Stages Of A Romantic Relationship ( 10 Stages)

Stages Of A Romantic Relationship

Are you looking for the stages of a romantic relationship? Falling in love is a great feeling in everyone’s life, it looks like floating in the air and seeing a rainbow every day.

Every stage of a romantic relationship varies in length and intensity which really helps you to how to deal with the situation.

In every stage, you feel some new thoughts and experiences and also give you an idea of what to do and how to react in the stage.

10 stages of a romantic relationship 

10 stages of a romantic relationship

1. Initiating Stage:

This is the very first stage of a romantic relationship, in this stage you interacting with a person first time in your life during any circumstances. This is the first time when you introduce yourself to someone in your life.

2.Experimenting stage:

There is no need to a rush during this stage, at this stage, you start talking with a person whom your meeting in the initiating stages. The duration or timing of talking between you is either too short or very long.

3.Intensifying stage:
After the experimenting stage, now you developing a friendship relationship with the person whom you start talking with.

4.Integrating stage:
At this stage, you are feeling count on by the person and not feeling good if you do not talk with the person and start occasionally going outside for dinner.

5.Bonding stage:
At the time of the stage you feeling very close to each other and feeling a special attraction and make committed to each other.Also at this stage both feeling very passionate to each other.

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6.Differentiating stage:

During this stage both partners start loosing focus on each other interest and start focus on their personal self interest. Both of partners still committed in the relationship but always they are unable to join the hip.

7.Circumscribing stage:

This is one of the most crucial stage of the of every ones life because at this stage most of the relationship is going to end. At this stage both persons know good or bad of each other and feeling lack of interest for their partner.

8.Stagnating stage:

After circumscribing stage when you feeling lack of passion in your relationship and you still feeling tense about the relationship because your partner is unable to keep their promises.

9.Avoiding stage:

After stagnating now you start avoiding each other because you found that your partner is unable to keep their promises and this thing really hurts you and also there is lot of arguments between you. So you think its better if you start avoid to your partner and start a new life.

10.Terminating stage:

This is the last stages of a romantic relationship, in this stage when you found your all efforts is going to fail and nothing works in your relationship. So at this stage people start ignoring and terminate their relationship and never try to reconnect in the future.

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