Sexless Marriage Quiz Are You Living In Sexless Marriage (30+ Questions)

Sexless Marriage Quiz

Answering the sexless marriage quiz gives you a real idea about why you are suffering from sexless marriage and what is the reason behind it, so which gives you clarity on how to deal with your sexless marriage.

Basically sexless marriage is like a mutual agreement between two people where they live together without having or little sex.

A sexless marriage is like a tragedy for both couples the one who really wants to sex with their partner but the other partner is feeling reject and not agree.

If you have no idea how to identify that you are living in a sexless marriage with your partner. Here I am going to share some sexless marriage quiz which really helps you to understand your situation.

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Sexless marriage quiz

Sexless Marriage Quiz
1. What is your gender?
a. Man
b. Women

2. What do you think about a good sexual relationship?
a. Once per month
b.Once per week
c. Everyday

3. How much you think about sex?
c. Never
d. Almost never

4. Is Sex play a very important role in a happy married life?
b.Strongly agree on
c. disagree
d. Strongly disagree
e. Don’t know

5. Are you satisfy with sexless marriage life?
a. Agree on
b. Disagree
c. Don’t know

6.When your spouse looking for sex, how you react to them?
a. Strongly oppose
b. Avoid to touch them
c.No response

7. What do you think about while having sex?
a. About work
b. Your spouse
c.Another person
d. blank mind

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8. Are you feeling guilty after having sex?
a. Yes.
b. No
c. don’t know

9. How many partners do you in the past?
a. No.
b. Yes
c. only my spouse

10. How much you find yourself wild during sex?
a. Low.
d.Very high
e. Neutral

11. How long you live in your married?
a. less than a 1-year
b. more than 2 years
c. between 5 to 10 years
d. more than 10 years

12. Do you have done so much sex in starting days of marriage?
a. No.
b. Yes
d. Never try till now

13. Who is more active during having sex?
a. Both are equally initiated.
b. I am more active.
c. partner is more active.
d. No one is active.

14. Who enjoys more passionate about sex?
a. Both
b. my partner
c.I am
d. No one

15. Do you easily discuss your sexual intimacy issue with your partner?
a. yes we can easily discuss the issue.
b. Not prefer talking on this issue.

16. Do you think that sometimes that your partner is cheating on you because of a sexless relationship?
a. No, we don’t think like that.
b. Yes, we have a sexual problem and we never think about cheating each other.
c. Yes, sometimes I think that my partner is cheating on me.

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Sexless marriage quiz (questions):

Sexless marriage quiz Questions

1. Do you feel irritated because of a lack of sexual intimacy?

2. Do you have a fear of sexual intimacy?

3. When was the last time you really enjoy sex with your partner?

4. Is your partner avoid discussion on intimate topics?

5. Does your partner think that they have no issue but you have the problem?

6. Does your partner have past bad experiences with sexual intimacy?

7. When was the last time you spend quality time together?

8. Does your partner give excuses when you trying to get close to your partner?

9. Do you initiate sex with your partner or not?

10. How long have you been married?

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11. Do you really enjoy sex with your partner or not?

12. Your spouse is really passionate about you or not?

13. Do you know how your partner turns on?

14. Do you know the reason what things make your partner avoid intimate with you?

15. What is that thing you really like about your partner while having sex?

16. Do you give priority to your partner or not?

17. You just don’t care about sex or not?

18. Do you emotionally connected to your partner or not?

19. Are you happy with your sex life or not?

20. Are you living as a roommate only?

Sexless Marriage Quiz

There may be many reasons behind sexless marriage and people can’t understand easily what happens to a sexless marriage quiz really helps you to figure out the reason why you live in a sexless marriage.

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