectify all your problems. Work of your weakness which reminds you why you hate your life. Now its time to change yourself by taking any action.

You need to try hard to take your make first step towards your goals. Taking action is all about-face your fear and do your work without any disturbance because you need to change your life from negative to positive.

15. Fight with your loneliness:

Most of the person never want to live alone, if they live alone they feel boring and frustrated. You have to change your mindset and try to win your anxiety and fear of loneliness. If you live alone and work smartly, it shows your maturity.

If you really want your sorrow into the happiness you have to work alone and cut all your social connection until you can’t get success in your life and says I don’t hate my life.

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I Hate My life: Transform It When You Hate Your Life Completely
16. Change the job:

In this world, more than 70% of people are not satisfied with their job and they feel frustrated in their life. They never want that kind of job but what they can do if they have no courage to fight with the problem.

Most people have fear in mind, if they quit or change their job, they lose everything and they have no other source of income. Actually they never serious to change their life, if they really serious they can choose that work which they really passionate about not that one they don’t like.

So change your job and simply follow your passion.

17. Always learn new things daily:

if you really want to change your life, you need to keep yourself update on what happening around you. If you learn new things daily, you always looking so confident and no negativity comes near you.

If you learn daily something new, it really strengthens your path of success and helps you win your goals fast in comparison to others.

18. Accept your reality and work on it:

The biggest mistake is done by most of the people they never accept reality and they never work on their weakness and that’s the reason they never change or improve their life and always blaming others that because of this they can’t achieve success.

If you really want to look yourself to different from others and become successful, you need to accept your real first and honestly work on it to overcome your weakness.

19. Go unknown place:

Sometimes no plan or strategy will work for you, all things going against you and you not really understand what to do or what not? You have no clue what to do about my life.

The simple and effective logic, feel your mind free and go to some unknown place, where very few people went. Just free your mind with all of the worries and try to search peace on that place and self examine yourself. Later or sooner you find your way which really helps you.

20 Picture your future:

No one can predict their future but if you imagine your future in form of picture next 5-10 years, it really gives you an idea of how work you have to done and how much effort is needed.

Picture your future perfectly so you can put your all energy to design it perfectly and your life change into hate towards love.


I Hate My life: Transform It When You Hate Your Life Completely

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